Finally, cameras on Android phones are up to iPhone level. They’re better than the iPhone in many cases. Another story is camera software. Some telephones come with ugly and complex camera apps that make the perfect shot impossible. Fortunately, everything can easily be replaced with something better in Android. 10 camera applications are available here, which will help you get the perfect shot every time.

Open Camera

The free, open source Open Camera is our favorite 3rd-party camera app. This camera app has all you might need. It offers automatic stabilization and manual controls for white balance, ISO and exposure. If you’re looking for a more controlled camera, it’s difficult to get better than that. Did we say it’s free?

Google Camera

Google Camera has long been seen as a barebone camera. It was a good substitute for complicated OEM camera apps. In recent years, however, Google Camera has had more features. Auto HDR mode, video slow motion, burst mode, and panorama, of course. It’s great if you want something better, but still at the very end.

Manual Camera

Manuel Camera was the first app to use the new Android Lollipop camera2 API. One of the best apps for manual focus control, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, exposure and more have remained. Manual Camera supports RAW capture as well. The app is still very easy to use, despite its long list of controls.

Camera FV-5

The FV-5 is another app known for its superb manual controls. It has all you would expect: focus, white balance, and exposure, shutter speed, etc. FV-5 supports RAW, PNG, JPEG, and RGB histograms so you can use the photos whatever you like.

Camera JB+

If you want to go back to Jelly Bean’s Android days, Camera JB+ is an update from those days on the stock app. Although it is an old camera remake, it has all the modern needs. 4K video capture, panorama, mode burst, live effects, etc.


ProShot is a rare application that claimed its fame before Android on Windows Phone. It’s here now and is one of the best apps for professional users. You can adjust appearance, compression levels, save RAW files, take group shots on a timer, burst shots, or lapse time videos. All these characteristics cost a pro price tag.


Camera MX

Camera MX is an older application, sir, but checks. It still gets constant updates. The app includes scene modes, 16:9 aspect ration support, live shot mode, and a tonne of photos tools after taking. It has no manual controls like many other apps in this list, but it does have editing tools.

DSLR Camera Pro

You would expect some pretty hardcore camera features with a name like “DSLR Camera Pro.” It has all you might expect manual controls, including ISO, white balance, exposure compensation and a live RGB histogram. One of the coolest features is a two-stage shutter, which lets you concentrate before taking a picture. Like a physical shutter on a real camera.

A Better Camera

As the name implies, “A Better Camera” is the application. It does this with several “modes,” including burst, best shot, single shot, night mode, preshot, HDR, etc. It is very easy to switch mode quickly before taking a picture. You don’t have sliders and dials to fiddle with.

Cardboard Camera

Last on our list is a fun application that works with Google Cardboard and headsets for virtual reality. Google Camera makes it easy to take a 360-degree view (not a full photo sphere). You can record audio while taking the photo, so it feels like a living moment later on when you see it. Very cool for memory saving.