Celebrating the end of 2017, Google Photos is offering you a new video collage titled “Smiles of 2017”. This new offering collaborates all your smile-laden photos together in the form of a video and is available through artificial intelligence (AI) efforts implemented on the integrated Google Assistant. Image recognition is a key part of Google Photos for a long time and similar “Smiles” films were debuted in 2016.

Google Photos offers “Smiles of 2017” with memories in a length between 40 and 60 seconds. As spotted by AndroidPolice, the Assistant section in the Google Photos app generates a notification when the video is compiled on the basis of your backed up photos. The video also reportedly includes elevator music in the background and runs your images with slow transitions.

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Photo Credit: AndroidPolice

Although we are yet to receive “Smiles of 2017” on our devices, it should be available more widely soon to those that meet the upload criteria to generate the video. This is not the first time when Google Photos has brought a retrospective view in the form of a video. A similar “Smiles of 2016” video was debuted last year, and some seasonal videos with “Smiles” in title emerged recently. It would be a part of Google Photos on mobile devices and desktop.

In October, Google Photos received an update to club photos of pets using machine learning advancements. That update enabled users to see photos of their dogs and cats grouped alongside their colleagues, friends, and family members.

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