Opera has started the rollout of its latest build 50 beta RC. Release Candidate (RC) signifies a beta version that is set to be upgraded to stable build if no additional bugs arise in the testing process. The new update offers an cryptocurrency mining protection feature along with extended VR360 support for Chromecast and Oculusdevices.

As we mentioned, Opera 50 offers a new feature called NoCoin, which blocks pages embedded with cryptocurrency mining scripts. Opera claims that NoCoin will work on the same mechanism as the Web browser’s integrated ad blocker software.

Opera 50’s NoCoin feature can be located browser in Settings on Windows and Linux, and Preferences on macOS. Go to SettingsPreferences, click on Basic in the left panel. The NoCoin (Cryptocurrency Mining Protection) button will be available under the Block Ads section. For now, as we mentioned, this feature is currently only available for Opera users on 50 beta RC version.

“After we recently updated the rules for our built-in ad blocker mechanism, we eliminated cryptocurrency mining scripts that overuse your device’s computing ability. Simply enable Opera’s ad blocker to prevent cryptocurrency mining sites from doing their dirty work on your computer,” Opera’s Desktop QA said Kornelia Mielczarzyk in a blog post.

Apart from NoCoin, the Opera 50 beta RC build also extends VR360 support for Oculus and Chromecast. Opera 50 beta RC is available for download on Windows OS, Linux OS, and macOS.

Content & Image Credit:https://gadgets.ndtv.com/apps/news/opera-50-browser-beta-rc-update-cryptocurrency-bitcoin-mining-protection-vr360-1792239

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