The actual full name of 42 Dugg is Dion Marquise Hayes. The real pronunciation of 42 Dugg is Four Two Dugg. He is a famous American Rapper. His style of music is ultimate and top-class. The music he had released had managed to grab a lot of attention. And fans love him. 42 Dugg had worked with Yo Gotti, another famous rapper, Lil Bays and the collective Music group. He has signed four labels with Yo Gotti music. He had shown great collaboration with Lil Baby’s song We Paid and Grace. His songs were a major hit and gained the highest rank as well. But what made him famous and popular was his mixtape Young and Turned 2 which also reached the top 100 billboard chart. Another mixtape that was ranked 8th on the billboard in the year 2021 was Free Dem Boyz. All his mixtapes have made him a famous rapper. He has a great fan pool. His songs have achieved a lot of great reviews, and the number of his fan is increasing now and then these days. Later in the article, we will be discussing 42 dugg age and 42 dugg net worth.

Early life

Dion Marquise hayes, famously known or called 42 Dugg by his fans, was born on the 25th of November in 1995. This shows that 42 dugg ages is around 26 years old. He has lived all his childhood in Detroit, Michigan. He is a pure American, but of course, he belongs from African-American hereditary. 42 Dugg has a little aggressive style. He went and switched many schools on the east side of the United States of America. He was never into books. In a recent interview, he claimed that was more in parties as compared to books. Due to his aggressive behaviour, he soon tasted the reality of jail and fighting. At a very young age, he got into legal issues and fighting. This led him straight to the bars. In jail, he stayed for 6 years straight. After release on bail, he again got into a bad situation, leading him straight to prison. In jail, he started a huge fight with his fellow, which added to his imprisonment.

The aggression he had in himself made him end up in confinement twice. After filling his years in prison, he came out of jail and started concentrating on his musical lyrics.

The name given to 42 Dugg is a numerical reference which is referred to as Hustle boys. And this opts for the gangster group in Los Angeles. Once 42 dugg was out of jail at 22, he decided to work on his aggressive behaviour. And poured all his energy into lyric writing. Though he did not do any rehab time to learn about anger management, lyric writing taught him a little self-control. In the year 2017, he collaborated with Lil baby and yo Gotti. He also released his mixtapes, and two of them reached the top charts of the billboard. He gained a lot of great and positive reviews.

Apart from all this, at a very young age, 42 Dugg has almost 2 million followers on Instagram, and almost 429k people are following and have subscribed to his YouTube channel. This gives a clue about 42 dugg net worth and his worth. In this article, we will discuss more of it, so continue to read till the end and don’t miss on his details.

Personal information of 42 dugg

42 dugg was born in 1995 on 25th November in Detroit, Michigan, state of America. He was in jail in his childhood. This is largely because of his extremely aggressive behaviour. He was found guilty of carjacking, which led him straight to prison. Even then, he did not control himself and end up fighting with another inmate. This doubled his time in prison. And at a very young age, he spent 6 years in jail. At the age of 22, he got out of jail. He also stayed in confinement, which made him stay a little calm.

Moving towards his love relationship, he was known to have an intimate connection with a famous Instagram star, Jazmin Re nae. But after they broke up, his ex-started calling him Fat man booty.

Nothing is much known about his relationship with his parents or other members of the family. He had great connections with the inmates in jail, and he also played well with rappers like Lil baby and yo Gotti. But other than these, nothing is known as such. We have no information on account of his brother and sister relationship. So we are not sure and have no clue.


He had spent many years switching schools over the east part of the states. He was never interested in books or education. He loved to party. Nothing much is known about his primary schooling. But we know that in the year 2017, he completed his graduation from legacy Christian academy. He was always into music. But he explored this passion late in his life, typically after staying in jail for 6 years straight. He wrote many lyrics and his inmates loved his text. They all pursued him to write more and continue to do so after getting released from jail. In the end, we will talk about 42 dugg net worth.

Height and age of 42 Dugg

The name of 42 dugg is Dion marquise hayes. He was born in 1995 on November 25th, which explains that  42 dugg age is 26 years. His star is Sagittarius. His complexion is dark, and he has long, curly twisted hair. 42 dugg braids are pretty famous and look great on him. 42 dull height is approximately 5 ft and 1 inch. He isn’t very tall. His weight is 58kgs. He looks a little chubby with black eyes and black hair.


After coming out of jail, he worked hard on his lyrics. In 2018, he released a single, Mama im sorry. This song was a dedication to his moth related to the pain he had given her in his childhood. The lyrics of the song gained many great reviews, and it was a major hit. Fans adored his single, which led him to collaborate with OMB peezy, EMW, cashkid, bagboy, and STFU. The song was a great hit and managed to stay on top for many months. And it was featured on WSHH. Even till now, it has achieved a 90% positive rating and has still now achieved 7 million streams. Another great hit was free mines that made him grab a lot of great reviews and attention.

Later in the year, in November, he released another outstanding song called the streets ft babyface ray. It was a hot song, and within 3 months, it was the 3 performer on Spotify and achieved 3 million streams or reviews on YouTube. After his singles, he managed to collaborate with yo Gotti, and later, through the rapper, he got a chance to work with Lil baby. This changed his life. And in 2019, he inked with CMG label and 4PF records. These were considered life changers for 42 dugg. At such a young age, he managed to attract many fans to his rapping style.

Not only the singles, but he also released two mixtapes. Both of which reached the top chart of the billboard. His ranking made him earn a great deal. He wishes to work with Nicki Minaj. But he hasn’t got a chance yet. He is working hard to achieve a milestone. His dreams are big, and being too young, he is looking for the great support.

Music style

 The lyrics he writes have great meaning to it. The first single he sang was Mama I’m sorry. The lyrics were way too heart-touching. These touched many hearts. The song was a tribute to his mama. He had caused her a lot of trouble in his childhood, and he was sorry for that. It is also believed that 42 dugg adds a slurry voice to all his songs. There is great auto-tune to his music. He is well-known for the whistle that he makes in his songs. His songs are all available on YouTube. And you can see many reviews on it.

42 dugg cars

Since he was young and at a very early stage, he started making great money. This shows that he can afford some expensive stuff as well. As a boy, he loves cars. He is crazy about it. And there are luxurious cars in his garage as well. There is a Lamborghini urus standing in his garage. The car is pretty expensive as well. The worth of the car is 218,000. Apart from this, he has Bentley bentayga. Another great car this is. It is fast-working, and the cost of this car is 179,000 dollars.

Favourite things

 We are humans, and we all have favourite things that we like or do. And 42 dugg has some fondness as well. His favourite actor is Robert Downey.  He likes to dress up well. Therefore his favourite brand to wear is Ralph Lauren. The sneaker he loves and wears is Air Jordan and Nike air mag. He has visited the city of love Paris. His favourite spot to visit is Paris which we all love. He isn’t much fond of reading, but he loves music. This is his favourite as he loves to make music and write lyrics for his audio.

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Net worth

He started working at a much younger age. He collaborated and worked with famous rappers. This shows that the earning well. And his net worth is great. He has a huge following over Instagram too. Therefore according to the survey, his net worth in the year 2021 is recommended to be 2 million USD dollars. He has a lot to do, and still, there are chances that he will increase his net worth over the years if he continues to make more music and write as many lyrics.