Who is Ellen Pierson?

The Kardashians are one of the most famous families in this VIP world, and without a doubt, Ellen Pierson is one of them. Ellen Pierson was Robert Kardashian’s third wife, the Ex-husband of kris Janner and Kourtney, Khloe, Rob, and Kim are his daughters. Ellen didn’t come into the spotlight because other Kardashians didn’t accept her as much of Kardashian.

Ellen Pierson got married to Robert Kardashian in August of 2003 and but shortly after one month, Robert died due to cancer. Jen Ashley, the second wife of Robert Kardashian, divorced him in 1998. Robert started to date Ellen Pierson just after his divorce from Jen Ashley. In an interview, Ellen Pierson stated that she and Robert had been dating for almost three years, and after that, Robert proposed to Ellen in 2001.

After the death of her husband, Ellen Pierson went underground for almost 7 years. Then in 2010, she suddenly made the headline that Khloe Kardashian is not the biological child of Robert Kardashian. Due to these headlines, she is also known as a controversial diva, which is why most of the Kardashians never accept her as a real Kardashian. Keeping up with the Kardashians is the mainline show for Kardashians, and Ellen Pierson is nowhere to be found in that show.

Ellen did many controversial things, and selling Robert Kardashian’s private dairy is one of them. Ellen sold some pieces of Robert Kardashian’s diary, and Kim and Khloe slammed her on that act. Kris Jenner also filed a lawsuit against Ellen for selling Robert Kardashian’s private diary.


Full name Judith Ellen Pierson
Nickname Ellen
Maiden name Markowitz
Date of birth 26th May 1950
Place of birth California, United States of America
Net Worth $5 million approximately.
Famous as Celebrity
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Occupation Real estate agent
Religion Christianity
Age 72 Years (as of 2021)
Height approximately 5 ft 10 in
Famous as Robert Kardashian’s wife
Movies Dulcy and Red
Weight approximately 75 Kg (165 lbs.)
Relationship status Widowed
Girlfriend/ Wife/ Spouse Robert Kardashian
Eye Color blue
Hair Color Dyed blonde
Ethnicity White
Nationality American


Early Life:

Ellen Pierson was born in the state of California in 1949. Her precise date of birth is  26th May 1950. Her family origins and educational background are also unknown to the general public. It is presumed, however, that she had a happy life in California. She must have some level of education at some point. Otherwise, she would not be that successful as she is right now.

Ellen Pierson is of white ethnicity, and she is only popular because she married Robert Kardashian. There is no other reason for her popularity other than her husband. The majority of Kardashian followers are unaware that Ellen Pierson exists. In her childhood, there is no authenticity regarding her schooling, family, or childhood. She only became famous after making some surprising disclosures about the Kardashians.


There is no authentic information about Ellen’s education. Still, as we know, she is the real estate agent, and after she met Robert, she became director of sales at Western Title Resources in Carlsbad. So assuming this, we can deduce that she had a good childhood and got her early education in California.


Since the 1970s, Ellen Pierson has worked in the real estate industry. Ellen started her real estate firm, J.M Pearson Real Estate, out of the Santa Clara region of California at the time. Until 1984, Ellen was the Vice president of the company, but unfortunately, the firm got shut down after that. Then until 2001, she was appointed as title Insurance sales representative.

Ellen had a pretty good career, but the real boost she got was after she married Robert. When she met Robert, she was working in the real estate industry, and she is now a Director of Sales. On her LinkedIn page, it was also mentioned that she worked at Western Title Resources in Carlsbad, California. Her information was last updated in 2013, and for nearly 25 years, she has been working here. There is no real proof that she is still employed there as she went underground again after the 2010 controversies.

Ellen Pierson might not be one of the popular real estate agents, or she might not have the strongest name in the real estate industry, but she has received several awards. For almost 5 decades now, Ellen has been working in this industry. She is also noted for being a three-time Affiliate of the Year award winner. She has also received several additional honors for her work in the title insurance industry.

Personal Life:

Ellen Pierson is included in the list of celebrities who tend to keep their personal life private. One of the peek points of her life was her romance with Robert Kardashian. It made news when the pair began dating in the late 1990s. After 3 years of dating, Robert proposed to Ellen Pierson in 2001. Their relationship lasted more than two years until they married in August 2003. He married her for the third time.

It was a shock to the whole world about Robert’s death. Robert’s condition caused their relationship to be short-lived. Robert’s cancer diagnosis had been known to Ellen and Robert for many weeks before they married. Robert Kardashian, a well-known American attorney, died six weeks after their wedding, on September 30, 2003. Esophageal cancer was the main reason that he died at the age of 59.

Robert Kardashian was also a very famous real estate agent, and he helped Ellen a lot during their 3 years dating period. Robert Kardashian rose to prominence after defending O.J. Simpson in his murder trial, which many see as the trial of the United States. Simpson voiced his horror at the news of Robert’s death to CNN after his death.

After Robert death, Ellen continued to live her life silently until the controversy of 2010 in which she revealed that Khloe is not the biological child of Robert and she also stated in an interview that Khloe doesn’t look like the rest of the Kardashians she is tall, has different body shape and light hair. In an interview in 2012, Ellen Pierson and Jen Ashley revealed these claims. Both Ellen and Jen explained that in the final years of Robert, he had doubts about Khloe being the biological daughter of Robert.

Ellen also stated in that interview that her late husband informed her that he wasn’t even sleeping with Kris when she was pregnant with Khloe. She went on to add that Robert had never contemplated a DNA test because “he adored Khloe.”


It is well known in the community that Ellen Pierson is Christian as she was born in the dominant Christian country. Furthermore, even though she was raised in the same atmosphere where she established a certain level of Christianity, there are no stories of her conversion to another faith. She is, without a doubt, a Christian at this time.

Relationship Status:

Ellen Pierson started dating Robert Kardashian in the late nineties; when Robert got out of his 2nd marriage with Jen Ashley, it was that time. Ellen dated Robert for almost 3 years and in the August of 2003 they got married, but almost after one month i-e September of 2003 Robert died due to cancer which came as a shock to the whole world. After the death of Robert, the relationship status Ellen is considered to be single, and she has been very private about her love life.

Body Measurements:

She had a stunning physique in her prime, and she was considered one of the world’s beautiful women. She is around 5 feet and 10 inches tall, which equates to 1.58 meters in another measurement system. last checked, her weight was about 75 kilograms or 165 pounds. Ellen is considered very beautiful, and still, in the 70s, she is fit in shape.


Ellen Pierson is 5 feet and 10 inches tall; she has dyed blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She is considered to be very fit, and still in her 70s she has maintained her body. She knows how to maintain her status even though she is not considered Kardashian, but still, she was married to a Kardashian.

Social Media:

Ellen Pierson is considered to be completely offline from all her socials. She has never made an Instagram profile, neither did she has a profile on Twitter. She doesn’t even have a Facebook page. The one thing that she has is her profile on Linked In. Ellen is very private about her life after the death of Robert Kardashian. Although she had made some headlines in 2010 about Khloe not being a biological child and Robert’s private diary. Ellen can be a good influencer through Instagram, but she chooses not to be an influencer.

Controversies regarding Ellen Pierson:

Ellen has been involved in many controversies; in fact, some call her controversial diva. She made headlines due to two biggest controversies, one that she talked about in an interview that Khloe is not a biological child of Robert, and she is also known to be selling Robert’s private dairy for millions of dollars.

Robert Kardashian’s children, including his ex-wife, Kris Jenner, lodged a lawsuit against Ellen Pierson, almost after a decade of Robert’s death. Over several artifacts, Khloe and Kim filled a lawsuit against Ellen in federal court . They said Robert’s widow, Ellen, sold a portion of his diary/journal to tabloids for tens of thousands of dollars, as well as several of their images. According to an entry from Robert’s journal released by In Touch Weekly, Kris Jenner was having an extramarital affair with Todd Waterman, a soccer player. Kris stated after the story was published that the claims were absurd and wrong. On the other side, Ellen stated that she had published an excerpt from her late husband’s handwritten diary from 1989 to 1990. So in that regard, Kris filed a lawsuit against Ellen for $500,000, claiming ownership of the items under the United States copyright. Furthermore, in her tweet, Khloe called Pierson garbage and claimed that she married her father while he was dying!!!, to which Ellen responded that this was inaccurate and that she was aware of his physical condition when they were dating.

Robert wrote about Kris and Kim’s relationship in the lines, and the word kill was also used in Robert’s private diary. Although the passages were correct, the publication of the documents resulted in a lawsuit, in which Kris demanded that the diary be returned to her since it was Khloe’s property. She obtained the journal as well as a part of the earnings from the sale of the diary’s contents when the court agreed.

Another big controversy that Ellen was involved in was that in 2012 she was interviewed by Star magazine, and in that interview, she said that Khloe was not a biological child of Robert. Some people still think that Robert Kardashian was not the real father of Khloe, but O.J Simpson was.

Ellen also stated some facts in tabloid magazine about Khloe not being the biological child of Robert Kardas.

This controversy led to a big clash between Ellen and Khloe, and Khloe said in her tweet that it was very bad of Ellen to speak of her father like that, and after that, she also trash-talked her about her saying that she is not the biological child.

Net Worth of Ellen Pierson:

The net worth of Ellen Pierson as of 2021 is about 5 million dollars. Ellen Pierson encountered a number of financial difficulties after Robert’s death in 2003. She filed for bankruptcy in 2010 as her financial position worsened. She had to sell her Indian Wells, California residence, which she shared with Robert Kardashian, in October 2011 because it was foreclosed.

In 2013, Robert’s children and ex-wife, Kris Jenner, filed a lawsuit against her over various controversies; that lawsuit made her financially unstable. According to Kardashians, Ellen Pierson allegedly sold part of his diary/journal and many other images to newspapers for thousands of dollars. It’s difficult to predict her cash flow based on her financial history. Ellen Pierson’s assets were reported to be $5 million just before her challenges when her profession paid her expenses and maintained her lifestyle.How did Ellen Pierson become well-known?

Ellen Pierson was nobody before her marriage to Robert Kardashian, and due to this, Robert’s daughters call her a gold digger. Kardashians never really accepted Pierson as a part of their family; in fact, some say she is the most hated member of the family. Ellen became so well-known after she married Robert in 2003. Reports say that the couple was dating for almost 3 years prior to their marriage, and in August of 2003, Robert proposed to Ellen. Sadly after just 1 month, Robert died due to cancer which came as a shock to the whole media.

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Facts about Ellen Pierson:

  • Ellen Pierson got famous because of Robert Kardashian, she was nobody before her marriage to him.
  • Pierson countersued the Kardashians, saying that their case was really a plot for a Keeping Up with the Kardashians program.
  • Robert Pierson’s zodiac sign was Gemini.
  • Ellen won several awards in her career as a real state agent.
  • Few people talk about that, but Ellen is Rob Kardashian’s stepmother, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kim Kardashian.
  • Ellen is often a controversial diva as she sold Robert’s private diary and made a fortune.
  • All the Kardashian family hated her, and they never accepted her in their family. They all were against her for making heinous acts against them.
  • After five years of dating then Robert and Pierson got married.
  • Ellen already knew about the health condition of Robert(cancer), which came as a shock to the whole world.
  • In an interview with Star magazine, Ellen revealed that Khloe was not the biological child of Robert.
  • The controversy, including Ellen selling Robert’s private diary, was featured in the episode of keeping up with the Kardashians.
  • The real estate agent asked O.J Simpson for a DNA test after the controversy about Khloe not being the biological child of Robert.
  • Ellen Pierson also acted as a model for some years in her early life, and few people know about that.


All the information about Ellen Pierson has been taken from a reliable source placed on the internet. Before quoting it somewhere, please try to recheck and counter verify the information so that you may not end up in any trouble.