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365 days
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365 days is heavy, or you can say a heavenly marked sexual movie. It is more of an erotic drama involving lots of sex and romance that might trigger a few. The movie was based and directed in Poland by the great Polish director’s Barbara and Tomasz. The movie is made on the book Blanka Lipinska. The brief plot of the movie explains how a beautiful girl from Warsaw comes into contact with a Sicilian man. However, after one or two encounters, the man kidnaps the girl and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. The couple goes through numerous trials and tests. The girl tries to escape, but every time, she fails to do so. Because the man has a huge mafia working for him.

The movie 365 days was released in February, but on Netflix, it was launched later in June 2020. You might come across movies like 365 days on Netflix, but 365 days is going to satisfy you a lot with its sexual encounters and romantic plot. Though the movie received great criticism from critics and some viewers, it was ranked as the most-watched movie over Netflix, and it managed to stay on number 1 for almost a year or so. Because of great acting skills and fabulous plot, one or two sequels of the movie are expected.

What’s the story?

You might find many movies like 365 days, but this one is considered pretty hot and erotic. The movie involves a handsome, tall guy who is the leader of a mafia gang. He sees the murder of his father in front of his eyes, and at that very moment, he comes across to see this beautiful girl who makes him go crazy for him. Rather than proposing to her, he gives her medicine and kidnaps her and keeps her hostage in his mansion. He did not let her escape even once and kept her with himself.

The beautiful girl tries her best to escape, but every time the guards catch her, the mafia guy simply puts his huge hand over her neck. He put forward 365 days to make her fall in love with her, and after that, she will be set free if she fails to fall in love. And in the interim, she is not given permission to run away from the premises of the mansion. The handsome man also made a promise to her that he would not touch her without permission, but things get pretty intense between them, and he starts losing his control.

What do parents need to know?

The movie 365 days is not free for kids under 16 years of age. The movie is also not pretty suitable for families to watch it together with their kids. ,Though the movie doesn’t show any genitals, it shows the breast and bottom a lot. Many sexual graphics made the critics feel that actual or real-time sex had been done to shoot the shoot. Alcohol and drugs are also seen in the movie. The language is also pretty intense; hence it is not a suitable movie for the kids to watch.

Is it a good movie?

The movie 365 days was ranked as the most erotic movie in the year 2020. Similar to this, it was ranked the most-watched movie over Netflix. However, critics did not appreciate the film much because many had believed that real sex scenes are recorded to make the movie. But on the other hand, the audiences around went crazy. They loved the movie more than they loved fifty shades of grey. Due to intense likeness, there is a great possibility of the movie’s second part, and if it succeeded, there might be a third one too.

Did they do it?

Well, according to the critics, they hold up a firm decision that the sex scenes were real because they all looked way too much. But in a recent interview, the author Blanka told the public that the sexual scenes were not real, but the great acting skills made it look so real. Though the movie is not a family watch, it is also not clear-cut pornography. It may increase your lust, but according to the directors, that is kept pretty much under control.

Was Laura killed in the end?

As explained earlier, the movie initially shows how Laura hates this mafia guy, and she is trying her best to get rid of him, but after a few months, things change, and she starts liking this man and later, she gets pregnant with his child. But one day, she plans to go out shopping, and as she passes through a dark tunnel, she gets kidnapped by another member of the mafia who takes her home and does not let her escape yet again. The rest story will be shown in part 2 of the movie.

Why 365 days is a bad movie?

The movie is a hot favorite for most of the viewers, but on the other hand, it is called a pretty bad movie because of the sex-involved graphics. The movie shows some clips that make the other feel that real sex had been done here. It is not promoting pornography, but it depicts a bad relationship. The man is dominant over the female lead; therefore, the critics felt it is not a suitable movie, and people can look around and check the movie 365 days reviews. The movie’s 365-day IMDb rating is 3.3 only which the cast and the movie director were not accepting this rating.

Movie details of 365 days are listed.

  • Date release of the movie in Poland -7 February 2020
  • Directed by Barbara and Tomasz
  • The box office made 9 million USD
  • The languages in which one can watch is Polish, English, and Italian, as well
  • You can watch it on Netflix.
  • The cast leading roles are Michelle morron and Anna-sieklucha
  • The IMDB rating is 3.3 only, but audiences loved the film a lot
  • The next part is expected next year soon.

Top intimidating movies like romantic 365 days that you can watch and enjoy

365 days movie is indeed a highly amatory and sexually daunting film, but that’s not the only film valued and liked by fans. There are various movies like 365 days that can easily placate the users who are into such erotic stuff.

Pretty Woman:

Pretty woman is indeed a great watch. It is funny and pretty romantic as well. It involves a business folk and a prostitute as both came across one another in NY and fell in love with each other. Though they both are from different lifestyles and cultures, they start getting rid of their old habits to be with one another only. It is indeed a must-go-to go movie.

Basic instinct:

Basic instinct is a must-watch if you want to watch something related to mystery, romance, and criminal-based plotatch. The movie involves a mistress named Catherine trammel that had the habit of seducing people around her. She was held by the police authorities to determine the murder/suicide of a rock star working with her. Soon, detective Curran jumps in to investigate the case, but she makes Curran next to her seductive process list. Curran detective also slowly starts falling for her seductive trap.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith:

We are sure people have watched this movie a million times. It features the great bond of Angelina and Brad pit. The movie was ranked high in the rating of IMDb, so it is a movie involving love and romance. The couple is shown married in the film, but the true love between them is mission. The passion is lost, and both are working as assassins. Later they both are given the task to kill each other, but in the whole process, they come pretty close to one another and end up loving each other once again. The spark in their marriage is back, and they tactfully look after the task.

Wild things: 

This movie plot is going to make you all crazy and cracked up. The movie shows how desires of lust and harm can take you to deadly passages. The movie involves two teenagers who end up blaming their counsellor for raping and harassing them. However, the counsellors hire a lawyer to prove he has nothing to do with the raping case.  But once the police started investigating the case, they came across to know that both teenagers and the counsellor are involved.

Cruel intentions: 

As the name says it, the entire movie plot is indeed cruel. The plot involves two step-siblings who start a game where both are allowed to sleep with different people. But soon, the game becomes ugly, and the consequences start showing.

Friends with benefits: 

Another great movie to watch is friends with benefits. The movie involves two people who are fed up with their lives and give up on love and romance, but both become best friends and add sex to their friendship. But later, friendship turns into high-class romance for both and makes them confused about what to do. The movie was ranked high on the charts, so it is a must-watch. 

No strings attached: 

The storyline of both films, no strings attached and friend with benefits, is somewhat the same, but no strings attached was released late in the year and earned much respect compared to the other film. It showed how two people become tired of impressing friends and family and end up seeing each other more as close friends, but the possibility of falling in love is pretty high in their case.

The girl next door: 

The movie was a big hit by the famous actress Jennifer Lopez. She was a porn star in her teens but gave it up and started a family, but she ends up having trouble with the boy living next door. She tries hard to get away with his bad sexual desires, but the handsome young boy is all set to ruin everything just to have sexual relations with her. She fights back and eventually ran away from all the dirt. The movie was adored by the fans and still hold a lot of love from fans.

Fifty shades of grey: 

Fifty shades of grey are considered an ultimate sexually aroused movie. It involves two people, Anastasia and Christian Grey. The plot of this romantic and intimate movie is simple yet interesting. It starts when Anastasia compensates her sick friend and visits Grey Company for their paper interview. There, Christian, the owner, is attracted towards Anastasia. Parallel to Christian grey likeness, Anastasia also feels drawn towards him. Though little knowledge about sexual activity, Anastasia soon realizes Grey fifty shades regarding love and sex. She realizes Grey has no idea about pain and pleasure.

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Another outstanding piece of romance in the movie, Amar. It involves around two young people Laura and Carlos. Both fell in love with one another and loved each other every day with great intensity and thought that it might be their last day to love each other. Laura gets away from his controlling mother and dreams of conceiving. But as they both grew, they realize their goals and passions in life are real and different.

Hot girls wanted: 

Well, this is more of a documentary that explains the life of five beautiful porn stars, and the film is Florida-based. The documentary shows how these young ladies work hard to stay in the porn industry. Every day is a big challenge for them, and they have to stay fit to attract men and maintain their posture to be liked. The movie shows love aspects from every angle, and you can watch this over Netflix as it might be one of the best movies like 365 days, and you better not miss the chance.



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