5 Cool Spotify Tricks That Will Change the Way You Listen to Music

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Spotify has allowed us to access and cover all genres of the most popular music in the world. Spotify has become an online streaming service that enables users to listen to countless songs on request with or without a subscription to advertisements.

Spotify apps and settings have enhanced their functionality but you may not know their full potential as a user. Here are 5 cool tricks for you to help you learn more about Spotify.

Listen to your songs offline

The best way to do this is to listen to Spotify in the browser if you are at home working on your Mac and want to hear some tunes. But you can still hear your favourite songs if you aren’t at home by downloading them from Spotify’s large library.

You can listen to a song even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection or a data connection. It’s very easy to download. First go to a playlist and search for the Download option, and tap the toggle. That’s it! That’s it!

If you do not have a stable WiFi connection, you can go to Settings > Music Quality > Download. Then select opt into Cellular Use Download.

The great thing about this is that virtually anything you can download on Spotify. You are not restricted to playlists, because you can also download podcasts, songs and whole albums.

Sing along with Spotify karaoke

You’ll certainly enjoy this next feature if you love to sing. You can use Spotify’s services to sing songs that you like best, even if you are not sure of your lyrics, because Spotify will also give you the words.

Search for the Lyrics button in the lower right corner of the song to locate this feature. By clicking, almost all the songs in the library show you the lyrics.

More information about your favorite songs is also available by going to Settings and enabling the “Behind the Lyrics” mode. You can also use this tip when searching for a song using its lyrics only. You don’t have to search Google because in Spotify you can.

Jam with your friends

The Spotify Group Session is another interesting feature of this app. If you are a Premium account holder, this feature allows you to be a DJ for your friends. In real time, you can play and listen to songs.

In order to set this up, you first have to select a song, then tap Connect or Devices. Click Start Session to start a group session. If another person began the session, click Scan to Join.

Click Invite Friends to start the session. All group session members may skip, add or pause songs on the playlist. You can also create a Collaborative Spotify playlist.

Go to your library and select a playlist. Tap the small icon, which looks like a human, and then click Collaborative. You can share your playlist with others by doing so. A profile picture is displayed next to the tracks to find out who added it to the playlist.

Create your own private playlist

Click on “Private Session” from the main menu while using Spotify on your desktop. This option stops the transmission of your song choices for a certain amount of time. This setting can also be found in the Settings on Spotify’s mobile app in the Social Menu.

If you want to stop permanently sharing your selections, go to the Spotify menu > Preferences. Uncheck the boxes to share my activity, and what I hear on Facebook with my followers to Spotify and share my activity.

Allow Spotify to find music for you

As a Spotify fan, you might want to listen to the playlists that the app can specifically assemble for you. This feature can give you a more pleasant experience rather than having to create a playlist yourself.

Your library’s very first entry is a section called Made for You. This comprises a weekly playlist, a roundup of Spotify’s latest releases, and some daily mixes that are strongly influenced by anything you hear.

You can also see an annual playlist highlighting the songs that you have heard most during the year. This can give you an experience of nostalgia. It’s the “one year ago” audio version of some social media apps.


Spotify has shown its dominance in the online streaming world. The Music Streaming Service has become more personalised and predictable, while at the same time pulling in a growing collection of podcast and music contents.

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