5 Worst Smartphone Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Not System Software and Applications Update

This is one of today’s biggest smartphone errors when people use their smartphones. Although they are multiple update notifications, they do not update their system software and applications at all. This affects your device directly in many ways.

Your device is susceptible to multiple threats without keeping apps and software up to date. One of these is a threat to security. If you remember the case of ransomware called last year’s “Wanna cry,” which does not leave any country affected. The reason why it could affect us and made us helpless is straightforward. It was our mistake not to update your PC using the latest security patch from Microsoft.

Those who kept their device’s security up-to-date ensured that it could otherwise have lost. You should therefore keep your device software up to date regularly. This not only increases security, but also offers new features, new appearance and improves device performance.

The same applies to Google Play Store downloads. If you’re updated from time to time, you can’t achieve the best performance by fixing bugs.

Include new functionality and enhanced user interface (UI). Check Setting > About Phone > System Update and update your device regularly. Go to the PlayStore > My apps & games > Update everything from time to time and update all apps! If you own something, it is your responsibility to keep it safe and secure.

Fake Applications Download

This is not a threat, but in terms of battery and system performance it can damage your phone. There are several fake applications that are useless. They lack the essential and functional elements. There are apps like Satellite Checker, but they are bombarded with ads when you open them. They’re not working at all.

These apps are either accessible to your device or use ads to make money. These applications should never be downloaded on your smartphone. You should always review and review the ratings once before downloading any app from the play store. Due to the low barrier entry, hundreds of apps are available on the play store.

You should always be safe from these applications. Many people want to access your location, storage and telephone information. This is a potential threat to your phone and also to your security. Never make this mistake, therefore.

Killing Apps After Use

This topic is enormous and a lot of people have said you should never kill the apps in the background.

Nevertheless, millions of people still kill their apps with the misconception that it will actually improve device performance. Android and Apple developers have already said that it will not improve battery life even if you don’t kill apps. Even if you murdered the application, it’s like a screenshot.

Apps that have access to start automatically will continue to restart. It’s just a waste of time, so you waste more battery on your device. This is because the app now needs more power to restart again. Therefore, it’s useless to clear the app repeatedly

Of course, there is a reason why these devices are known as intelligent devices. Again and again, killing apps just doesn’t help to make the situation worse. You should therefore never make this mistake on your smartphone.

Not using real loaders

The main reason this is considered to be an error is that it can cause your device to collapse completely. There are many cases where the phone has been damaged by cheap chargers. There are also cases where the charger has exploded and your phone has been destroyed.

Therefore, if you plan on not replacing your phone quickly, just never use cheap charger. Always use a branded charger because the life of your smartphone is really improved.

Your smart phone not cleaned with anti-bacterial solutions

This mistake comes from your body’s health perspective. It’s a mistake made by 99% of smartphone users and the person who reads it now. When people take their phone to the washing room and use it and repeat it for months. You’re shocked to know that your phone is just as dirty as a toilet.

It contains all dead cells and bacteria transferred to our smartphones from our body. Our smartphone is the closest thing we have right now in our lives. And we do not clean it for what contains all dirt and germs. This can be done with anti-bacterial wipes. You may not be aware of observation, but it’s one of the main reasons for getting sick and cold.

People today eat food and use their smartphones and do not know that thousands of germs are regularly transferred to our bodies. This also applies to earphones, if you really care for your health, you should avoid using another earphone. Therefore, you should keep your phone clean with or something like antibacterial wipes.

It may be cleaner from naked eyes, but not hygienic and cleaner when cleaned with normal cloth. Buy antibacterial wipes at least once a week and clean your phone.

Therefore, these are a few but most dangerous smartphone errors you should never make at any cost with your phone.

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