6 ways to increase your customer service through tech

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Technological progress is taking place at an unprecedented pace across the world, affecting every aspect of human life. It paved new, bright and prosperous paths to new levels for companies. Every activity and business depends heavily on technology.

For example, customer services and support can be enhanced through new devices and software. In real-time messaging, artificial intelligence, self-service, chatbots and many more computer aids, your customers have been given the best.

It is a clear advantage and a perfect opportunity for companies to find innovative ways to create a powerful sense of the consumer. Your customer service has a direct impact and a positive relationship with your brand loyalty.

It also saves money and helps speed up the process. It is a threat to human capital, as they wonder when technology development will take over their jobs. It does. Their concern is rightly justified because since AI and automation computers have taken over several manual tasks.

Studies have shown that organizations with such progress are on the way to leadership. These innovations facilitate additional convenience for users to complete their tasks on the move.

Similar to when ATMs replaced cash transactions to the bank, technological enterprises have developed self-storage automation as a one-time, easy installation process which accepts payments 24 hours a day without compromising security. Without integration of automation, their development would not be possible.

In addition to the automation of self-storage machines, there are many other ways that businesses can increase customer services via technology; look at several of them:

Social Media presence:

Social media has been regarded as the best invention of the 21st century and is easily accessible to all. It makes it extremely valuable to maintain the corporate relationship with the customer by making communication possible 24/7.

So your brand needs to manage a social media presence in order to boost your customer service, and there are several ways of doing that. Start joining social media sites and interacting via groups, chats or posts with your potential buyer.. You can run blog posts, webinars and infographics to better transmit your brand message.

Your social media isn’t just for your product advertising, it enables your customers to make informed decisions. Use videos and images to make your mind memorable. Interact with your client so they prefer to take on new interests and retain their existing client base.

Humanize your dialogue and make your clients feel that they are important.

Video Calling:

Customer commitment is a crucial customer service prospect. Psychology has demonstrated that eye contact is important and a powerful aspect to maintain good and remarkable conversations. Companies which sell a customized product or services can exceptionally benefit from the ability to talk to each other.

Unfortunately, the time and distance restrictions do not always allow one to meet the customers. However, the technological developments such as video voicemails and video conferences have brought the game to the next level. It allows you to communicate openly with your customers and to improve relationships by understanding their requirements.

These communication techniques also enhance customer confidence, as they feel as though they know with whom they deal.

Automation in Marketing

Automation in marketing ensures that your customers are responsive and receive quick responses. It includes software programmes designed to effectively promote and engage customers on multiple online channels.

Automation allows prompt responses through chatbots on social networks, emails and websites. It could help them to navigate to the section they want, or answer a question without having to wait for a representative.

Mechanizing repeat tasks will reduce lead time and errors; it will build an excellent brand reputation by showing your company is better qualified to maintain customer relationships. It boosts customer service because it is quickly transmitted from one medium to another for convenience and an Omni channel experience.

Data Analytic:

Data analysis is a good way to understand and provide exactly what your customers want. It is related not only to the creation of market-oriented products but also to customer services. Data analytics allow you to have a thorough understanding of your customer’s population segment and companies can use it to improve customer service.

For example, if your target audience is elderly they will probably prefer to contact you in traditional ways, for example on call or via email. On the other hand, if you target more young people, you can communicate with them via contemporary media such as Twitter or Instagram.

Data circulating in the customer service department is essential and can be used by the customer support team to improve its experience. They could be more customized with clients, something as small as knowing their names or location can help.

Always be available:

One of the main reasons for huge industrial rivalry is that companies can be available to their customers at any time. Whether you chat late-night or early morning social media, your customer service is always useful. Those who fail to follow this idea are, sadly, behind them.

To retain their customer relations, organizations use live chat programmes, SMS messaging and 24-hour customer services. This makes customers feel valued and essential, and they realize that the company works exclusively for them.

Although you lack support teams to incorporate this, you can install automatic live conversations with bots to respond or cater to your customers in the meantime.

Accept your public mistakes:

Communication is the most essential aspect of customer service and it is essential that the communication strategy is maintained throughout the entire business cycle. Suppose your company is in skepticism with its clients due to a company-wide error or an employee.

In that case, you are responsible for dealing with it as soon as possible. Brands sometimes offer customers compensations in vouchers and special offers. These are extremely creative ways of marketing the brand to ensure the customer stays and returns. And it also helps promote the brand by word of mouth.

Nevertheless, if a public apology is due, do not hesitate to agree and propose a general solution. You can use social media for this, as it is the fastest way to successfully transmit the message to a larger audience.


To conclude, technology is moving forward every day and it brings several new opportunities to companies of all sorts and sizes. The best way to deal with the ever-evolving developments is to incorporate them into the organization. Therefore, keep your business plans flexible enough to make changes when necessary.

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