Addiction is a difficult journey, but not an impossible one to overcome. It could take a lot of different tries and programmes before you can finally defeat your addiction. Everybody’s journey looks different, but so long as you continue on the path to recovery, you are on the right path.

One of the best ways to welcome restoration is to look at some of the best sober houses. Sober homes can help addicts to find and never lose sight of sobriety. If you are ready to become a sober living resident and start a new lifestyle, read more.

When choosing sober living homes, several factors have to be taken into account. There is a list of several factors to keep in mind in the guide below. This is what you need to know!

Staff support team

Anyone who is in the recovery process needs a strong support system. If you are going to be a resident in a sober home, then it is important to find one that offers a strong staff support team. The staff at the facility are the people you will be around every day.

Are these people really interested in you and your health? Will they be strict with you and comply with the rules when necessary? Are drug tests and meetings in 12 states also encouraged or enforced?

It is important for the staff to help you recover by setting and implementing rules.

See licensing and accreditation

You can get a good idea of how the sober house is committed to helping you recover from your licensing and accreditation. You should license the sober house you choose. It’s also ideal if a well-known organization accredits your home.

You can contact your home and ask them to provide you with certificates and accreditation. If you find a home with both, you can rest and be careful while you are there.

Request Recovery Support Services

Do you plan to stay longer in the sober house? If you are looking for a long-term programme, it is a good idea to inquire about the services they can provide for recovery. How can the facility guarantee your sobriety even after your stay?

Some sober living houses, for example, will help their residents find jobs. Some other services to be looked for are the following:

Volunteer Investment

Testing of drugs

Certified services/programs for peer recovery

Planning of education

Those in recovery have many great resources at their disposal. It simplifies the process if you have people who can lead you in the right direction.

Take a Facility Tour

You may have a few different ways of living in your vicinity. It’s never a bad idea to ask every facility for tours. Pay close attention to how the staff interacts with the existing residents while touring each facility.

Do the people look happy and well looked after? Be sure to notice that the facility is also clean. A clean environment can foster good mental health and a clear recovery route.

If you have any questions about the facility, programmes or anything else, the time to ask them is now. It might be a good idea to write down all your questions so that you do not forget anything.

Ask about financial accountability

Do not forget to ask during your tour of each center what financial responsibilities you will be responsible for while staying there. Each sober home could have different financial needs. In most situations, your room and board will be subject to a monthly fee.

You may nevertheless have to pay your own transportation, food and hygiene costs. This may have to be planned in advance. For certain programmes, you may even be able to use your health insurance while staying in a sober home.

Ask every facility if it accepts your insurance and what it covers. When you are prepared, you are going to reduce stress.

Ensure flexibility of the programmes

Various rehabilitation homes offer their residents different programmes. While all sober houses support their inhabitants and help them smoothly transition to normal life, it is important to know if their programmes are flexible. Each person needs his or her own individual recovery plan.

While some people can only have to stay for a short period of time, others may have to stay for a longer period to ensure recovery. The house you choose may not last long, but it is ideal to know what your options are.

Read All the Residents Rules

Regardless of what sober residence you choose, there are rules to follow. Make sure you understand all the rules. You need to know what is expected of you before you commit to your residence.

Do you have to attend meetings while you stay there? What’s going to be the visitor policy? Will random drug tests take place?

Here you can find the best sober living homes

Finding a sober living home is the right way to make a big difference in the life of everyone that is on the way to recovery. Finding the best sober houses for you begins with this very guide here. Use all the helpful information above to make the best choice for you!


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