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fitness boxing
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When most people think of boxing, they see famous boxing champs like Floyd Mayweather or “Sugar” Ray Robinson battling in a ring and shooting hooks and uppercuts.

On the other hand, boxing has become a popular way for regular people to remain active. It’s called fitness boxing, and you don’t have to take any punches or enter a ring to perform it, so there’s no chance of head trauma or bruises. Boxing moves have been modified into fitness routines that provide several mental and physical benefits and demand you to think, modify your posture, and shift your position.

Traditional boxing includes sparring with a partner, whereas fitness boxing is throwing a punch at a punching bag or the air, generally in a class setting. One can also do boxing fitness virtually using VR and some quality boxing games in the comfort of their own home with minimal equipment.

There are two types of fitness classes: one in which you follow an instructor and execute a set of routines to music, and the other in which you stretch, strength train, and hit a punching bag.

The Health Benefits of Fitness Boxing

Throwing punches and evading correctly is more difficult than most people believe. It needs you to engage your entire body, pushing off with your feet, twisting your torso, synchronizing your body and hands, as well as your head – all at the same time. This is the ideal sport for adding a cardio component to your strength-training plan that will keep your mind occupied (many people may find the stationary bike or treadmill monotonous).

Fitness boxing is a great cardio workout that enhances strength, cardiovascular capacity, and cognitive abilities. Anyone can engage in fitness boxing, regardless of height and weight. This is most likely why fitness boxing is so popular nowadays.

It’s for everyone, no matter what your fitness age or level is, thanks to inclusive group classes or access to a diverse group of trainers that can personalize your workouts. The best thing is that no additional workout equipment is necessary; all you need to do is get off the sofa and start moving.

Fitness Boxing – Physical Health Benefits

One of the primary reasons for the increased popularity of fitness boxing is that it provides both cardio and strength advantages in a single session whether it’s virtual boxing training or a more traditional one. Furthermore, it is enjoyable, and the workouts are brief (between 20 and 45 minutes each).

Fitness boxing has the following physical health benefits:

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1. Enhanced Total-body Strength

A large punching bag can weigh over 200 pounds, whereas a tiny punching bag weighs roughly 90 pounds. Boxing gloves come in various weights, with the lightest weighing roughly a pound. You might punch a bag over a hundred times in one fitness boxing workout while activating your core, lower, and upper body.

Planks, push-ups, and squats, as well as a medicine ball and a jump rope, are all included in certain fitness boxing exercises. Some take things a step further and put your talents to the test by making you perform actions while on a balancing board. These extra workouts will assist you in strengthening and shaping your entire body while also improving your cardiovascular fitness.

2. Better Cardiovascular Health

Cardio exercise, along with a good diet and keeping a healthy weight, is essential for preventing heart disease. Cardio exercise puts modest strain on the lungs and heart, allowing them to adjust to sustain your physical activity naturally.

By punching, kicking, and leaping continuously, you will raise your heart rate and hold it there for the rest of your fitness boxing workouts. Fitness boxing will enhance oxygen supply and heart rate over time, making the lungs and heart healthier and stronger as they work harder to supply oxygen throughout the body. This will ultimately boost your endurance and stamina.

3. Toned Muscles and Strength

Mixing fitness boxing into your everyday routine is an excellent strategy to gain muscle and improve your striking power. Every punch you throw will train and tone your chest muscles, back, shoulders, and arms.

In addition to the resistance generated by your body as it stabilizes itself, your leg muscles will also be used. This makes this sort of workout perfect for muscle building along with becoming more powerful and fit.

4. Calories and Fat Burn.

Fitness boxing workouts may burn around 450 and 650 calories in one hour, based on your age, weight, gender, and training intensity (on average). Furthermore, the calories burnt when boxing with a small punching bag will not be greater than those burned with a heavy bag.

Besides calorie burn, fitness boxing also burns visceral fat (also known as stomach fat), which is located inside your abdominal cavity and may cause major health concerns if carried in excess. Fitness boxing can help you lose visceral fat and enhance your health and look. The workout will not make you bigger, but it will increase your definition.

Fitness Boxing – Mental Health Benefits

In addition to physical health, fitness boxing has many mental health benefits as well. Some of them are given below.

1. Reduces Stress

Almost any moderate or fast-paced physical activity, like fitness boxing, will reduce your stress levels. Who wouldn’t wish to smash their way out of a bad day? It is extremely soothing since each punch relieves both mental and physical strain.

Your body will create endorphins (one of the commonly known happy chemicals), which will boost your mood and lower your stress levels even further.

2. Focus and Concentration

As your punching ability improves, you will be able to perform increasingly sophisticated punching/defending combos. Having to recall such a large variety of moves in a certain order is a cerebral workout that is just as vital as the physical side of fitness boxing.

Furthermore, fitness boxing pushes you to be in the moment, which is known as mindfulness. Another option to become more conscious is to adopt meditation.

3. Awareness

You must be aware of your surroundings whether you are practicing with an instructor or in a group class with other pupils or at home alone. It is a mental job that demands you to utilize your field of vision to locate individuals and is useful in various aspects of your daily life.


Fitness is a discipline that can provide benefits other than muscle gain and weight loss. You can’t decide to stop exercising because you feel stiff and achy one morning. Money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy health, and staying fit and healthy is one of the necessities for living a happy and fulfilling life.

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