Amy Coney Barrett Net Worth: Age, Height, Kids, Husband, Wiki

Amy Coney Barrett Net Worth
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Amy Coney Barret is an advocate. Her nationality is American. She was born in New Orleans, America, on 28 January 1972, making her 49 years old. Amy’s height is 5 feet and 6 inches, and her weight is 62 kgs. She is working in the Supreme Court of America as Associate Justice. She is the fifth female associate justice and 115th person to serve in court as a female justice. She has been performing her responsibilities as a lawyer since 27th October 2020. Former American President Donald Trump appointed her when Ruth Bader Ginsberg, former associate justice, unexpectedly passed away. She was preceded by Ruth Bader Ginsberg and succeeded by Thomas Kirsch. Amy Coney Barrett is one of the most dominant lawyers and professors of the United States of America.


Amy Coren Barrett’s birthplace is Louisiana, and her date of birth is January 28, 1972. Her mother works as a teacher of French in High School. Amy has seven siblings, and Amy is the eldest one. She jas five sisters and one brother. Her zodaic sogn is Aquarius. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. Her father’s profession is also an advocate for the Shell Oil Company. She belongs to a mixed-race, i.e., Irish and French. Her mother’s ancestors were from Ireland. Amy’s dad’s forefathers were immigrants from France to Orleans. Amy’s maternal grandfather, whose name was Bobby Vath, fought in World War 2.


Amy’s family is devoted to Catholic Christians, and so is she.  Her dad was a deacon in Louisiana’s church.

Personal Life

In 1999, Amy was married to Jesse M. Barrett. Barrett was also Amy’s class fellow in the Law school. Jesse served as Assistant US Attorney for Indiana for thirteen years. After joining the Supreme Court of America, both Amy and Barrett moved to Washington, D.C., and sold their old house, which was in Indiana. Barrett works in a Law firm. They have seven children, of which two are adopted from Haiti. One child was adopted in 2005, and the other was adopted after the earthquake of Haiti in 2010. Their last-born kid has Down syndrome.

Both Amy and Barrett are committed Catholic Christians. Both of them are units of People of Praise, a small, closed group founded by the community and consisting of only Catholics. Amy is known as a conservative Catholic.


Amy studied in an all-girls high school named St. Mary Dominance high school. She completed her graduation in 1990. She was vice president of students during her school days.

After completing high school, she took admission to Rhodes College. Her subjects in college were English and French. She was the executive proofreader of her college magazine. In 1994, she did her BA. She was one of the most distinguished students in the English department.

After her bachelor’s, she got a scholarship for Notre Dame Law School. Amy’s scholarship concentrated on Originalism, Constitutional law, statutory interpretation. At the graduation ceremony, she was the one to deliver a farewell speech for her batch in 1997.

Writings and Speeches

Amy’s writings and speeches show that she is in favor of Originalism.

She is also against abortions.



After completing her law school, Amy Coney Barrett served as a judicial clerk for many magistrates. First of all, she served justice Antonin Scalia in the Supreme Court of America.

After that, she practiced privately in a corporation.

In 2002, she served as a professor in a law school. She won the “Eminent Professor of the Year” reward several times during her career as a professor.

She has worked as a temporary instructor at the law department of th Virginia University.

In 2012, Amy approved a letter that criticized the government of President Obama for providing birth control coverage to the workers of religious organizations without having them compensate for it. Amy stated that she wanted to become a different type of lawyer and wanted to create the Kindom of God.

Federal Service

Amy was a part of the Federalist Society. She also works at of U.S Law Institution.

The Chief Justice of that time, J. Roberts assigned Amy to assist the consultative assembly for the Federal Rules of Appellate procedure in 2010.

In the US Court of Appeal for the seventh circuit, Amy has performed her services as US Circuit Judge. She was nominated there on the 8th of May 2017. Amy served the Circuit for three years. During these 3 years, she penned down 100 opinions approximately. She also gave votes in several cases. Amy dealt with the cases related to immigration, Sexual assaults, gun rights, and abortions. Her votings depicted her conservative inclination.

She was the first female representing this seat.


On the 6th of September 2017, at the hearing during her nomination, she stated that her association with the catholic church would never come in the way of her duties. She also stated that a magistrate should never allow his or her personal beliefs to come in between the Justice and duties.

Lambda legal, with the other 26 fellows, signed a letter rejecting Amy’s selection. According to them, Amy would not be able to detach her strong religious beliefs from her legal duties. They also had doubts regarding the rights of the LGBT community. She was questioned about this during her hearing, to which she replied she would take decisions according to law.

She was supported by all her students, her colleagues of Law clerk, and Notre Dame Law School.

She has the strong support of the Conservative group because she has expressed her views against abortions. However, left-leaning groups are against her as they are in favor of abortions and the LGBT community. She legislated the Senate Judiciary with 11-9 voting, and then she became full senate at 54-43 counts. She also took part in the election trial on behalf of the former president of the USA, George W. Bush, along with the other two justices, John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh.

In 150 years, Amy was the first judge who was appointed without any consent of the minority party. Amy stated that her nomination for the Supreme Court was an honor of Lifetime.

Amy hast elected in both political groups, i.e., Republic and Democratic one.

Supreme Court

In 2018, she was shortlisted for the post of Associate Justice after the retirement of Anthony Kennedy. However, Brett Kavanaugh won this post. Seemingly, Trump listened to the request of  Kavanaugh to consider Amy for this post if there is another chance. On 26 September 2020, Trump officially selected Amy for the post of Associate Justice.


On the seventh circuit, Amy has contributed in 622 cases and hundred majorities.

Amy has never ordered directly on abortion; however, she did choose to reconsider a winning confront with Indiana’s parental notification law in 2019.

In 2018, Amy again voted against blowing down another Indiana law that demanded the sepulture of fetal residues.

In February 2019, Amy was engaged in a board judgment approving a Chicago “bubble ordinance”  that forbids reaching within a limited range of an abortion clinic without any permission.

Amy wrote a collective decision of 3 judges bringing the leniency for males to acknowledge for engaging in sexual invasion to confront the proceedings against them.

In 2019, Amy composed a collective decision of three judges in the case of Smith. Smith was a black American who was dismissed by his company. He claimed that his dismissal is racial discrimination as he is called a stupid ass nigger and bullied because of his skin color. The company, on the other hand, claimed that Smith failed to pass the probation period and had not gained enough experience. The decision was written that the slang used was obvious. However, it showed no sign that Smith was dismissed because of this. And Company’s claim was right that Smith failed to show good performance.

In 2015, an environmental group named  Sierra Club prosecuted the government of Obama for harming the endangered species of water. This was the first case when Amy took part in an oral argument. In her opinion, she jotted down that the reports provided by the club were free from Federal record acknowledgment as they were part of the government’s meditative procedure.

Amy opposed when the court approved a verdict prohibiting the second amendment right of a criminal convicted of mail cheating. She stated that nonviolent criminals have the right to firearm possession according to the Constitution.

In a conflict, Amy defended the government of Donald Trump’s law that denied the permanent residence of immigrants if they become legal users of social employment.


Amy Coney Barrett was against abortions. She approved an ad credited by St. Joseph Right to Life, which is also a class opposing abortions, in South Bend, Indiana newspaper in 2006. The ad stated that the residents of Michiana oppose abortion and protect the freedom to live from fertilization to natural death. Keep praying for stopping abortions. It is time to end this cruel heritage and reclaim the ordinances that conserve the lives of unborn kids.

In 2013. Amy approved another ad that was published in the Notre Dame students newspaper.

She also talked about abortions at events in the University. At Notre Dame University, she was also a part of the Faculty of Life, which was an anti-abortion committee for professors of the University.


Amy’s basic salary as a circuit judge is 209,100 $. Her income by teaching at the University of Notre Dame is 209606 US dollars. Her salary may rise to 235,000 US dollars once she is confirmed at the US Supreme Court.


Amy and Barrett have assets of 1.278 million US dollars and 423,000 $ worth of real estate business. They have also invested in Vanguard Institutional Tr.2040 Fund. She possesses various other properties and funds. For example, PIMCO returns institutional class and small-cap growth fund.

Net Worth

Amy has a net worth of about 2 million US $. Apart from her career in law, Amy Coney Barrett is also a professor, which increases her earnings. Both husband and wife have also invested in the real estate business, which enhances their revenue. Their combined net worth is much more and largely invested in mutual funds, which are saved for their children and retirement. Their combined total net worth was disclosed to be 1,895,174 US dollars in 2017. Since then, her revenue must have increased up to 10 to 15 percent.

In 2018 and 2019, Amy Coney Barrett participated in 10 occasions that were sponsored by the Federalist Society. She was paid for transportation, residence in various cities and meals, etc. Leading law School also arranged many events.


She has many publications in her name. She has published her educational work in various journals.

Some of her publications are mentioned below

  • Catholic judges in capital cases
  • Procedural
  • Substantive Canons and faithful agency
  • Suspension and Delegation
  • Congressional Originalism
  • Originalism and Stare Decisis
  • Congressional Insiders and Outsiders
  • Countering the Majoritarian Difficulty (Review)

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Amy Coney Barrett is an extremely talented and hardworking lady. All her life, she never used any shortcuts and believed in hard work. We can learn lessons of hard work and being consistent with achieving our goals from her life. She has earned so much respect and money all her life. Amy also states that she had a really tough time balancing between home, kids, and her work. She is a source of influence for all the ladies. She is a famous lady of America. Amy’s most of decisions are highly appreciated by conservative lawyers and academics. She has done thorough research and study to apply all the laws correctly when she makes a decision in court. She strongly favors Originalism and textualism. These are two philosophies of the judiciary that preach that magistrates should comprehend the Constitution and legislation as it is inscribed. A former lawyer Neal Katyal stated that Amy was the best lawyer he had worked with

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