Bermuda Will Finally Stop Requiring A Travel Permit

Bermuda Will Finally Stop Requiring A Travel Permit

Jan 13, 2023

Bermuda is finally eliminating the travel authorization form previously required for visitors arriving on the island via airline or cruise ship.

Several cruise lines will benefit from the form’s elimination on November 14, nearly three weeks earlier than originally stated.

During the epidemic, Bermuda adopted the $40 travel permission to monitor and reduce the possibility of COVID arriving on the island.

Although Bermuda officially welcomed all tourists some time ago, the island required visitors to submit a travel authorization form. The previous Bermuda arrival card, which does not cost anything, will now serve as the replacement form.

Bermuda Has Eliminated the Required $40 Visa Fee for Tourists.

The $40 travel authorization form cost that has been in effect for the past two years for those flying or cruising to Bermuda has been eliminated as of November 14.

The form’s removal had been previously slated for December by the Bermuda government but has now been brought early by three weeks.

As stated by an official government spokesman, “Today, the Bermuda Government is pleased to announce the abolition of the travel authorization [TA] process three weeks earlier than previously announced, a step which will streamline the entire travel experience for visitors.”

On November 13, 2022, you no longer needed a travel authorization (TA), paid the $40 charge or provided proof of immunization or medical insurance.

Since the Travel Authorization form is being phased out, the Bermuda Tourism Authority has decided to reintroduce the Arrival Card.

As of Tuesday, November 14, the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] will bring back the Bermuda Arrival Card, a digital form for visitors exclusively that had been in effect before the epidemic. Later today, the BTA will publish details on obtaining a Bermuda Arrival Card.

Bermuda has eliminated the final post-pandemic barrier by doing away with the requirement for Travel Authorization. Everyone is welcome to visit Bermuda regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated.

Visit to fill out an application for the arrival card before your trip to Bermuda. After filling out the necessary fields, you can either click a link to download the form or have it emailed to you.

Even if you have already filled out a travel authorization form, all non-residents visiting Bermuda after November 14 will be required to fill out a Bermuda Arrival Card.

Some Cruise Ships Were Affected

Although we are far into November, the modifications made by the government of Bermuda will still be of use to some cruise ships.

On November 21, the Norwegian Joy will sail to Bermuda for a three-day stop. On November 19, the ship will leave New York City and return on the 26th.

The Sirena, operated by Ocean Cruises, will be the first cruise ship to arrive in Hamilton, Bermuda, on November 14 and take advantage of the new rules. She’s on a 14-night transatlantic cruise from Barcelona to Miami. Norwegian Joy will dock in Bermuda the next day.

The MSC Seascape’s December 2 Bermuda arrival will be welcomed by passengers departing from Rome for New York. Those visiting Bermuda before November 14 will still be required to submit the Travel Authorization application. That covers the November 6 and 13th voyages aboard the Norwegian Pearl.

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