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Craigslist Bakersfield
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You can find and sell different stuff on Craigslist Bakersfield. To sell anything on Craigslist Bakersfield, a free ad can be generated on it. You don’t have to make your account or don’t need to log in.

You can create a post for free; if you face any difficulty posting, you may reach the official page for help. But if you have an account, it will be more convenient for you to post, delete and edit it quickly; you can also repost things.

Learn about posting on Craigslist Bakersfield?

You can post on the site. It’s not an issue. The process is quick and straightforward. You can also add that if you post from your logged-in account, editing can be made from the account’s report.

You can also use a link that is provided in the process of self-posting email that you used to post it; if you are unable to find the link, try to have it again by the option of resending.

You can repost things by free ads on the page; if you have an account, you can also post and repost paid ads. You can post anything in a single category, in a single city once in 48 hours. You can again post a new thing after that period.

If you post anything similar to your previous post on the site, the chances are you will be blocked and will get a message. But if you remove that similar post, it may be beneficial to you; you have to remove it within 48 hours of posting.

If you want to remain anonymous and at the same time want to have responses on your ad. You can do these things,

There is an option on two-way relay email; you can use these options to get responses on your real email address. And the email in your posting will appear as you wrote it. You can also take the chance that no email address will show on your ad, and you can easily add your contact info in the context of the ad.

By using the method of two-way relay email, the email address of your account and the email of the replier will remain secure. It is set by default and also the recommended option to use. These options are available to you, but sometimes they may not be for you when you create a post in the category of personal.


If anyone claims about the confirmation of a transaction, like a transaction are certified between a buyer and seller or like a third party has handled or provided security to your transaction, then it will surely be a fraud, all the transactions are done between two users.

Fraudulent will pretend that they are official, but they are entirely fake, emails which are appeared to you looks like it is from Craigslist Bakersfield or any other party, it will offer you a guarantee, or tend to show that sellers are certified or pretend to handle your payments.

Distant offerings

If anyone texts you or gives an offer to buy anything, any item, or any buyer, approach you to have your posted stuff, with some advance payment. Or offer you advance rent for house or apartment, how never meet you personally.

Never accept such kinds of offers. Sometimes the value of the cashier is more than the value of your item; scammers want you to trust him; he asks you to write the amount you wish to have via transfer of money. They will create a free cheque, and then you will be responsible and maybe caught as a criminal.

Sometimes, some owners are given a price less than the worth of items, or give you the offer in less rent; when the prices are low or rent is below the market prices, it will be a fraud.

This type of scam may includes laptops, TVs, apartments, tickets, cell phones, and other things of high value. They may ask about the false confirmation code and can use that code to take or withdraw payment from your account.  Scammers prefer to contact you via email and text, they pretend they can’t talk to you on call.

Craigslist RVs For Sale By Owner

Fleetwood Motorhome 1994 for $14,000

I have a Fleetwood rally. The condition is excellent. It uses gas as fuel. It has an odometer of 80,000. The type of RV is class C. Transmission type is auto. It’s a nice and clean motorhome. Fleetwood 1994 it’s just run considerably. It’s just for $14,000; the size is 31 feet.

Six tires brand new Call me on 805-674-0488

All the tires are in good condition and work properly. It’s ready to travel. Can travel up to 80K miles. License is valid; these are ford chassis tires.

Leisure Van 2006 210 SKU:6300 for $64,995

The overall condition of the vehicle is excellent. It has four cylinders. Drive type if RWD.  It uses gas as fuel to run. Its odometer is 160,000. Title status is it’s a clean and decent vehicle.  Not providing images, but you can demand the images after contacting me.

I will show it to you. The price of the van is $64,995.00; the Year of manufacturing is 2006. Model name 210 have stock number 6300. It is used. Type is class B motorised. The size is large. The price provided is retail price, the sale price is $59,995

Thor Majestic 2018 28A FALL SPECIAL for $44,350

I have a majestic Thor 2018, with excellent condition. It has eight cylinders; it works on the fuel that is gas. The odometer is 138,000. The colour of the paint is white. RV type is C class. It is 28 feet long—a clean and neat RV with an automatic transmission type.

We are providing you the great vehicles of the best quality; we are here to serve you as the largest Company of Rental. We offer you excellent quality, durable and valuable items in obscene amounts.

You can contact us for more info, from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm. We are also available on Saturday with timings 9 am to 4 pm.

If you love camping and want to have a vehicle that can serve as a bedroom, you are in the right place; Thormajestic is offering you that kind of bedroom of the best quality. It can behave as a professional office for your business deals.

If you have to go somewhere in an emergency, it will be like a spare room for you. In short, it is a multi-purpose durable and best choice. You don’t have to pay taxes for it, as it is just like your second home.

We are supplying unlimited models of this throughout the United States, now we are offering about five thousand rental fleets all over America. This service is maintained and is regular. We are giving four years of warranty if you keep it well maintained and take complete care of it.

Craigslist Farms and Gardens

You can find a different garden and farm-related stuff here,

Old wood sheds of Hickory

Manufacturers are old buildings hickory. Want to have a storage shed of wood? You can make your building or an online order These mountain sheds deliver and set up structures of wood.

The size range is eight by 8 to 14 by 40 to a distinct style, and different options are available to choose from. We can deliver your whole building or build it for you at your location. We don’t charge for delivery or setting up the structure on your site. You can contact us on 530-693-9895, or try to have a free quote.

Note: Call on the given number, don’t text us.

Animal covers, barns, and equipment storage of farm for $2,162

Manufacturers are

The model number is 916-281-0955

Pro buildings of metal are helping you in making your buildings of metal and in need of carports. We can make the size of buildings from ten inches width to eighty inches width. It’s a clear span that you need.

You can contact us on 916-281-0955 for more details and get an estimate for your building. A fantastic offer is that we will offer a significant discount to you on your build\ if anyone in your family is a member of the military in the US.

If you contact us, please mention this for having a discount. We will include the delivery charges and installation fee.

Craigslist Bakersfield House

There are many houses for rent in Bakersfield Craigslist, also the house-related things.

Stainless Pot Rack for $65

The overall condition is just new. The size is excellent, with dimensions 34 inches in height, 20 inches in length, and 12 inches in width. It has a stainless-steel pot rack kitchen of oblong shape; its style is contemporary, along with two fixtures suspended to a chain of stainless-steel pot Rach of the kitchen.

The pot rack is stored, and the photos cannot explain the whole condition. It has the excellent condition, and you will surely keep it, but it will not work in the new kitchen house.

The exterior lighting house has nine-piece for $100

The condition is overall good. There are eight styles in outdoor light of wall; it is a mixture of LEDs and bulbs. In the house’s exterior, it’s hardwiring for the mount and matching flush fixtures.

This works excellently and has the excellent condition; it just needs some cleaning. $100 for this quality offer is just lovely. You can also buy this similar style in new pieces for $150-$250/article.

Craigslist Bakersfield pets

Craigslist Bakersfield has some free pets or for sale by owners

Pitbull puppies need rehoming.

I have dogs, and they give birth to 4 puppies; the rehoming fee for these puppies is 160. The puppies are three males and 1 female. The age of puppies is officially seven weeks. Tan colour dog is the mother, and black is the father of puppies.

Puppy English Mastiff and Yellow Lab

I have a half yellow-colored Labrador retriever of four months and a half English mastiff bull. It’s a lovely female puppy; I have to rehome it because of some issues; Rehoming fee is just something I had invested in the puppy. It needs a stable home and fully trained.

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Husky Puppies Siberian

I have two puppies one male and the other female; they have two pairs of shots and have a record of 8 weeks of age, and want to have a new loving home. They want to have much attention, they are energetic and the fee for rehoming is just $500, you can contact me for the deal. Only a serious person can contact us.

Safety Measures

  • To avoid any scam, you may follow these things.
  • Deal on the spot, do local deals face to face; just following this, about 99 per cent can be avoided.
  • Never make payment to any person, who is not well known to you.
  • Avoid the offers in which the owner offers the shipping; it may be a scam
  • If anyone asks you for funds, it will surely be a scam.
  • You are responsible, if you accept checks or any money orders etc.
  • Transactions are directly between the buyer and owner; no third party is involved; if it applies, there will be no guarantee for it.
  • Don’t provide information about your bank account or credit card details, or any information that will harm your security.
  • Never purchase or give rent to anything unseen, this type of deal doesn’t exist.
  • If you don’t have personal contact with the owner, never receive any cheque, etc.
  • No service exists with the name Craigslist voicemails; if you receive such a message or ask to access this type of service, this will be a fraud.
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