Craigslist Chattanooga TN: Pets, Farms, Cars, Motorcycles

Craigslist Chattanooga TN: Pets, Farms, Cars, Motorcycles

Jan 20, 2022

Do you want to see and buy the items, you must visit Craigslist Chattanooga Tn, you will find different free and paid stuff here. It will be very frustrating when you want to see or buy the item and it will only be for some specific city, Craigslist Chattanooga free stuff, pets, cars and trucks, boats, and different motorcycles are available. Doesn’t matter, in which part of the country you are, you can easily approach all the stuff here.

Tips to search items on Craigslist Chattanooga.

If you want to find a specific item on craigslist, for example, want to have a white BMW, add the specific words in the title bar of the search, just like “white BMW”.

After adding these words, press the enter button to move forward.

In case you want to make any changes, or not find the thing exactly you want, you may alter the words. If you want to remove something, just press minus sign. Like you may remove “white” by using a minus sign with it “-white”, and you will be shown all the BMWs on the site.

This site is very useful for owners, as it provides the opportunity to sell their property by just simple steps, also they can give their things on rent, you may request for managing and repairing a specific thing, and people also find a job they’re against nice payment. Where there is technology, there will surely be scams and frauds related to this. But we are here to give awareness about the scams.

You may have to face financial as well as legal issues while dealing, specifically on the craigslist Chattanooga free stuff.

You can also be scammed by the fraud, even if you didn’t use this site ever. Sometimes, it happens that an owner of the property will be called or contacted by someone, and tell you that he wants to have the property or seen your ad in it. And actually, the owner did not ever post on site, and some scammers are using his property and details to defraud the people.

Craigslist Chattanooga Pets

Cute puppy for $50

I have seven months old puppies, I got that to protect our chicks, but I found he is not good at this job, So I want to replace him, I am looking for his new home, who can keep him. He likes to play with kids and other dogs, just a small rehoming fee is required.

Bright chickens of the sea for $50

Manufacturers are sea bright. Our company has bright gold as well as silver chickens, also some others mixed. We just order them from a poultry farm in spring also we sent them with some others. We are searching for a new home for them, and the fee is just as we invest in them. You can contact to confirm your order

Hair sheep lamb’s ewe 10 rams, for $150 each

Do you remember the marry, who have some lambs, be just like little lambs. These lambs are still dependent on their mother. Four of them are males, you may choose them by the yellow star, and four of them are females they are marked with pink stars. Two of the lambs are born on 12/06/21, have the color black. The other two were born on 12-19-21, the boy lamb has the price of $100 and the girl lambs have $150. They like to live in pairs and do not like loneliness. They are available, if you can see the post, as soon as they will be sold out, I will surely delete the post, So no worries about the availability. These sheep are resistant to diseases and parasites. They unlike goats, don’t like to be out every time. They are dependent on their mother, if they will be pulled away from their mother, they will require training in bottle feeding.

They like the bushes and grass to eat, they will clear all the bushes. They are good to kill unwanted weeds like Russian olive, knotweed, kudzu, and honeysuckle vine.

If sometimes we need to feed them with a bottle, we used the bottle for lams, with the nipple of TSC. The liquid fed to them is a homemade mixture, made with one gallon of milk, buttermilk one cup, with heavy cream one cup and one can of condensed or goat canned milk. You can contact us via email. Delivery is available, we may or may not charge the delivery fee. The delivery is free if it is within 40 miles of our farm. Strictly follow the policy of no exchange and refunds. If you want to have them, do training on bottle-feeding, as it will not be an easy task.

Mini schnauzer for $250

I have a miniature schnauzer of 6 months, he is almost 12lbs and has about all the shots received. He is very friendly and playful to kids and other animals.

Craigslist Chattanooga farm and garden

Greenhouse heavy-duty kits for $2,599

  • The condition of a greenhouse is new.
  • Dimensions are 7 by 12 – 9 by 14 – 9 by 21 – 9 by 28 – 9 by 35
  • Delivery is now available
  • Manufacturers are Climapod

The manufacturers and producers are of high-quality brand-new greenhouse kits are Climapods, which are making to-rated greenhouses, which are for double wall and heavy-duty. The material used to make these greenhouses are polycarbonates and aluminum bases and framings. Different customization options are available for size and sets. We are offering these kits at the competitive prices. Available sizes for climaxed greenhouses are, passion series of 4mm, virtue series of 6mm, hobby series of 4mm, and spirit series of 6mm with different dimensions, choose accordingly.

Organic bolt coriander or sativum seeds of Coriandrum $3

The condition is new. 2-gram weight is 150 seeds. These seeds are non-GMO, with a germination rate of 85 %. As the coriander is the tasty common herb of Mexica with cold herbs. You can bow these seeds directly in your pots and plants, you don’t need to transplant them. After growing them, you may get more seeds and do not need to buy them again.

Details: I am a farmer and also an herbalist. I use these seeds for my own family and also to manufacture medicines from the same seeds. We also make herbal medicines on the demand of any person. We are trying to sell canned items, as soon as possible. You may also for some particular thing of your requirement. You can contact to confirm your order

Craigslist Chattanooga Cars and trucks

Craigslist Chattanooga Cars and trucks are for sale by the owners, in this category you may also find some Chattanooga craigslist boats.

Cherokee Latitude Chattanooga $17,500

The condition is excellent, has six cylinders, and drives 4WD. The fuel used by the vehicle is gas. It has an odometer of 89,700 miles. It’s a mid-size vehicle, which is neat and clean. The type of transmission is automatic. The vehicle type is SUV. It’s a well-maintained car, along with a cloth interior of black color. There are power locks and power windows, with a backup camera, radio, and Bluetooth facility. Another best feature of this vehicle is the satellite capability of radio.

Ford SportRack 2004 for $3,900

The overall condition of the vehicle is good. It has six cylinders with a 4wd drive and uses gas as fuel to run. It has an odometer of 297000 miles. The color of paint of the car is black. The type of transmission is automatic. It is a pickup-type car.

Ford SportRack runs, works, and drives nice. It has all four wheels in good condition. Brakes, motors, shocks, tires, and instrument clusters with bushings are just new. I work and drive with it daily. So, as my workload has increased, I had to buy a new truck, my son used it to go to school for three years, and it is running well. You can contact to confirm your order.

Craigslist Chattanooga Motorcycles

Honda 50 for $30

Manufacturers are Honda, this s in good condition and work on the gas as fuel. It is just new and has an odometer of 1,000 miles just. The type of transmission is manual. I have bought it about 2 years ago, this runs very excellently, it just required a good cleaning and you may enjoy riding for a fun time on it.  If you want to have, contact on the given number.

  • Suzuki 2018 GSX R1000 for $4190.00
  • VIN: JS1DM11B3J2100119
  • Powersport offers from us are
  • We provide the financing
  • Offers you warranty
  • Our shipping is nationwide.
  • You will surely enjoy the hassle-free offer.
  • This offer is new handpicked, you may pre-owned the inventory.
  • Ensure you the quality and security.

It has an odometer of 1518 meters, and the color of the paint is black. The status of the motorcycle is clean. You may get it for you or may ride it to your home today. You can also contact for delivery.

Thinking why to shop with us on TITANIUM POWERSPORTS

As we are providing you with the quality and family-owned dealerships of Powersports. We are offering our dedication to guide and advise you for having the best quality vehicles in the market for three years. We provide the best pricing as well, by ensuring a transparent environment every time.

If you want to learn more, you can also visit our online locally for Powersports Titanium, there you will find motorcycles of the best quality and energetic motorcycles that you want to have the units of your street or roads. Our services are convenient. Our bikes will not only provide the facility but also the entertainment.

KDX Kawasaki 2005, 200 for $3,800

The fuel type is gas, this is just new and has an odometer of just 444 miles. The type of transmission is manual. You may say that it’s a rare finding of the year in such prices, I just used it for less than sixty hours. I purchased it from its original owner last summer, Now I want to sell it, you can contact to confirm your order. it can be a good Christmas present.

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Security measures

Here are some common frauds and the steps you have to take for the security on craigslist.

If someone is posting some items to sell, and giving ads but not posting, if there is no image with listings, it may be a scam. If you have high-quality photos, you will be able to find if there is any tenant in the item, on the other hand, no photos at all, or having poor quality photos are the red flag of a scam.

If someone offers you the price or rent less than the rate of the market. if there is a case, if any posting has less rate in comparison to competitors, do not bother them to buy.

If someone doesn’t offer a security deposit on his property or a free trial for the first month, it may be a red flag. Especially nowadays, this is very common.

Most of the scams are from emails. Anonymous emails. If you don’t recognize an email, do not consider it. Always use and sign up on craigslist Chattanooga free yahoo, Gmail, or any other domain address for conducting business on it.

If someone is not able to show the property, you should not trust him. The owner will make a way to show their property to you in anyways. If they will not be able to contact you, they will make someone their representative.

If someone asks you for extra money above the fee of the application, like if he demands money for a security deposit, it will be a red flag for you.

No doubts, it is the most popular site to deal with by owners of properties and landlords. Make sure that you are professionally posting things. Follow all the above things and professional attitude to become successful on this. This will provide you with satisfaction about your property.




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