Craigslist Yakima: Pets, Cars, Garden and Farms

Craigslist Yakima
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Craigslist hosts Craigslist Yakima in the United States. Thousands of people visit this website per month as this is used for selling and advertising different things on it. Different people post and sell their local things to this website by advertisement.

Its function is just like a portion of a newspaper, and it is free of cost to use and to view. You can find almost everything in it, in different sections, like apartments, jobs, pets, cars, apartments, furniture, garden and farm-related stuff, and much more.

Why use Craigslist Yakima

Craigslist Yakima is simple and easy to use, you will be able to sell and buy different stuff and items through it. It’s completely free, and no hidden charges are on the use of craigslist Yakima. Here you can find different things that people did not bother when they had to pay for classified advertisements. Yakima free stuff is also available on craigslist, as some pets, etc.

How to find things on Craigslist Yakima

There are different categories on craigslist of different stuff. You could even try to find a girlfriend there, as an alternative to Tinder. Or you may choose to search by yourself. For example, you want to view different bikes to buy; You can go to the section of bikes under the section for sale. Or type bikes on the search bar to see a list of bikes advertised to sell on. There are most of the useful things in the category of for sale section. Some other categories may also be useful like, personal and community ads

Craigslist Yakima pets

In this section, you will find pet according to your choice and pet relevant stuff. Some pets are for free, that need a home.

Christmas puppies

  • As this the time of Christmas
  • There are three husky female puppies
  • They are three months old and have personalities.

We rescued these puppies from the worst situation and take care of them. Now we are finding a small home for them, to ensure that they will get their home forever. If anyone is interested, can make the call or send a text to us for more information.

Mealworm colony

We have been growing a single mealworm colony for about one year, and now I want to buy a new gecko leopard, which still I don’t get. I will sell it to you for just $30 and give you two small and three Sterilities storage of desks. I am also willing to sell beta fish along with an aquarium.

Mostly, some mealworms are tiny, like about 2 to 4 weeks, and others are of medium age. I can send images at the request of buyers. One important thing, you will have to pick it up for yourself. Thanks.

Some kittens are homeless.

I found some babies of kittens that need a home as soon as possible. The age of kittens is about 10 weeks. You may contact me to take them with you. I will apply a little rehoming fee to ensure a good home. Thank you.

Backpack carrier of pet dog

This is loveable, but now my dog is growing up. It includes a collar clip along with soft bottom padded stuff. Have three screens when you have to open it ahead of a puppy or a cat. You may unzip the sides so easily. It can be folded easily. Three pockets are on upfront and sides. The straps are padded, and the form is good. I am selling it to you for $40.

Purebred puppy Pitbull

I have a pretty handsome American pit bull purebred puppy of 7 months. He is vaccinated against rabies and fully trained. The nature of a puppy is friendly with kids and other animals. It may chase cats but never hurt them. I will recommend it to the home where is no small kid, as he is so excited and may knock over them. I want to rehome by having a small fee, but I can give it to some right person who is willing to have it. You can text or call me for more info.

Craigslist Yakima Cars

Here are some cars and other vehicle-related things on craigslist Yakima, cars by owner are some follow.

013 infinity journey coupe G G37 with 2D silver coupe for $21,590

  • VIN: JN1CV6EK9DM923011
  • It is in good condition
  • Have 6 cylinder
  • Use gas as fuel
  • Drive is RWD
  • The color of Paint of a car is silver.
  • The odometer of the car is 56147
  • The status of the car is clean
  • Transmission is of auto type.

As this is a time of uncertainty, so we have something good for you at this time. We are here to ensure the security of our customers. Customers buy our cars with a 100 percent satisfying online experience. We offer you the touchless delivery of your car. You don’t have to contact us personally and have your car with contacting our advocate.

Cadillac Escalade for $5,500

  • The Year of this car is 2002
  • Overall condition is fair
  • Have 8 number of cylinders.
  • Drive id 4WD.
  • It uses gas as fuel.
  • The odometer is 168000
  • The status of the car is clean.
  • Transmission is auto type.

It works great, in good condition, its battery is new. Oil change filters are new, and recently changed, condition of tires is also good. You may contact me with any queries. Thanks.

Ford Fusion 2017 for $299

  • VIN: 3FA6P0G73HR343542
  • Drive is 4wd
  • Fuel used is gas
  • Color of paint white.
  • The odometer is of 86051
  • Its size is full
  • The status of the car is fully cleaned.
  • Sedan type car

Have a Bluetooth device, along with the back camera. 4 cylinders are of 2.5 liters capacity. It’s an eye-catching car with excellent wheels. You will enjoy a ride in it. As it has comfortable front seats, the steering wheel is multi-functional. There is an air conditioner in it. In short, it is a fantastic car and will give you full supportive drives.

Craigslist Yakima farms and Gardens

Here is some craigslist Yakima free stuff along with garden-related things in this category.

32 trailer ladder for  $3,500

  • Condition is brand new

We have a new trailer orchard ladder with axle 2000#, a new fourteen-inch tires, and a heavy steel gauge. It can be built to hand wash, poster board, sanitary can or stations of eyewash, etc. You may call for further queries or pricing details.

Grooming table for $20

We have a small size grooming table, can be used for puppies and small dogs. I have used it for malamutes and it worked with them just because they were fully trained. It is one leg that requires to reinforce. I bought it for $100 when it was new, the condition is still good. I demand $20, but you may price and give offer, contact via call.

Saddle wood stands

Decent saddle 3 laminated wood stands

  • These are heavy-duty stands, and the price of each is $59
  • Some stands have priced just at $25
  • 2 of them are long. and have displays like clouds along with tapaderos.
  • Open on all working days, and Saturday also. But the timings may be different

It will be closed every Sunday and also on major holidays. We used to sell old and new stuff. We own our products locally and ship products to other areas.

Craigslist Yakima Auto parts

Pairs of licensed plates of Washington state for up to $125

  •  Manufacturers are Washington states
  • The name of the model is licensed plates
  • Sizes are 13″ x 6″
  • Car of 1932, pair licensed plates 29-46 are of $150 shipping charges are not included.
  • Car of 1937, pair licensed plates k-2093 is of $150 shipping charges are not included.
  • Car of 1938, pair licensed plates k-1892are of $150 shipping charges are not included.
  • Car of 1950 to 1953, pair licensed plates k-521, is $150 shipping charges are not included.

If you are going to buy an antique car this Christmas, or want to gift it to someone, then this will be a great choice for you. These are licensed and original plates for cars, and you don’t have to buy plates every year. Here is some of them

And much more, I have about more than 70 such plates for cars, or trucks, etc. I have also tabs and stickers from 1951 to 1989. You can just send a message to me.

Cable chains LaClede # 1026 for $20

  • Manufacturers are Laclede
  • The name of the model is 1026
  • Condition is overall good. I stored it for many years, but don’t have a real tote bag.
  • We are located at Ellensburg, and will do shipping for you for just $30, not electronically but in the flat rate envelop.

Vintage pump cans for oil in just $65

  • We are selling these cans for oil
  • Yellow vintage can is 19″ long
  • Gray vintage can is 15″ long
  • Copper vintage can is 8″ long
  • Blue vintage can is 5″ long
  • I will not sell a single piece, but will sell in a set of 4 pieces.
  • All the pieces are cleaned.
  • No oil inside any of the can
  • These can also be shown in the shop
  • Asking just $65 for a set.
  • Thank you

RAM Rear 2500 Spacer of lift 1′ for $100

I had bought these rear Ram, and I decided to move from another path, but after returning to the window. Those were not installed, and didn’t install till now. These are now in my garbage for the last 3 months.

  • Dodge Ram 2014, 2500 4 by 4
  • Traxda 1 inch rear lift will fit all the dodge Rams axle to 4 by 4 trucks,
  • Our manufactured kits are ready to bolt in, so we never need any modification in any vehicle. These kits will the quality of stock for vehicles.

We make these Traxda 1 inch lift rear, manufactured in America by having the certificate of USA mill. Also from precise tolerance by using the drawings of OEM. Welding of these kits is done by US welders; these are checked thrice, to make sure the complete fitment. Powder coating is used at last as finishing to ensure the long-lasting behavior of the vehicle.

Every kit has 2 rear spacers of springs, complete instructions, and detailed alignment characteristics.

  • Part number of the kit is 605041
  • Other details
  • The rear is of one inch
  • 35-inch tires can be allowed on wheel stocks
  • They are manufactured to maintain the quality riding.
  • Shocks of Aftermarket are not considerable.
  • Characteristics of alignment are included.
  • It is made in the United States of America.

Chevy parts of the ’90s

It’s surely an amazing offer to have the chevy part of the 90s. You can call or send a message to me for more details and pricing.

Added parts are, different light tails, signal lenses for turns, headlights, a trim panel of the cluster, a tank for overflowing, a fluid tank for washer, the motor with wiper, steering pumps with high power and tow hooks, etc.

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Safety measures

You may reach on the website of craigslist Yakima to deal in any type of thing you want, when you browse, you may notice that the page of craigslist Yakima is not much pretty, but it doesn’t mean that this is not useful and non-trustworthy than other similar sites. As much of the content is created and posted by users so we do not emphasize the design of the site.

If someone is willing to sell you some stuff then you have to set a place and time to meet. Sometimes, it is not comfortable to meet a stranger or to exchange money. Or sometimes, people feel scared to do so. But there are many ways, to make sure the security when you are dealing and doing transactions via craigslist Yakima.

  • You have to meet in such kind of place, like a coffee shop at that time.
  • Try not to do transactions electronically.
  • Many of the sellers, prefer to take cash on the spot.
  • Trust in your ability, if you find something good, then it will surely be good.
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