Da Brat Net Worth, Age, Controversies and Biography

Da Brat Net worth
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The world is full of popular rappers that are constantly working hard to conquer all the good things in this world. The aim of the rappers is to entertain the fans. Not only are men working as rappers, but females are also taking over the world. A great female rapper who is currently gaining a lot of attention is Shawntae Harris, also famously nicknamed Da Brat. More about Da Brat net worth is as follows.

Da brat is a famous actor plus a fabulous and enthusiastic rapper. Harris worked hard to stand equal to all the other male rappers. She was the one who released her first album debut just after two straight years. In the year 1994, her album released was called funkdified. One of her major achievements right after her first album was the platinum certification. The certification was recognition that she is the first female to receive recognition as a female rapper.

She worked both on solo and single platform, but she was positive for two. The first position was achieved by salt and pese. Her tunes that she created are outstanding and were considered a huge milestone in landing her on top of all the other artists. However, in this article, we will discuss the Da Brat net worth and other details as well.

Biography of Da Brat

Da Brat real name is Shawntae Harris. She was born in the year 1974. Thus her age is about 47 years old. Her birthplace is Joliet, Illinois, united states of America. She was the first American rapper to release her first debut album, funkdified, which received platinum certification. After her first album release, she was the first-ever female to sell about 2 million copies of it. Her name was changed, and her fans called her Da Brat. She reported to the Atlanta journal that she was named Da Brat because she is one spoiled person to live with.

Da Brat, aka Shawntae Harris parents, never tied the knot, which means they never married one another. Therefore, she had to live in two different households. But she lived mostly with her mother and her grandmother. She was born in Illinois, but she grew all her childhood in Chicago.

She was a spoiled brat because she was loved by both her mother and her father. She was always looked up to and given a lot of attention in every aspect of life. At the end of the topic, we will be talking about Da Brat net worth 2021.

In 1992, Da Brat took part in a competition that was launched and promoted by Yo MTV show. She won the prize, and she was given a golden chance to meet Kris Kross. She turned out to be Harris’s golden ticket and introduced Harris to Jermain Dupri, the producer.

The producer was happy with Da Brat performance and got her the So So Def Label and gave her the name Scooby Doggy Doop. This part of her life was an amazing one, and it changed everything for her in a positive.

Later in 1996, she released yet another full-length album, and it gained a lot of attention. Her first album funkdafied was number one on the chart and stood number 6th over the single rap chart.

However, in the rest of the 90s era, she took part in other rappers’ music work. She made her sound, or you can say a rhythm that went well with other rappers’ music. But this turned out to be great for her. She worked on different tunes and made sure all these matched well with rappers’ music.

The tunes that she made are pretty unique. This was the reason that people loved it. All her fans loved her tunes and lyrics, and that’s why she is indeed the first and number 1 female rapper who has made it so far. Da Brat net worth will be discussed later in the article.

Family life of Harris

Shawntae Harris parents were never married, and after she was born, her parents decided to part their ways due to some dissimilarity. But Harris was born in two different houses. She lived the majority of her life with her mother and her grandmother. She used to meet her father on some days, but she was close to her mother. All her wishes were fulfilled by both her father and mother and this is why she considers herself a super spoiled child. And this part was the fact that her fans called her Da Brat.

Relationship life of Shawntae

Shawntae, the first female rapper, clearly tells the world that she is now a lesbian. She is one of her interviews told the reporters that it took her two decades to tell her family and herself that she is a lesbian. She tried to hide her identity, but she never succeeded.

She gathered up the courage and told the world that she has an interest in females. However, in the early 1990s, she dated Allen Iverson. But the relationship turned sour later. In the year 2020, she started dating her hair product mogul Jessica dupart. And she is happy. More about Da Brat net worth will be discussed as follows.

Education of Harris

Rappers don’t tell every bit of their lives, including the schools and colleges they have studied. Da Brat was never much into studies, but her mother told her to finish her graduation. Da Brat loved music, and she made excellent lyrics. However, as a junior student, she attended the Kenwood academy with her mother.

However, in 1992, she graduated from the scholastic academy with good grades. After graduation, she decided to continue with music and lyric writing. Her lyrics are top-class, and she is still working hard. Her music has given her a great name. she also learned a few acting skills to pursue in acting.

Career of Harris

  • If we discuss her singing career, things are told in detail above. She started with her first album fundfied, which was able to sail around 20 million copies of it. Fans loved it a lot. She also took part in an MTV competition which she won. She was able to meet Kriss Kross, who then introduced her to the producer Jermaine.
  • This all positively changed her life. She also made many different interesting tunes which were included in the music of other rappers as well. During 1999 she made several guest appearances like Casey’s remix heartbreaker and brandy’s remix You don’t know me. In the year 2000, she launched her third album unrestricted, which gain a lot of attention.
  • Da Brat was also interested in acting, and after doing some hits in singing, she made it to a TV show in 1994. She also stared in the TV series parenthood in 1998 and 1999. She also made her appearance in one of the episodes of Sabrina, the witch, and it was a major hit for her. Her acting skills were also good, but still, fans believed that singing is best for Da Brat.


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Being a brat always comes with its pros. And that’s a major truth. Da Brat was a spoiled girl who became pretty aggressive because she had to switch houses all her childhood. In 2000 she hit a woman with a bottle of wine in a nightclub in Atlanta.

She was arrested, but she was made to pay a 1000 dollar fine and went on one-year probation. However, in the year 2007, she was again caught fighting and assaulting a hostess over a Halloween party in one of the nightclubs of Atlanta.

But this time was arrested for three years and was given several years of probation. She came out of jail after a year for her release program, but in 2011 she came completely out of jail after serving her jail term.

After coming out of jail, she released her single Is it the Chu? And it was a great hit. She decided to calm herself and changed her behavioral issues for her betterment. Until today, she can sustain her behavior in a good way, and till now, she is way better than before. And is happy in her love life too.

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Da Brat Net worth

Da Brat has skills in both singing and acting. She has released many singles plus albums, and all were a good hit. She made a lot of different tunes, and her tunes were used in certain rapper music, and she did not give it all for free.

Other than singing, acting also turned out to be great for her. She appeared in many TV shows and left a great impact on her skills too. Therefore by all her work, one can imagine and determine that Da Brat net worth would be sufficient. Da Brat net worth is about 5 million dollars, to be exact.




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