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DJ Envy Net Worth
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Biographies of certain famous and popular people around us give us a hint about how these people live and how they have managed to achieve all the fame in their lives. It is not an easy task, but with determination, everything is possible and can be true.  Today we are handing over the details of DJ envy; we will discuss all details about the life of DJ envy.

Dj envy is a famous American disc jockey who has been creatively introducing an amazing hosting platform for the youngsters as well. Dj envy real name might be known to many people, but his real name is Raashaun Casey. He is a great American DJ who is currently acting as the CEO or president of the famous entertainment club BLOK, which is indeed a superb management and entertainment organization producing and making tracks for the world’s famous music artist that involves DMX foxy brown, juvenile or fabulous. The list is huge, and we have mentioned the top-rated ones only. Dj envy has also worked over a radio show called the breakfast club in collaboration with two others, Angela yee and Charlemagne the God. The radio show is listened to by thousands of people every day.

Biography of DJ envy

Before we jump over to know DJ envy net worth, it is best to first know the biography of DJ envy. Like said, his original name is Raashaun Casey, and he was born in 1977 in Queens. He is a well-renowned record producer and disc jockey. His work is remarkable, and his fans call him DJ envy rather than raashaun. He was introduced in a mixtape through his fellow disc jockey named DJ clue. His famous breakout compilation was the desert storm mixtape. He is capable of making top-class music not just for himself but for renowned artists like DMX and Fabolous. He is working in conjunction with Angela Yee over a radio show, The breakfast club. There is also a movie called a cradle, and the song name crave had was produced and written by him. Not only this, he played a role in this music track too.

Raashaun Casey was born in the year 1977 on the 3rd of September in Queens, New York. Since childhood, he has wanted to pursue a career in the music industry. He worked day and night to create outstanding music which would be recognized by the world.

It also started through the help of his fellow friend Shaw also known to be DJ clue. He lived near DJ envy house and he was the one who introduced him to the circle of mixtapes. He allowed Dj envy to put his hands over the music and gave him the golden chance to gather or compile up the music and create music of his style. This turned out to be glorious for DJ envy and by the early 2000s he was able to work head to toe with jay Z and 50 cents. His worked was recognized pretty well. He also introduced his mixtape The desert storm and it was a major hit during the year 2003.

That’s not all; he has hosted numerous radio shows as well. He started with a hot radio channel 97 and was given the chance to compile music and create sounds once a month. Later he took the place when the leading radio jockey Angela got pregnant. Afterwards, he joined a morning show with Miss Jones. However, the show got snubbed in 2008 when Miss Jones decided to move to Philadelphia.  But DJ envy continued to work, and he did a great job with his work and career. He continued to thrive hard and did numerous music and TV shows like 106 and the park. He also started a podcast with his lover Gia, and in the podcast, they talked about issues and concerns related to one’s family and married life. The podcast was called the Casey crew. After gaining maturity and recognition, he was given a chance to start a morning show the breakfast with three others. It was a big hit, and thousands of people listened to it. The breakfast club is still listened to and loved by people.


Though we have little information regarding the early or primary years of DJ envy, we know for sure that he graduated from Hampton University and with a degree of bachelor in business administration. He liked business education, but side by side, he always wanted to bloom in the music field. He adored making music, and his way of talking was always loved by his friends, and they all encouraged him to pursue his career in music. He showed that he achieves whatever he wishes to do so and there is no doubt about that. Dj envy made his name.  

Family life

People ask a lot about the family life of celebrities. But most celebrities do not prefer telling us everything. We know that DJ envy never had any complex issues with his parents or his siblings. He lived all his life with his siblings. They all share a good bond with each other and continue to do so. His parents were also pretty close and liberal. His father wanted him to do a degree in business studies but also urged him to do something great with music as well. They all were supportive of DJ envy.


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Height and weight of DJ envy

Another important thing people wish to know is related to the appearance of the famous ones. Dj envy is a tall, handsome man. He has a height of about 5 ft. and 7 inches. His build is not too bulky, but his weight is around 70kgs which is perfect. He has dark brown round eyes with little black hair. He prefers keeping his clothing style low-key. He eats good food and prefers a healthy diet with lots of protein content. He works out in the gym when he has time.

Love relationship

Love is important for everyone, but staying together for a long time matters a lot, and this determines how faithful it is. Dj envy was in love with his high school lover Gia. Later they continued to stay in touch with one another, and finally, they tied the knot. And now they have five beautiful children. Out of five children, he has three beautiful-looking daughters and two sons. They live a happy life, and all the kids are studying hard, and both Gia and Dj envy are parenting them. In fact, both parents have a podcast where they tell people how to deal with relationship issues.

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In the morning show, the breakfast club DJ envy invited killer mike, and killer mike came to the show to promote his Netflix series trigger warning. The conversation went pretty smooth as they talked about the show and discussed its different variants. But then a conversation started on how black children must not be sent to white school until they are 13 years old. However, this statement was given by killer mike. Dj envy was not satisfied with the statement and urged everyone to stand with equality and said black children have the same rights as white kids. The conversation was heard by fans who were listening to the show. But things got smooth as they both decided to continue the show by not discussing it anymore.

House of DJ envy

Dj envy had been earning a great deal and has managed to do so till now. He has a good reputation and owns a beautiful mansion as well. His house is called as Kinnelon mansion situation in New Jersey. The house is beautiful. There is a giant living and dining room with a fabulous kitchen. The mansion also has a 2 story library. When you go to the second floor, you will see four large suites. There is also a beautiful master bedroom in there as well.

Car collection

The car collection of DJ envy is fabulous. He loves the car and has cars from all the good outstanding brands we hear or see these days. His kids, especially the two boys, are also fond of cars. The cars he owns are Mercedes Benz SL class, range rover supercharged, Rolls Royce Raith, and Ferrari 458. These cars are well maintained every week, and DJ envy takes a real good car of his collection too.

Fun facts about DJ envy

There are many fun things or exciting stuff related to DJ envy. It is reported that he is involved in a number of businesses that include car washes and a sneaker store. He also has a juice corner or bar in Brooklyn, and he gives the money to a soda company. Apart from this, he loves his family way too much. And if anyone dares to misbehave with his family, he does not stand back. Dj is also in very good terms with Tyrese as he believes that Tyrese has helped him a lot with marriage or other infidelity issues.

Dj philanthropy

Dj is a very accommodating person. He helps everyone who needs help and support. Dj envy is very obsessive about his family but also cares about the DJs who are new and struggling, due to covid things about bad for a number of people. Dj envy established I love my DJ to help all the DJs who are new to the music industry and are unable to find a job. He managed to store about 45,000 dollars, and it was reported that 500 dollars were to be given to each DJ.


Dj envy career is already been reported and told above. But he started as a DJ and jumped into numerous morning shows. The famous one was the breakfast club with two other members. He also started a podcast with his gia as well. He has released a number of mixtapes and worked in conjunction with jayz and 50 cents too. Later he started other businesses as well. The businesses he had invested in are car wash, and also he owns a juice bar in Brooklyn. He gives the money to a soda company. Apart from all these, DJ envy also owns a real house estate business. He wants to invest in after he retires from music and DJ work as well. But he will continue to work for the podcast he is been working with his wife, Gia Casey.

Net worth

With the above-stated careers and businesses he had been doing, it is reported that DJ envy net worth is around 6 million dollars if calculated in the year 2021.



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