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DMX net worth
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Before we know all the details about Praise Mary Simmons, it is important to know about DMX and his net worth. DMX was a famous rapper in New York City. His real name was Earl Simmons, but his fans loved him by the name DMX. He was a great rapper. He had played his role in many great movies during the year 1998. But unfortunately, he soon went bankrupt. He had faced many financial and illegal issues. He had intensely spent all of his money, due to which later he was not able to pay off his debts.

Dmx net worth was pretty negative when he died. It was – 1 million dollars. This is because he deeply emerged under a huge financial crisis. During his last years, he was incarnated a number of times. During the year 2013, he had assets only worth 50,000 dollars. And during the year 2018, he was reported and charged for 14 frauds of tax and had a debt of 2.3 million dollars on him. Due to tax fraud, he was directed to one year in jail. However, on April 9th 2021, he died because he overdosed on heroin and other toxic drugs. Such complications resulted in his bitter death.

Family life and controversy:

DMX quotes are pretty famous, but all these were heart-touching and related to his sad childhood. He left college early.  He was repeatedly abused by her mother and the friends or boyfriends she had been seeing. However, at the age of 14 years old, he started writing hip-hop music and great lyrics.

He married in the year 1999 to Tashera Simmons. Their married stayed for 11 years so far. But during these years, DMX was never honest with his wife. DMX and tashera had four children. DMS praise Mary Ella Simmons, Tacoma, Xavier and Shawn. It was reported that during these 11 years, he had so many extramarital affairs that it was counted that he had been a father to at least 15 other children. His ex-wife later reported that two things killed her relationship. The first was his affairs with so many girls, and the second was his excessive obsession with cocaine and heroin. These things also led him to much financial crisis. On April 9th, he had a heart attack, and he was found dead.

Praise Mary Ella Simmons:

Praise Mary Ella Simmons is one of the 15 children of DMX rapper. She is the only child who managed to be seen in the limelight. Tashera and Earl Simmons are her parents in real life. She was instinctive in the time April 2005. So if we calculate Praise, Mary Ella Simmons age is around 17 years old. She has quite a bit of resemblance with her father. Some resources claim that she was a little close to her father and was heavily affected by his death. She also wanted to be known to the world like her father DMX.

Who is Praise Mary Simmons?

We are all well-known with the famous rapper Dmx, who tragically died at 50 in 2021. Praise Mary is his only daughter. She belongs to a large family of siblings. She shares a close blood bond with her three brothers Xavier, Tacoma and Shawn. She is the only daughter among dmx 15 kids. She shared a great bond with both her parents. Her mother says she is a very smart, loving and energetic girl. She loves to help others around her.

She was born in the year 2005 On April 11th. She belongs to the zodiac sign Aries. She is fun-loving, and she lives with her mother, Tashera, in New York City. Her parents broke up in 2010 because dmx had many affairs and was never loyal to her wife.


Not a lot had been told about her education. But it is believed that she is currently finishing high school and has plans to enter college. She is smart plus competent. She wants to be a big star like her father, and one of her qualities is that she likes to help others. The names of her primary and secondary schools aren’t being mentioned yet. So we are not sure where and what she is studying now.

Praise Mary Parents` relationship:

As stated above, Praise Mary is the only and youngest daughter of both Earl Simmons and tashera Simmons. Both apart from Praise, Mary had given birth to three cute boys. They lived a happily married life, but after 11 years, in 2012, Tashera decided to file for divorced.

Earl and Tashera Simmons met a long time ago. Tashera was in high school at that time. She decided to drop of high school and became highly affectionate towards Early. He was at that time finding his way to become a famous American Rapper. They both fell in love and tied their knot in the year 1998. Their marriage was perfect. They both were happy, and tashera gave birth to four kids. But soon after the fourth child DMX became disloyal. He started spending more time out, and he became a drug addict as well. He was never there when his family needed him the most.

He spends all his fortune on cocaine and other drugs. He was not at all worried for his kids. He became involved with many ladies outside the house. DMA testing claimed that he is fathering to at least 15 other kids. But all the kids, including tasheras, were never given any money, love or support.

Though DMX loved his only daughter, Praise Mary Ella Simmons. He was always pretty close to his daughter. He showed her great affection. And that’s why Praise Mary was the one who was shocked and greatly affected when his father died due to a heart attack. He was on life support for a few days before he lost his battle and died.

What does praise Simmons do?

As stated above, she is the youngest and only daughter of dmx. She is hardly 16 years old. Right now, she is living with her mother in NY City. She is attending high school, and soon, she will pass it out and move towards college. Though we do not have details about her college plans, or we are not sure about the schools she has attended. She is not working as yet, but we wish her very good luck and give her best wishes. Whatever she pursues, hopefully, she stays happy.

Body features:

DMX himself had a nice lean body. He was neither too fat nor too slim. He had an average size body and features. He was also a little bald. Whereas his daughter Praise Mary is a cute girl. She is active and pretty smart. Her weight is under 50kgs. She has dark brown eyes with black hair and a black complexion. Her height is 5 ft and 3 inches. She also has an X-shaped tattoo inside a dog, and she is very much in love with her tattoo. She has bold round eyes, and she looks a lot like DMx.

Praise Mary net worth:

Praise Mary is 16 years old, and she is not working as such. She follows social media platforms like Instagram, but her fan following is normal. She is attending high school. Therefore she has nil net worth. Her father, however, had a negative net worth at the time of his death. He was loaded with debts and financial crisis. He has spent all his money on his obsession with drugs and alcohol. Praise mother had reportedly had a net worth of only 500k dollars. We are not sure about the exact rate, but this is the estimated one.

Praise Mary Simmons Instagram:

Everyone is using social media platforms these days. So are dmx kids. But if we search it down, we cannot spot her Instagram account or other social media accounts. Her account on Instagram is not public to all audiences. She is a very private person and does not show off her stuff to all the people on Instagram. None of the dmx kids are ever spotted on Instagram or other media accounts. Dmx wife tashera is on Instagram and have a net worth of 500k dollars only. While her father had a negative net worth.

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Praise Mary Simmons Controversy:

Praise Mary father was a drug addict. He was obsessed with cocaine and other drugs that are illegal and banned in many states of America. She was many a time bullied by her friend because of her father DMX. She was often called as DMX drug addict daughter. This touched her heart, and she was sad a lot. But after his death, she decided to shut off her public accounts and made it private as well. Her other siblings also stayed away from all the controversies that were mean and related to their father.

Fun facts:

Praise is a beautiful young girl with great capabilities. She is 16 years old. She loves to help and is actively participating in social activities as well. She is into games and loves to play football with her three brothers. Praise is currently busy with her studies. She is soon going to enter college and has plans to enter university. Her Zodiac sign is Aries. She loves dogs and even has a tattoo of it on her shoulders. She has plans to carry on her father’s rapping style and career. She wants to write lyrics and succeed in her career.




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