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Envato is a go-to place if you want to get all the creative assets on one platform. It lets you access all the video, audio, presentation templates, and you can also select the latest WordPress themes and apply them to the website to make it look stand out. Apart from the video graphics and themes, you also have the luxury to purchase the software codes. Whether you want simple HTML code, WordPress plugins, PHP or Javascript, all are available, and you can browse through the listing to choose the one that suits your needs.

It’s also a platform where you can hire freelancers and use their services to get creative designs for your website. Undoubtedly, it’s a leading marketplace where you can explore innovative tools to expedite the project and meet the deadlines. Creating a social post becomes easier when you find the relevant creative reflecting the actual and intended concept. More than 2 million customers use the platform every year to get the desired images, videos and templates for their online business.

Envato encapsulates a whole community of creative artists and designers, and the collective income also exceeds $1 Billion. People who work for the organization are called Envato authors, and the global community connects the worldwide customers with them. Envato has more than 600 employees scattered across the globe that are highly creative and produce excellence in work.

The main objectives of the corporation are to facilitate the customers in completing their projects and provide them access to the library of all creative assets required to instill life in a project. In this way, it offers support to businesses and helps them ramp up their profits through uniquely designed graphics and templates.

Empowerment of Freelancers

The company’s driving idea is to empower individuals to earn by doing their passionate job. Envato Marketplace consists of many skillful designers, web developers and artists who offer their services. Some major networks that are part of the Envato network are ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, CodeCanyon, etc.

Role in Community Building 


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 The company’s main focus is on building a community of professionals, and it’s taking measures to facilitate them in every aspect. Setting clear goals and a result-oriented approach allow it to provide more diverse and inclusive creatives. The main factor behind the rapid expansion of the enterprise is fostering a conducive work environment that allows the employees to utilize their aesthetic sense and create an enthralling and appealing design for the clients.

How Envato Started

Envato was started in Collis’ Bondi garage in 2006 by husband and wife pair Cyan and Collis Ta’eed and a long-time family friend, Jun Rung. Collis’ brother, Vahid Ta’eed, joined the firm as an executive director in 2008. Soon after, the newly established firm released two more products: PSD Tuts, which provided Photoshop guidelines/instructions, and Freelance Switch. Collis and Cyan decided to take a break after this lengthy spell and embarked on a world tour for 19 months. Collis assigned the responsibilities for running the corporation to Vahid at that time.

The firm launched two additional marketplaces in 2008. AudioJungle provides royalty-free stock audio tracks and sound effects, and ThemeForest offers themes for WordPress and other applications. GraphicRiver was launched in 2009 with the core purpose of selling design templates that people can use on their websites. VideoHive was also launched in the same year, and it includes a library of stock videos and motion graphics. Collis and Cyan returned to Australia in July of that year and relocated to Melbourne.

That year, the firm moved into its first of several offices, a 330-square-meter office with space for roughly thirty people. Other marketplaces, such as CodeCanyon and PhotoDune, were afterwards established. Microlancer was made available to the general public in 2013 with the sole purpose of aiding the freelancing community and giving them a platform to seek a job. In addition, the firm relocated to a new location at 121 King Street in Melbourne, which could accommodate 200 people. In 2014, the enterprise was awarded Australia’s Coolest Tech Company award.

Launch of Envato Elements

Due to the rise in the number of online buyers and the expansion of the community, Envato launched its subscription service called the Envato Elements in 2016. Its primary goal is to provide artists, designers, and general public with access to a large and growing collection of digital materials. Its users now access over 1,200 eBooks and video courses from EnvatoTuts+. Customers now explore over 1 million digital assets and instructional resources from EnvatoTuts+. Envato has undergone expansion and offers a useful website builder tool, online guides and courses, a marketplace for the freelance community, and other similar services. The customers regard it as the ultimate platform for all the subscription-based creative assets.

Pricing of Envato Elements

Subscriptions are invoiced monthly or yearly. Both membership rates include unlimited digital downloads. Thanks to a recent pricing change, customers who utilize these subscription plans may now access Envato Elements’ 900+ WordPress plugins and themes. Following are the pricing plans mentioned on their website:

  • Individual: It starts from $16.50 per month and includes millions of creative assets and around 50 million stock images. The package also includes tutorials that let you learn how to craft the best design or theme for any website.
  • Team: The cost of this package is $14.50 per month if there are two team members. In this plan, you’ll get all features of the individual plan, and you’ll also be able to save up to 35%, and you have the luxury to expand the team members whenever you want.
  • Enterprise: It’s suitable for larger organizations with more than six team members. In this pricing plan, you have unlimited access to digital assets. It incorporates all features of the Team package, and you also receive Custom Licensing, account management and tailored indemnification. By clicking on the Learn More button under this plan, you can fill out a form about your business requirements and the customer support team will reach out and give appropriate information.

Sections on Envato Elements

On the Envato Elements website, there are some sections that you can explore. The options available in the top navigation are Stock Video, Video Templates, Music, Graphics Templates, Sound Effects, Photos, Web Templates, and others. These sections displayed on the top of the website have their dropdowns where all the sub-categories can be seen. You can also click on the More Categories button to find out about the rest of the creative categories.

Upon clicking these sections, the website will redirect the user to a specific page containing the collection of the creative asset. You’ll have to subscribe for downloading any image, soundbite, video, or theme. It will give you the access that you require.

Licensing of Creative Assets

Using digital assets in any project can be tricky if they are not appropriately licensed. The Envato Elements licensing functionality enables the users to acquire a fundamental commercial license and get all the digital asset rights. The licensed assets create ease for the individuals to use them in their personal or business projects without fear of getting copyright claims.

You can also study the guidelines for getting the license for using the asset. A user can’t redistribute or resell the asset to another user, and you also can’t use them for merchandising purposes. You can use the licensed assets as long as you’re registered. As soon as the membership ends, Envato doesn’t permit the use of licensed assets anymore. A valid subscription is also essential for getting the license. As far as the music items are concerned, you can’t use them for broadcast purposes.

Envato Elements Login

Signing in to your Envato account is easy if you have a Google account. Envato has a network of different websites, and for the user’s convenience, you can use a single Envato account to log into all the websites. A single username and password can give you access to all the websites.

There’s a centralized link to manage all the Envato accounts (http://account.envato.com). Here, you can easily update the account credentials. If you want to change specific billing settings for Envato Elements, you’ll have to visit their website directly.

Features of Envato Market 

Everything has altered because of the rise of creative markets. Whether we’re talking about how people consume material or when and how they want it to be available, audiences have different expectations. Envato  is a network of specialist marketplaces where authors directly sell their work to clients. Authors submit their work, users purchase and license it, and authors profit. You can become a part of the marketplace by signing up on the website.

Small to big businesses seeking to acquire particular things when they need them is the best fit for Envato Market. Depending on the content category, authors invited to sell on Envato Elements may have their items made available on both sites. It’s the standard platform to access all sorts of digital creatives. It’s a marketplace brimming with web programmers, graphic designers, video artists, mobile app developers, and more creative artists.

People associated with this marketplace can be freelancers, agencies, big corporations or even the individuals looking to find the images, videos or templates for their projects. Top-notch creative is available in the market, and you can incorporate them after subscribing. All website templates are available according to the latest market trends so you can stand out from the rest of the competitors.

You’ll find specific Envato marketplaces on the market such as PhotoDune, VideoHive, ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, CodeCanyon, 3DOcean, and AudioJungle.

Envato Themeforest

Themeforest is part of the whole network of Envato websites. You could purchase and sell HTML templates and themes for major CMS solutions like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal on ThemeForest. The price of an item is determined by the file’s complexities, actual quality, and intended purpose; the overall price also includes a Buyer Fee. The site is the largest marketplace of its type, with a thriving community of web designers and developers.

It’s a community as well as a place to locate fantastic themes. You can contact authors, ask questions on the forums, and post comments. Contact other users and go through their portfolios. The Envato Market Blog is a great place to go for industry news, how-tos, and site updates. Every item for sale on ThemeForest is thoroughly tested to guarantee that it is in good functioning condition and simple to use. ThemeForest’s forum is also a great location to get support with stuff you’re using or editing.

Envato Music

Perfect music and soundtrack can add value to your video and make it memorable. After subscribing, you can have access to more than 50,000 royalty-free soundtracks. It means that you can pay an amount to acquire the license for the soundtrack and use it as long as you need. You can start using it in your videos after paying the charges for specific background music or ringtone, and there won’t be any copyright claims.

You can sign up and subscribe on Envato Elements and get access to the unlimited collection of music listings updated regularly, and you can add them to the projects. All the music tracks have been composed by expert musicians, and by selecting the genre, you can download the specific music track.

AudioJungle is also a great platform to find royalty-free music composed by the top musicians from the community. Here, you can find thousands of music tracks and apply the relevant filters to get specific results. Searching for the right background music is no longer a hassle as content creators take the initiative to post the audio files after expertly composing them. This enables those seeking the music for their videos to try out different soundtracks and tones and select the one that fits well with the video.

Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a community of web developers and designers. All of the professionals working for the firm are experts in digital art and web development. You can acquire the services of hand-picked designers, developers, and digital experts that can help you with your project. This platform makes it simpler and a lot easier to connect and collaborate with the experts. You can also acquire services for different fields like online marketing, audio, video animation, graphics, WordPress and app development.

The buyers and the freelancers can also benefit from this opportunity to harness their skills and earn a decent living. You can select a talented professional after doing a thorough search. Compare the profiles and prices offered by the freelancers, and after the selection, you need to provide a brief overview of the project, which will be reviewed by the Talent you’ve selected. In addition, a built-in messaging system allows you to communicate with the person and give feedback on the work.

You can ask for unlimited revisions, and the person you choose will complete the task at the agreed time. In the case of any confusion, you can visit the Envato Studio Help Center on their website to get the solution for any encountered problem. Some popular articles are also in place, and you can read them to get a fair idea of how the system works.

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Envato Placeit

Placeit is an excellent tool for designing logos, graphics and mockups, and it joined hands with Envato in 2018. The primary mission behind this collaboration was to speed up the process of project management and to help the individuals solve their creative projects faster and efficiently. Its logo maker is a perfect option if you start a business. Whichever venture you start, various logos are available, all made with creativity.

It has a lot to offer for the e-commerce business as you can get the flyers, t-shirt designs and business card designs. If your brand wants to create awareness regarding a new product, mockups are a good choice, and you can have your logo adjusted on the merchandise like cups, t-shirts or any other stuff. Presentation of a design or logo has been made a lot easier by Placeit. Options of Gaming videos and animated logos are also available on Placeit. You can get a single logo for $39.95, and for the unlimited subscription, the monthly package costs $14.95, and you’ll have to pay $89.69 for the annual package.

How an Envato Author Can Avail Benefits

An Envato Author is a person who sells creative assets on the marketplace and earns revenue from their sale. Due to the substantial rise in the customers who use Envato, more opportunities are available for the content creators. According to the company itself, more than 81,000 artists from almost every possible country have earned money on the platform and used it to exhibit their skills.

The authors can build a portfolio on Envato and do personal branding. It also assists the buyers to select the perfect Talent to perform their work, and you can also appear more prominent. By joining the Envato community, you can access perks and promotional opportunities. An especially designed Author Hub also provides more convenience to see the latest industry trends and assess the marketplace situation to craft the creative assets effectively.



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