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Fredo Bang Net Worth
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Who is Fredo Bang?

A Super Star singer and rap vocalist from the USA, Fredrick Dewon Thomas Givens 2, known by his Professional name Fredo Bang, is known for his tremendous songs “Oouuh” from Album 2 Face Bang and “Top” from Album In The Name Of Gee (featuring Lil Durk). Most Despicable, his first appearance studio album, was released by Def Jam Recordings Company and Se Lavi Productions Company in April 2020.

A Quick Overview of Fredo Bang

Early Life, He was reared by his mom, a lecturer, and stepfather, a janitorial business owner, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When he was one year old, his parents got divorced, and his mother remarried soon. Bang finished high school however did not pursue further education. He began creating music in 2015 and has since acquired popularity and acclaim for it. He got involved in a violent lifestyle at this time and was convicted of attempted second-degree murder, serving two years and six months in jail.

He focused on developing his music abilities while in prison and began his rapping career following his release. Bang has established himself as a prominent composer and rapper in today’s music landscape. He has amassed a sizable fan base across various social media platforms, which continues to expand with time. Rapping, according to the skilled rapper, is a route to joy and satisfaction.


Fredo Bang met upcoming musician Gee Money in primary school, and the two began collaborating as teens. “IPhone 6,” “Rainy Days,” and “I Love Pu$$y” were their first duets. The song “Sweet Lady” was soon released, and afterwards, a song named “Who Gone Ride for You” came. Bang finished this year with B-production Real’s “Nothing Wrong.” After his imprisonment in June 2016, he released his first viral sensation, “Thuggin.”

Bang released his first album mixtape, “2 Face bang,” in October 2018. “Oouuh,” “Bangville,” “Status,” “Father,” and “Shootas on the Roof” were among the 14 tracks on the cassette. “Father” was a song devoted to two of his close pals, Gee Money, a fellow collaborator, and Krazy Trey, a longtime dearest friend who both died young. On YouTube, this music video has received over 16 million views. In addition, the official video for “Oouuh” has received over 18 million views on social media.

“Die Na,” “Slide,” “Envy,” “My Lil Juvie,” and “My Ex’s” are among Bang’s other 2018 offerings. Bang’s album included the song “Big Ape” that got published in 2019, and it included the singles including “Story to tell” and “Gangsta Talk,” the latter of which introduced Nle Choppa, the famous American rapper.

These songs are incredibly hilarious and amusing, with millions plus views on YouTube!”Free Melvin” and “Pray to GOD” are two other tracks from the album “Big Ape.” From his album “We All Shine,” the brilliant rapper also released a song called “Ingredients.” “Mansion Party” and “Fredo 2X” are his other 2019 releases.

More about His Professional Life

Fredo Bang got captured by the police and went to jail in January 2016 for his involvement in a November 2015 murder in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. Following that, he got accused of second-degree attempted homicide. He also faced charges of severe destruction of property and unlawful weapon usage. Fredo expected a maximum term of 40 years in jail, but after spending two and a half years, he was set free in May 2018.

Gee Money, a long-time friend of his, passed away while he was suffering in jail. He was permitted to view his body but not to attend his burial. For him, this was the most challenging phase of his life. As a result, he focused on his rapping, which prompted him to compose several songs. Rapping became a source of happiness and comfort for him. Bang then made up a new tale to go with his song. Gee Money’s song became a smash after his demise. Two-Face Bang, Father, and Oouuh, his presentation, was observed in October 2018.

They have a self-examination, spiritual, and emotional mind to them. It was much more remarkable because of the beat timings. On Youtube, his song Father has gotten 11 million views. Likewise, his time behind bars influenced most of his output for the rest of the decade, especially his solo album release, 2 Face Bang. Bang was fortunate to break through into the public with his album Most Hated, which he signed with Def Jam in 2020.

From when he was a youngster, Frederick has had a strong passion for music. He then developed an interest in the saxophone and the Bassoon, and he played for both concerts and parade bands. He additionally played music and instruments in bands while he was in his mid-schooling and high school.

On either side, Fredo Bang just enrolled to get closer to a girl he admired. Fredo was likewise successful in gaining Def Jam’s attention. Moreover, soon after joining the company, Fredrick Bang launched 2020’s Most Hated, the rap star’s first appearance on the Billboard 200. After some time, this man again appeared to the plans with the new Name of Gee, his fourth album, which included Gates, Mulatto, and Seven7Hardaway.


Fredo Bang considers himself spiritual but not religious, despite his belief in God.

Relationship Status

Fredo Bang has remained private; there is no news on how they met or began talking in 2021. She has a new girlfriend, @ceefineass.Fredo Bang Girlfriend is a 114k-follower Instagram model. Her Instagram account has a total of 118 followers. CeeFineAss also runs a 13.6k-subscriber YouTube channel. She is not a classical singer, but she enjoys singing a lot. With 284k views, her most popular song is Payback 2.0. In the year 2021, Fredo Bang and his girlfriend had some beautiful moments. This is unquestionably more adorable than a June bug.

Bang may have preferred to maintain his private and love life hidden from the public eye. Even when it comes to his previous partnerships, no information has surfaced until now, although he may have been in at least one prior relationship. Similarly, Fredo does not have any children but takes for Gee Money’s children, who died in late 2017 because of a homicide.

Body Measurements

Fredo Bang stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 70 kg. When it comes to Bang’s other physical measurements, His chest, waist, and hip measurements are 42-32-34 inches in length, width, and height, respectively. Frederick also has tattoos on his body, mostly on his arms, and has black hair and dark brown eyes.Social MediaFredo Bang has a high level of engagement on all of his social media accounts. Bang has 1.9 million followers on Instagram and followed by 180.2k people on Twitter across the whole world.  He has also amassed 434K Facebook followers and 928K YouTube subscribers.

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Fredo Bang Net Worth

Following the data given by 2021 stats, his net worth is 8 million dollars. His rhythmic rhyming style and one-of-a-kind beat production style propelled him to the top of Spotify and other streaming platforms.How did Fredo Bang become well-known? Thuggie, his first viral success since his imprisonment, was released in June 2016. Bang made his debut entry on the Billboard 200 with his album Most Hated, continuing viral successes. Following its publication, it received over 3 million views in a single day, opening up a plethora of options for him.

How much does a show with Fredo Bang costs?

Companies must pay top money for Fredo bang, which does not cost an arm and a leg. As a show rate, he does not charge less than six digits. According to our sources, he will be paid between $100,000 and $150,000.Fredo Bang’s BestPain made me numb; most despised (his first appearance on the Billboard 200), In the name of Gee returns to the list, and Big Ape are just a few of his albums.

Who is Fredo Bang’s manager?

Def Jam Recordings is now home to Fredo Bang. Fredo inked a formal contract with Def Jam Recordings in 2019, following the enormous success of Big Ape on the market.What is the price of Fredo Bang’s show/concert tickets? Ticket prices for the Fredo Bang live event range from $60 to $1,000, with VIP packages and Prime seats costing between $100 and $1,000.FredoBang ShopFredo Bang has now created Fredo Bang Shop, his website. He sells high-quality T-shirts and hoodies, as well as a category of his well-known digital albums, which are delivered through email after purchase.Facts about Fredo Bang

  • Kevin Gates later remixed his track Oouuh, which was a highlight.
  • He was a murder victim.
  • Thuggie, his first viral success, was created by Q Red on the tune.
  • He was detained after allegedly breaking another man’s nose.
  • He was born in the United States and is of African descent.
  • He was also charged with unlawful firearm usage after his second arrest.
  • Bang had to say goodbye to two of his best pals. We’re discussing Gee money and Krazy Tery.
Full name: Fredrick T. Givens II
nickname: Fredo bang
Date of birth:  March 29, 1996
Place of birth: Baton Lounge USA
Net Worth: $8 million
Education High School
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Occupation Rapper, Songwriter & Musical artist
Religion Christianity
Age: 25 years old
Height: 5 ft 9 inches (1.76cm)
Years active:  2018-Present
Instruments: Vocals
Best Friends: Gee, Money and Krazy Trey.
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: American
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