How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance ?

how many jobs are available in finance
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How many jobs are available in finance: The number of jobs involving money is growing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, business and finance-related occupations are expected to grow by 5% between 2019 and 2029, outpacing all other fields. 1 So, what is driving this expansion?

Why Are Finance Jobs Growing Faster Than Others?

Employment opportunities for those with financial expertise will never be more stable than in the United States. Financial jobs and retirement planning with millennials and baby boomers are increasing as the stock market fluctuates and monthly job rates vary. Because of the increased emphasis on wealth management, risk management, and real estate acquisition, many wealth management jobs have become available.

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Regulations changed dramatically following the 2008 recession. Banks and lenders began working around the clock to ensure compliance. A heavily regulated market requires people who can work with numbers and understand the new and constantly changing rules. Our current economic situation is also significantly impacting the demand for financial workers and the amount of work they do.

Start Your Career with a Finance Degree

how many jobs are available in finance

It is critical to becoming qualified for the many job opportunities available in finance to take advantage of them. Earning a degree in finance or a related field is one example. Here are a few options for those interested in pursuing a career in finance or other related fields:

Finance Bachelor of Science

A Bachelor of Science in Finance provides students with the fundamental knowledge required to pursue a successful finance career. Finance, accounting, economics, investing, and portfolio management are among the topics covered by students. A bachelor’s degree in finance can also assist students in obtaining work experience, internships, or other on-the-job training.

Finance and Economics Bachelor of Science

A bachelor’s degree in finance and economics is more specialized than a bachelor’s degree in finance. This degree focuses on the relationship between finance and economics and how to apply these subjects to a career in business.

Accounting Bachelor of Science

A Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree, while not directly related to finance, is a solid option for those interested in this business area. Graduates of this program may find work as accountants, credit analysts, or revenue agents. Suppose you are considering a career in finance. In that case, you should compare the differences between a finance degree and an accounting degree to ensure you choose the best degree for you and your career goals.

Finance Master of Business Administration

A graduate degree is an excellent option for those who want to advance beyond a bachelor’s degree and pursue leadership roles in the financial field. Optional master’s and doctoral degrees are included. You can specialize in your Master of Business Administration in Finance degree. This degree program broadens students’ understanding of business and the corporate world, preparing them for higher-level positions and leadership roles.

Jobs in Finance

how many jobs are available in finance
how many jobs are available in finance

“What can I do with a finance degree?” is a valid question. Fortunately, with many jobs available in various industries, recent finance graduates have many options to consider. It is critical to research the various financial jobs and resources available to graduates to choose a job they are qualified for and enjoy.


Here are a few to remember:


Related Professions Average Salary 10-Year Projected Growth
Financial Controller $225,258 17%
Accountant $73,560 7%
Financial Auditor $73,560 7%
Financial Manager $134,180 17%
Management Consultant $89,646 14%
Financial Analyst $83,660 6%
Senior Tax Accountant $88,201 10%
Credit Analyst $74,970 6%
Budget Analyst $78,970 5%
Treasury Analyst $71,000 5%
Banking $54,929 3%
Chief Financial Officer $415,427 4%
Personal Financial Advisor $89,330 5%


Job Opportunities with a Finance Degree

There are numerous other significant finance job opportunities to consider. For example, you could pursue a career as a:

  • A certified financial planner creates a plan that gives businesses or individuals the power and ability to meet financial goals and maintain financial control.
  • Brokers act as a go-between for two parties in certain financial transactions.
  • Insurance underwriters must understand the risks associated with insurance liabilities to make sound business decisions.
  • Banker: A banker works for an organization, such as a bank or credit union, and is in charge of assisting clients with various tasks related to the financial services provided by the establishment.


Are there any exciting jobs in the financial sector?

Whether you want to work on Wall Street or somewhere else entirely, the finance industry has plenty of options for you. Financial analysts, actuaries, securities traders, portfolio managers, and quantitative analysts are just some of the jobs in the field (quant).

Do you think a career in finance would be a good choice?

What’s most important is that you decide for yourself what’s most important. A career in this area may appeal to you if you have a knack for and a genuine interest in things like money, math, and statistics. Working in finance has many advantages, such as a good salary and a wide variety of positions to accommodate different preferences and skill levels. Furthermore, this is a field that has promising future prospects.

Final Thoughts

How many jobs are available in finance: Suppose you’re thinking about a career in financial consumer services. In that case, you should think about how well this industry will support your overall professional development.

Various occupations require a diverse set of skills and talents. This implies that you cannot consider a single work in isolation. Think about it in terms of your own long-term professional goals and ambitions.


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