How to Convert YouTube to Mp3?

YouTube to Mp3
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Youtube has been a significant entertainment source ever since its origin. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that many people use YouTube to listen to songs and podcasts as well. While songs come with music videos on YouTube, most people are often interested in just the audio. That is where the need to convert YouTube to mp3 files arises, and unsurprisingly YouTube doesn’t offer a direct way to download the videos as mp3 audio.

YouTube wants to keep users in its ecosystem, so even if you’re going to download a video through the YouTube app, it still downloads and saves in the YouTube app’s Downloads section. Luckily there are plenty of ways you can take a YouTube video and turn it into an mp3 file. Be it your favorite song, a podcast, or just soothing audio that you really like to listen to.

You can convert it to mp3 using a good mp3 downloader or a converter and keep it as an audio-only file. Not only will the mp3 file be accessible outside of the YouTube platform just like any regular mp3 file, but you can save a lot of space by keeping the YouTube videos as mp3 files. So if you are interested in converting a YouTube video to mp3, we suggest you keep reading.

Why do People want to Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3?

Let’s face it YouTube’s video and audio quality are outstanding. So the best way to source high-quality audio songs is by converting the YouTube video directly to mp3 format. There are plenty of reasons people look for a YouTube downloader that can give them a crisp, clear mp3 file of the video they like. So without further ado, here is why people use YouTube to mp3 converters:

Space Savings:

Space is a significant concern when downloading high-quality videos on your phone or computer. If you want to keep an album of your favorite singer as video files on your device, it can get quite big. Not to mention music listeners are primarily focused on listening to the music itself when they are driving, doing chores, or working out.

So by simply converting the videos from YouTube to mp3 format, they can get the music they want while saving a significant amount of storage space. Converting all your favorite songs to mp3 and keeping them on your handheld device means you have your music with you when you need to listen to it. Without wasting massive storage on large video files.

No load times:

How many times have you wanted to listen to a song, but the idea of opening up the YouTube app, looking up the name of the song, and then waiting for it to load put you off? Most people want quick and direct access to their music, and mp3 files are direct as music gets. You don’t need to open a heavy app and search to load up your favorite songs.

Just open the default mp3 player on your device and select the song you want to listen to. That is it no loading times, no slow internet connections; you get unlimited offline music at your fingertips free of cost. Not to mention skipping portions of the song, fast forward, and rewinds will never ruin a song again if it is converted to mp3.

A single tap or click on the seek bar, and you skip directly to that part of the song without any buffering. So if you are annoyed by long loading times when you want to listen to music quickly, then converting it to mp3 is the way to go.

Take your music with you:

Portability is the key these days, and mp3 files are as portable as it gets. Once a YouTube video has been converted to an mp3 file, you can transfer it to your phone, flash drive, laptop, or any other device you own. No matter what device you use, you can take the same mp3 file, transfer it to every device and keep it for as long as you want.

The portability offered by mp3 music is the main reason it is still being used in the age of Spotify and other audio streaming platforms. While these streaming platforms need to be installed and connected to the internet, an mp3 file can play directly and be copied to other devices.

Get a YouTube-exclusive song off-platform:

Many musicians upload their music on Youtube exclusively in the day and age of underground music. So if you listen to a song you like on YouTube, but it isn’t available on any other audio streaming platform, then converting the YouTube video to mp3 is your best bet for getting that exclusive song.

It doesn’t even have to be a music video you are trying to convert. You may have found a YouTube channel with a wealth of knowledge that you can use for professional, academic or personal needs. So an excellent way to get the focused audio out of that special video would be to convert it to mp3.

High-quality Audio:

For everyone who admires high-quality audio, it is hard to beat the audio quality of a YouTube video. That is why YouTube converter is the perfect way to get the highest quality mp3 file extracted from a high-quality source video.

Not to mention YouTube to mp3 converters give you plenty of audio quality options, so you can’t go wrong with choosing the best quality audio. Even the highest quality audio mp3 file will still be a few megabytes in size. However, a high-quality video takes ages t download and takes up too much space. So when you want to listen to high-quality audio, convert a YouTube video to mp3 and enjoy your music.

These are just some reasons people may want to convert YouTube videos to mp3. Some video editors may even want to use audio they found in a YouTube video. The only way to extract just the audio from a YouTube video is by converting the video directly to mp3. It is convenient and easy, and doing it takes little to no time, as we will explain in the next section.

How to convert YouTube videos to mp3?

The best part about converting YouTube videos to mp3 is that all the tools we will tell you about in this article are free. So you don’t have to spend a dime converting YouTube videos to audio. Even better, some methods we are about to explain don’t require you to download software on your phone or computer to convert YouTube to mp3. At the same time, other methods may need you to download lightweight software that is easy to use. At the end of the day, the choice of the process is entirely up to you. With that said, here are different ways you can convert YouTube videos to mp3:

MyConverters online YouTube to mp3 converter:

MyConverters is a free online YouTube to mp3 converter that you can access using your phone or desktop browser. Just click here to open the tool, and it should load up in a few minutes. Once the MyConverters tool loads up, follow these simple steps to convert a YouTube video to mp3:

Step 1. Load up the YouTube video you want to convert to mp3 and copy the video link. Next, paste the link in the available box on the mp3 converter page and click convert.

Step 2. Select the audio button next to download the mp3 file for the YouTube video and then click download.

Step 3. Once the tool is done converting the YouTube video, download the mp3 file, and you have successfully converted a YouTube video to mp3 using MyConverters.

YTmp3 online YouTube to mp3 converter:

Another addition to the list of free online YouTube to mp3 conversion tools is Ytmp3. This tool has been around for a while, and it can handle most YouTube to mp3 conversions reasonably well. The process of transformation is similar to the MyConverters tool. Here are the steps used for converting YouTube to mp3 using this tool:

Step 1. Once you have loaded up the YTmp3 tool on your browser, look up the YouTube video you want to download.

Step 2. Please copy the link to the YT video and paste it into the box. Next, click on the convert button available next to the link box. The conversion process should start.

Note: Make sure you have mp3 selected and not mp4 because that will cause the YouTube video to be converted to an mp4 format.

Step 3. Once the video is done converting, you will see a download button. Click the download button and choose where you want the mp3 file to be saved. This tool also allows you to save the mp3 file to a dropbox if you wish to after it has been converted.

320YTmp3 online YouTube to mp3 converter:

Similar to the first tool, the 320YTmp3 is a free online converter designed for YouTube to mp3 conversion. This tool allows you to convert the YouTube video into a list of other audio formats as well apart from the mp3. You can use this tool similar to the previous one with some minor differences. Here are the steps for converting a YouTube video to mp3 using 320YTmp3:

Step 1. Load the YouTube video on your mobile or desktop browser that you need to convert. Now copy the video link, paste it in the box available on the 320YTmp3 page, and hit the search button.

Step 2. Now choose mp3 from the format options that appear along with the YouTube video and select the quality of the mp3 you prefer. Now click on convert and wait for the tool to convert the video into mp3.

Step 3. Similar to the previous tool, once the file is converted to mp3, you will get a download option that you can click to download the mp3 file. 

MP3FY online Youtube to mp3 converter:

MP3FY is another website/online tool that lets you easily convert Youtube videos to compact mp3 files in no time. This tool has similar functionality to other devices mentioned above. You can use this tool on both your phone and desktop with the help of these simple steps:

Step 1: Have the MP3FY website open in your browser and load up the Youtube video you are interested in converting. Please copy the link of the YT video and paste it in the box and click convert.

Step 2: Confirm the video you are trying to download, and then click on the Download mp3 button.

Step 3: Wait for the file to download, and once it is done, you can open it to verify if the conversion was successful or not.

Converting a Youtube video using Wondershare Uniconverter:

This method is for more tech-savvy people who may need to convert many Youtube videos to mp3 and other formats on a regular basis. You see, the online tools we mentioned above are suitable for one or two conversions; however, when it comes to regular usage, they may become difficult to use.

That is where Wondershare Uniconverter comes in. This tool converts Youtube videos to mp3 efficiently and quickly, along with offering a host of other conversion options. Before you can start converting YT videos to mp3 using this tool, you will need to download and set it up. You can download this tool by clicking this link. Also, note that this method is going to work on a desktop only.

Depending on your internet speed, it may take time to download the software. Once the set-up for Uniconverter is downloaded, double-click on it to load it up. Next, follow the installation procedure and wait for the software to set up for your desktop usage. When you have finished installing the software, the set-up will exit, and you should be able to see the icon for Uniconverter on your desktop. Now all you have to do is follow these steps to convert your first Youtube video to mp3 using this software:

Step 1. Double-click the icon for Wondershare Uniconverter on your desktop to launch the software.

Step 2. Now go to Youtube and load up the Youtube video you want to convert to mp3 and copy the link to the video.

Step 3. Click on the Paste URL button available on the software’s home screen, and under the Download Audio option, select mp3.

Step 4. Now click on the download button, and the conversion process starts immediately. Wait for the download to finish, and your video has been converted to mp3.

Step 5. If you want to access the newly converted mp3 file, simply go to the finished section. Right-click the audio you have just converted and select Open File Location from the menu.

Step 6. The folder containing the file you just converted will appear, and you can double-click the file in the dedicated folder to see if the conversion was completed correctly.

Keep in mind that this software has a free version for anyone who simply wants to get a few conversions done. However, if you’re going to keep using this tool, you have to pay for it, which is the only downside of this fantastic tool.

So, there you have it; while most online conversion tools are similar in functionality, they offer something unique. Be it the ability to choose the quality of the mp3 audio, the ability to convert to other audio formats, or download the mp4 file. While the tools listed in this article for converting Youtube videos to mp3 are entirely functional, you might face issues with loading times. Therefore, you can always try different methods listed in this article to ensure you can get the job done even if one tool is temporarily unavailable.

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To sum things up, let us just say converting Youtube videos to mp3 is not as difficult as it is thought to be. The free online tools and software we have provided in this article make the process of conversion simple. With that said, you should always use an up-to-date antivirus and browser extensions that detect malware. Because the tools listed in this article are third-party owned and Youtube does not officially authorize them. So, in order to make sure you don’t unintentionally download malware on your device, it is best to set up antivirus software before you try these tools.


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