How to make a trailer video for YouTube
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How to make a trailer video for YouTube

Apr 13, 2022

Undoubtedly, video is very popular these days, and YouTube is the most popular medium for people to watch videos. 85% of the online users in the US access online videos through YouTube at least once during the week. This popularity of YouTube videos is good for people who warn by posting videos on the platform, but it also leads to a lot of competition.

2021 recorded 1.86 billion YouTube users approximately, and this number is growing every day. With such a splurge in audiences, it has become crucial for users on the platform to ensure their videos get the attention they deserve by creating the perfect YouTube channel. And what better way of doing this than making a wonderful YouTube channel trailer?

Do not mistake assuming that people do not go through your channel trailer. They do check it to get an idea of the type of content you deal in and whether it will be beneficial for them or not.

So, how to make a YouTube channel trailer to introduce viewers to your videos and get them to subscribe to your channel?

Make a Trailer Video for YouTube in Minutes

You can use a YouTube video editor for making a trailer video for free in just a few minutes, using the steps below:

1. Choose a Professional Template for Creating Trailer Video

The video editors feature several customizable and free trailer templates that you can use to get off with the right start.

2. Choose from an Unlimited Media Stock Library

Make sure your YouTube trailer video has a lot of interesting video clips and the best images for putting your story across in the most engaging manner. You can choose video clips and images from your editor’s extensive stock photos and scenes library.

3. Edit Text and Include Filters If Required

The next step is editing the text in your video. The online video editors serve as professional trailer makers, offering you the flexibility and foundation to design the best trailer as you like. To make your trailer video more interesting and entertaining, you can add music, filters, text, captions, and transitions.

And congratulations! You have just made a trailer video for your YouTube channel. Now it is time for you to save the trailer video and share it on various social media platforms.

Tips on Making a Trailer Video for YouTube

Now that you know the steps you can use to make a trailer video using a YouTube video editing tool, here are some tips that you must also have in mind to get the most out of your trailer video:

1. Get into the Shoes of Your Viewers

Making a wonderful YouTube trailer video is possible only when you assume that the viewers are not aware of anything about you or your company. Step into the shoes of your viewers and ask yourself a few questions:

  • What kind of information must you impart in the first few crucial seconds?
  • What do the viewers want to know instantly about my YouTube channel?
  • Why should the viewers feel compelled to get back to my channel?
  • How do I want the viewers to feel once they have finished watching the trailer video?
  • What fonts and color schemes will go with my brand?
  • What will be the right tone for the trailer video – informative, serious, playful, or humorous?

To impress the viewers with your YouTube channel in the first few seconds itself, provide them with relevant information. And, answering the questions above helps you achieve your video marketing objectives, whether it is making money on YouTube or building a community.

2. Keep Your Trailer Video Short

The online users you are trying to hook with your YouTube trailer video are people who do not know you at all. So, they have no reason to stick around your video for too long if they do not find anything interesting.

The key here is making the pitch quickly. Do not lengthen your trailer video for no reason, and experts recommend keeping trailer videos as short as one minute. The short trailer video of Kurzgesagt, a German animation, and design studio, will be a good example here.

The YouTube channel of this brand is named Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell. The channel works on complicated subjects by breaking them into easily understandable, simple terms with the use of beautifully animated explainers.

The trailer video of the channel highlights the brand’s animation style while also detailing what the brand does on its channel and why it does do so. The major learning point from the trailer video of this brand is to keep your videos short and snappy.

3. Use Clips and Captions

Combining short scenes, text, and sounds will make your trailer video more appealing. Apart from this, adding a short and interesting title on the first screen of the trailer or listing out important topics you will be covering in the video are also good ideas.

Using captions and clips in your trailer video for the ones watching the content with the sound off will be very useful.

4. Use Fun Annotations

YouTube is perfect for having useful and exclusive graphics on screen while your video is still playing. Having a few useful and fun annotations, like a subscribe icon or the days you create videos during the introduction video, can be beneficial to the new viewers. These also help in boosting viewer engagement.

Take the example of Grav3yardGirl, an American beauty YouTuber whose YouTube channel covers a bit of everything, and her trailer breaks down different types of content into different categories.

The channel trailer video is fun and cute and shows viewers that the channel does not take it too seriously. The ending of the trailer has a thoughtful, heartfelt message from the host, requesting viewers to subscribe to the channel if they like what they watched.

Here the learning point is to include a fun element in your trailer video to get more subscribers.

Final Thoughts

Making a trailer video for a YouTube channel is the most amazing way of introducing new audiences to your branded content. The users know more about your brand and the topics you are passionate about, which further convinces them to watch your videos and subscribe to your YouTube channel.

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