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José Trinidad Marín
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Who is José Trinidad Marín?

Trino Marin, whose nickname is well known to many people around, has the full name of Jose Trinidad Marin became famous after marrying the famous American Songwriter and vocalist Jenni Rivera Marin who passed away on December 9, 2012, at Iturbide, in Mexico.

José Trinidad Marín was the administrator of a Mexican-American Café, but his wife was the reason for his fame, as she was a well-known Singer, Songs writer, Speaker, and business tycoon. The audience was a die-heart fan of her actions, voice, and writing. Soon when the news of their marriage went viral. The fans started searching for Jose Trinidad; ultimately, he got fame too.

Soon after their marriage, the good news of a baby girl arrived at their house. They were leading a very happy life, but Jose was accused of molesting his daughter and sister-in-law, which led him to jail, and till-date, he is behind bars. All his good fame converted into bad, and his image was completely shattered in the public’s eyes, as he was trying to have an incest relationship cheating her Celebrity husband. He will be known as a rapist and molester always.

If you are interested in his life, you can continue reading this article as a lot of your required information is summed up in this article.

A Quick Overview of José Trinidad Marín:

Full name Jose Trinidad Marin
Nickname Trino
Gender Male
Date of birth February 15 February 15, 1964
Place of birth California, United States
Parents N/A
Siblings 1 Sister
Net Worth Approximately  more than $1 million
Famous as For Being the first spouse of the late Jenni Rivera and For being a Mexican-American café administrator.
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Occupation Retired restaurant manager / Businessman
Religion Christianity
Age 57 years old
Height Approximately  5 feet 9 inches
Weight Approximately 67 Kg
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Wife Jenni Rivera (m. 1984–1992)
Children Michael Marin, Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Campos, Daina( unknown from Mother side)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Ethnicity American-white
Race White
Nationality American, Mexican

Early Life:

Jose Trinidad Marin was born in California, United States of America, on February 15, 1964. He is known as Trino. As he was born at the beginning of the year, his zodiac sign comes to be Aquarius. He was born in a Christian family, and there is no news regarding his change of religion yet. He is white in the race with mixed ethnicity, as it is known that Jose had dual nationality because his parents brought him up in Mexico. There is not much known about his education, but it is considered that he is well educated. It is said that he had a sibling, most probably it was his sister, but there is no information about her. The Superstar Jenni Rivera met him at the age of 15. After very little time, they married each other but kept their marital life a secret. There is no such information found about them at an early stage. Being a public figure, there may be any obligation that they were unable to announce in public about their marriage. In the meantime, they were blessed with a baby girl named Chiquis Rivera in 1985, which took the couple’s joy on another level. Later, Jacqie Campos was born in 1989, and Michael Marin was born in 1991. Unfortunately, the day arrived when Jose was blamed for molesting his daughter, and this was not enough. He also got blamed for his physical relationship with his sister-in-law. Ultimately he ended up in jail up till now.


The article already stated that he was an administrator of Mexican- American Café but got his fame by marrying Janni, who was a Mexican-American Singer and produced Star Stud performance in the album “ La Diva en Vivo.” She has made a huge contribution as she was able to get 15 gold, 15 platinum, and 15 double-platinum awards. She also became an Entrepreneur and a TV  celebrity; at the same time, she was an Activist also. All her music was related to social issues and Stuff like that; she got prominence in the region by getting a chance in the labels like Parradera, Rebeldey Atrivida. She got several awards in the field of Best Mexican Female Artist of the year 2007.

Professional Career:

Jose did a lot of jobs that might sound odd, but after some time, he found a handsome job as a hotel manager, by which he thought they could live a life of comfort.  When he found this admirable job, he wanted his wife to sit at home and take care of his children. Rivera did not agree, and it is reported that he started accusing her physically. Which ultimately ended up as a conflict between this previously happy couple. This might also be considered a big issue for them and a reason for the divorce between them.

Personal Life and Religion:

Jose was born into a Christian family, and there are no clues that she had converted into any other religion, for now, so we can say that he retained his religion and is a Christian by faith.


Jose has a big family. They are no information about his previous life, much as his parents are unknown. Only one clue is there, which leads us to conclude that he had a sibling,, his sister. No other confirmed details are available for his past. But now, he has a large size family; he is the parent of three children from Jennie and a known daughter named Daina. The mother of Daina is not known.

Relationship Status:

At the very beginning of the relationship, when the star Jenni was only 15 years old, Jose met her in high school at the very beginning of the relationship. Both were having a great chit-chat, and ultimately they felt that they were made for each other. They decided to get married. Soon after that, they had their first child in the same year, i.e., 1985. Later by 1991, they had a family of 5 persons, Jose, Jenni, Michael Marin, Chiquis Rivera, and Jacqie Campos.


Jose was a nice guy in looks as he has a good height of 5 feet 9 inches which is quite close to 6 feet. So,  we can consider it a tall height, for instance. Furthermore, He had white skin with a complimenting dark brown eye color. He looked cuter as had black hairs. Without any doubt, he is a handsome guy. Being Handsome and rich at the same time is such a blessing. He knows how to maintain himself; that’s the reason as he is still 67 Kg in his late 50’s.

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Net Worth of  José Trinidad Marín:

According to the reports, Jose Trinidad Marin has a net worth of around $2 million. Jose owns a lot of money, and he is among the millionaires in the United States of America. But his ex-wife was also too rich, as it is reported that his ex-wife Jenni Rivera at the time of her death had an estimated net worth of $25 million, as she had managed to work on several high-paying projects.

How did Jose Trinidad Marin become well-known?

When he got married to Jenni, who was famous enough, he also got into the limelight. Later, when the couple got into clashes on serious issues like Rape and Molesting, the negative fame was ready to keep him on the go. The case was, Jose Trinidad Marin was being blamed for sexually molesting her sister-in-law Jaquie in 1997. The same year his daughter Chiquis was also examined, and she went through physical pain. The case was filed against him, and for 9 years, he escaped. Later, he was caught and jailed for 31 years without parole for sexual assault and rape charges. After that, his ex-wife Jenni married a man named Juan Lopez. This new couple got the good news of Jenica in the year 1997. A few years later, like in 2001, they were again blessed with a boy Juan Angel. This marriage also did not last long as they got divorced. Later, Lopez was caught in some drug-related cases but died because of medical disease in the jail. Jennie got married again, this time to Esteban Loaiza in 2010. Again this marriage was not working well, so they divorced in 2012, she died in a plane crash.

How did Jose’s Ex-Wife die?

Jennie Died in an accident. It was a Jet crash; they could not survive. The Superstar was in Mexico to perform in Monterrey Arena a day before. Rivera and the team of four people with a couple of pilots were on the way to Toluca, Mexico, from Monterry Airport; at 3:20 AM, the jet flew, and all that came down again was the reck of the plane and dead body, which shook the fans around the region. There was a deep sorrow over the incident.

Current Status:

Currently, Jose is in jail, and he might remain in jail for at least 31 years with no parole as per the orders of the court. But his youngest daughter came to visit him and requested all the sufferers to forgive him, as by now he is 57 years old (2021), and he might suffer from any disease or anything like that. She also posted some pictures with him on her social media. This makes one thing clear that he is clear in the face of his family. It is even reported that he has a good relationship with his family. He is the grandfather of five children.

Public Appearance:

He was not too social even before, which is why we do not know much about him. He does not use any social media and is not in the limelight of newspapers and TV. He has kept his life a secret, might just have a safer environment around him, or maybe this technology was not available at his time of youth, and now he does not need that or does not know how to operate. Moreover, living in jail is a punishment court has given to him, and there might be no availability or facility to use social media behind bars.

 Facts about José Trinidad Marín:

  • José Trinidad Marín Read holds dual nationality of America and Mexico.
  • He got married to Rivera when he was just 20.
  • He was Found Guilty of a Sexual Abuse.
  • All his children have a good relationship with him, even after the tragic case.
  • While Jose’s ex-wife was engaged in a relationship with two more men after the divorce and had two more children from Lopez that are Johnny Lopez and Jenica Lopez, Jose also had another daughter named Daina, but the issue is that there is no clue about his second wife.
  • He is a grandfather of 5 grandchildren.
  • José Trinidad Marín’s nick name is José Trinidad Marín.
  • His age is 57 years by 2021.
  • He is currently in jail for the case of Sexual assault and rape.
  • His Younger daughter posted pictures and appealed to forgive him.
  • He might remain in jail for 31 years from 2017.
  • Once he was a fugitive for 9 years, but later, he was caught.


All these facts and figures were drawn out of different sources available online, just to facilitate the audience, and there is a chance of errors, which could be in the form of Numbers, NEWS, and all the stuff related to this article. Being in the limelight for these kinda personalities is difficult to maintain. There are no direct trusted sources to confirm the information, So users are guided to research by themselves before quoting it anywhere in public, so there are no issues sooner or later. I hope you liked the Facts Collection, which was very hard for a Peace person like this.

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