Knives out movie review: movies like knives out

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The people involved in the marketing of their films and plot often feel that the audiences are craving extraordinary stuff that might pump up their hearts. But that’s not true as always. Audiences love to watch movies that run on the same old plots but have many twists. And in this case, we are talking about the most watched and loved mystery plus comedy-based movie known as knives out. You might find many movies like knives out, but this film stands on top since the plot has many curious spots and shows great acting skill. The writer, the director of knives out, Rian Johnson, is the man behind this film. The film is made on whodunit playbook.

The plot or summary of the movie knives out 

The movie starts with a group of so-called family members who gather down over the death of their most beloved person, a dowager. All family gathers over his house to show their intense grief, but deep inside their hearts, they all are more concerned about the figures they all might inherit through their beloved or loved ones’ death. Their curiosity is the leading reason that makes them all gather under the same roof.

The movie is a picture of the modern world where people, despite being way too busy, pleats down to offer their condolence but in reality, everyone wants to see what’s in store for them.

We can find many movies like knives out on Netflix, but this film is a genuine piece.  

Talking about a more detailed plot, Christopher hammer is a millionaire living in his house under the care of a Latina immigrant nurse he and his children adore the most. On Christopher’s 85th birthday, he dies in his bed through his own hands. Christopher’s daughter Linda and his son are informed about the tragedy. They all seem to love the nurse a lot. They showed their love and sang praises for her because she was the one who took care of their father and not them.

After the tragedy, one family detectives jumps into the case to know the details and solve the mystery behind the case. He notices how Linda’s weird-looking husband and Christopher’s spoiled grandson are making stories directed towards Marta, the nurse.

The movie is not at all serious; it is more of a comedy. It displays a laughable and enjoyable scene when the spoiled grandson makes up hilarious stories about his grandfather’s death.

There might be many knives out like a movie, but the plot of this film is exceptional. It shows greed and sorrow, but this all mixes up with comedy. Though the movie is hilarious at the same time, it shows the life of immigrants who travel from their homeland to find better opportunities in the USA and how much they sacrifice to land into good income jobs.

Details of the movie knives out are listed

The movie was released on- 19th November 2019

On DVD, it was launched- 25th February 2020

The cast of knives out= Jamie lee. Daniele crag and Toni collate

Genre- comedy

Writer/director-Rian Johnson

Running time-130 minutes

Strength of the characters-compassion

What do parents need to know?

There are certain movies like knives out over the internet that are pretty disturbing, and it is not acceptable for the parents to let their kids watch the movie. In the movie, knives out violence is present that involves slapping and kicking. Harsh words like B*** words or F*** are also being used in the movie. Therefore when you open the review of the movie, it says 13+ can watch the movie because they are a bit sensible by the time. But despite all this, it is a delightful movie to watch with your kids.

Is it any good?

Yes, the movie is a brilliant piece of comedy. The cast of knives out is also pretty upright. Though it involves violence, the intensity is low, and the dialogues are hilarious. The movie also shows how the immigrants are working day and night to earn a living and how they sacrifice a lot to stand among the nationals of the country.

Talk to your kids about 

The movie shows violence which can affect the kids who watch. But if you minimize the violence screen and the kids know a little about how the world runs, it will be good for both generations.

Though alcohol and medication drugs are used in the movie, the hilarious talk in the movie can compensate a lot. There might be a little sex talk that can be avoided if parents watch the movie with their kids and explain a bit about all such talks and stuff.

Why knives out is called knives out? 

The writer/director enjoyed a great song sung by Radiohead in the year 2001 called Knives out. Though the song had little or no connection with the movie, it was in his head since then; therefore, he named the movie knives out.

Message from knives out 

It shows the razor-based attitude the nationals show towards the immigrants who are sacrificing their everything to make an earning out of it. But people are making it hard for them to live a suitable life without problems. And this is indeed a prevailing situation.

Movies like knives out:

There are abundant movies to look out for if you like knives out. There is indeed a huge list that can be watched with the same theme one way or the other, but the storyline might be a bit off or different than knives out. But if you want to satisfy your craving for comedy plus mystery-based films, then the list we are going to show is pretty sufficient for the lovers of such genre. There are movies online, or you can find movies like knives out on Netflix, and after choosing one, you can decide which one to declare the best of all.

To fill up your cinematic doughnut, the below are the best movies like knives out.

Clue murder mystery:

 Clue was released in the year 1985. Though a little old, it has a witty script that will make everyone laugh out louder. The story involves around six guests who are given an invitation to have dinner at a mansion close to the town. But as soon as they are done with dinner, corps of all sizes and shapes start attacking the guests. The movie has three endings, and it has an overall great script that will make you laugh.

The usual suspect:

The movie usual suspect was released in the year 1995; the time most of you might have just been born but guess what, it has a great mystical script. The story starts with the end of a murder. The movie overall shows the timelines and incidents that occur before and right at the time of the murder. The movie was loved by followers who are great fans of the mystery genre. The end of the movie is super daunting as it helps to connect the incidents that happen in the meantime. The movie was also brag the award for the best story script.

Gosford park: 

Similar to knives out, this film also depicts whodunnit mystery. And it is because of this fact it also has managed to achieve a lot of positive reviews from the viewers. The movie consists of a group of young lads who roam over the Gosforth park for a shooting. But after dinner and getting done with shooting, one of the crew members gets murdered, and for this case mystery, a detective from the nearby town is called up to look into the case and solve the mystery and confusion behind the murder.

Kiss kiss bang bang: 

Kiss kiss bang bang was released in the year 2005 and marked the comeback of Downey jr.. He played the role of Harry in the film. His character showed how crook he is, but somehow he wins a screen test and gets a role in which he is under a murder mystery with a detective and a stressed actress. The movie managed to gain moderate positive reviews. The acting wasn’t that amazing, but it was a great comeback for the actor Downey jr. the movie is also ranked as the best movie like the knives out.

The nice guy: 

The movie nice guy was launched in the year 2016, and it had great actors like Russell and Ryan gosling. Both are praised for their actions, and people still love them. The movie involves these two guys as famous LA detectives who have to put aside their difference to investigate a murder case. But as they start working, lots of confusion and great mystery come in. both need to work hard to solve this simple case that has turned highly mysterious and complex. Both the actors managed to get themselves nominated as the best actors for the leading roles.

The murder on the orient express

One of the most important tasks is to grab or get a hold of the viewers’ attention, and this film has managed to succeed in this step. The movie involves a Belgian detective who is asked to determine the death of a passenger over the orient express. He has to look into the list of murderers to see which one might be the suspect. The movie has its twists and complexities, and fans loved how the detective led the role and managed to make every scene interesting and worth watching.

Game night 

The movie game night was released in the year 2018. It is a dark comedy with lots of twists and hilarious laughs as well. The movie involves a couple who enters a game night. In that game, they go through lots of ups and down to win the first prize. The ending of the movie is super crazy, and as the movie moves towards the end, the craziness and the funny part starts rising as well. The movie was considered a blockbuster because of the plot and the actors that are involved in the movie, so it is a must-watch.

Murder mystery 

Another crazy is another great movie to watch if you like knives out. It is super hilarious and has some extraordinary twists and plots. The movie is based on a married couple who are going to celebrate 15 solid years of their marriage. They both plan to visit Europe. The wife is a lot into scary mystery stuff as well. As soon as they start their trip, they both get caught up in a murder investigation, and both are clueless and not sure what to do. The film was launched in the year 2019, and it was loved because of the creativity shown in the film.

Bad Times at the El royale 

This film was released in the year 2018. And it was a major hit. It was shot in a hotel present at Nevada and California border. The movie featured a group of six people with dark mysteries and secrets of themself. All of these strangers have different tastes in almost everything music, food, and travelling. When they all join together, their darker version and craziness sum up to set the world on fire. The cast of the film is also good therefore it is worth watching.

Death on the Nile 

This movie was launched in the year 1978, and it was considered pretty dark and true to the plot. A newly addressed heiress is murdered, and one of the detectives of the area is asked to search the murderer before the ship arrives or reaches its ultimate destination. The movie is a great thriller and worth watching. If you are a fan of thrillers and dark comedy, then all the above-listed movies follow the same pattern, and you are sure going to love it. You can find these movies online or on Netflix as well to satisfy your craving.

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