Make Your Business Travels More Sustainable

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The burgeoning environmental movement is influencing the public’s desire for corporations to be more environmentally friendly.

As a major contributor to corporate carbon emissions, business travel gives corporations an opportunity to alleviate some of the public’s burden.

Businesses, on the other hand, have more to gain from lowering carbon emissions than simply placating stakeholders, employees, and customers.

Sustainable practices are an important indicator of a company’s social responsibility, which better reflects today’s ideals. As a result, they provide businesses the chance to increase their brand visibility and revenue.

What can companies do to reduce the environmental impact of their travel now that the stakes are so high and the rewards so great?

Opting for sustainable providers

Business travel is inevitable at times. In contrast, leaving a significant carbon imprint can be harmful. The shift here is from the actual act of traveling to the means of travel itself. Companies are sure to identify areas for improvement in their travel suppliers after a little research.

Invest in carbon offsetting

Investing in carbon offsets is a way for businesses to reduce the impact of their travel-related carbon emissions. These are initiatives aimed at reducing emissions of carbon dioxide.

We encourage our customers to keep track of their booked trips’ expected energy consumption (taking into account both transportation and accommodation CO2 output) and to make an investment in tree planting to compensate for those emissions, as stated by [Trees4Travel].

Rather than relying on a third party for carbon offsets, companies are free to devise new strategies on their own. Businesses that offset their emissions are paving the road for a more sustainable corporate future, regardless of their preferred technique.

Extend business trips 

Many businesses have staff that regularly fly to the same location on business. They can have these personnel go on longer business trips instead, which would reduce the amount of time they spend on the road. It’s a minor alteration, but over the course of years, the consequent carbon emission decrease will soon loom huge.

Think long-term

It takes time and effort to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Don’t stop searching for ways to increase the sustainability of your business travel, no matter which strategies you choose.

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