Ronan Anthony Villency Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki and More
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Ronan Anthony Villency Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki and More

Oct 5, 2021

Ronan Anthony Villency commonly known as Ronan is an American Child Celebrity who was born to Kimberly Guilfoyle who is an advisor to Donald Trump, owner of FOX NEWS and a prosecutor in the United States, and Eric Villency who is the CEO of Villency Style group which works for the interior & product design for Furniture, on October 4, 2006 at the Beautiful city, of USA, commonly known as NY.

The Start couple married on May 27, 2006, at Sandy Lane Resort in Barbados, just some months before Ronan’s Birth. It was the only child of this couple as it ended up being a short span marriage that lied just from 2006-2009, later they got divorced.

Ronan is currently studding in his 8th grade, will soon join his High School for further education. He was given to the parents as the joined custody and the Rich couple is performing well regarding co-parenting of Ronan, although he does not have siblings but has a huge inclination towards the five children of Donald Trump Jr., who is the current boyfriend of Kimberly Trump.

There are a lot more facts you think written in this article than you imagine, so stick to this article as every word has a new dimension opening in this Interesting Celebrity Kid named Ronan Anthony Villency.

Here’s a quick overview of The Famous Ronan Anthony Villency:


Full name Ronan Anthony Villency
Nickname Ronan
Gender Male
Date of birth October 04, 2006.
Age About to 15 as in 2021
Place of birth NY, USA
Net Worth Approximately $5 million.
Famous as Son of Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Villeney / Celebrity Kid
Education Middle School
Zodiac Sign Libra
Occupation Student
Religion Christianity
Height 5 ft 1 in (1.549012 m)
Weight 45 Kg (around 100 lbs.)
Relationship status Single
Spouse N/A
Son N/A
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Ethnicity Mixed
Nationality American
Instagram N/A
Mothers Instagram @kimberlyguilfoyle
Twitter N/A

Early Life

Staring from his parents, Ronan Anthony Villency Mother’s name is Kimberly Guilfoyle, and his Father’s name is Eric Villency. Both are an influential part of the country as both of them are a millionaire. His mother was married to Gavin Newson previously, later when she got divorced, she started dating Eric Villency, soon after they realized, that they were a perfect couple to live a happy life, they got married in a ceremony on May 27, 2006, at Sandy Lane Resort in St. James, Barbados, this marriage was officially announced by Rev. Ricky Kirton.

Just after 5 months after their marriage Ronan was Born, to be exact he arrived in this world on October 04, 2006, while they were in New York, So his zodiac sign appeared to be libra. He was raised in California before the divorce. Now he is living a luxurious life of a millionaire, After the divorce, his parents got his joint custody, from the court.

His Parents are striving hard to make his life comfortable and he is being co-parented very efficiently. Also, he has found the five kids of Mr. Donald Trump Jr., the person to whom his mother Kimberly Guilfoyle is dating, very friendly and these kids have never made him feel alone.


There is no question of career for this young individual as he has just started his teenage a year before (as in 2021). But Career would never be an issue for this young celebrity, His father is a businessman as he’s the CEO of Villency Style Group, his great grandfather was the owner back then when this company was named Maurice Villency Inc.

His mother is the owner of Fox News, adviser to Donald Trump, Prosecutor in the United States. He is also very intelligent; all these factors suggest that the future of this young man seems to be bright. Regardless of a fact that he is a celebrity just by the age of 14, without even having a social media account in this age of technology, where it is mandatory to have at least any presence on social media to become famous in this Online World.

Personal Life and Religion

Ronan was born to parents who were following, Christianity as a faith, so ultimately, he has got all his religious thoughts from them. So, it will be safe to say that he is a Christian. And as he is younger, there is no surety that when he grows up, he will follow the same religion as his parents.

Relationship Status

He is just 14 years old, and there is no information about his school, it could be said that he might be at the end of Middle School and about to start high school. All his relationship is with his parents and family. It’s too soon to start a relationship, as he is just 14 years old by 2021.

Body Measurements

He Is a tall guy; he stands tall about approximately 5 ft 1 inch with becomes 1.549 m in meters. His weight is about approximately 45 Kg which is almost equal to 99 lbs. when calculated in pounds. All this information about Ronan is not confirmed as he and his parents have kept his life private.

The researcher, have guessed it, is pretty much confident about these calculations regarding Ronan’s Measurement of Height and weight. Moreover, this boy has a good and maintained physique.

Being handsome and rich at such an early stage of life is not in the fortune of many but Ronan is out of the fortunate, who enjoy all these luxuries that money can buy at the initial phase of life.


He is a nice and handsome little champ, at this young age of just 14, he has an attractive body, and his Grey Eyes and complementing Brown hairs, make him a perfect fit for many young ladies around him. Moreover, is easy to maintain living standards if there flow of excess money, as he can afford and fulfill all his requirements, which an ordinary person cannot, as he is struggling for money.

Social Media

He is too young to be on social media that’s why we do not see him much in this online world. Usually, we get updates from his mother’s and father’s Instagram or Twitter accounts, as they usually post their pictures and selfies with him.

Recently all three members of the family were united in Party at DC, and they posted a picture taken over there too. His mother has More than 770k followers on her Instagram ID / Instagram Handle.

Personal Interests

Being a kid of 14 years, all his interest varies time to time, he likes to play, there is no report about his social circle except that he loves to play with Donald trump III, Spencer Fredrick, Kai Madison, Tristian Milos, and Chloe Sophia. These are the kids of Donald Trump Jr, an American activist, and the person with whom his mother s dating nowadays.

Net Worth

Ronan Anthony has an estimated net worth of around $6 million as his father Eric Villencey has the combined assets worth about $5 to $6 million and similarly his mother Kimberly Guilfoyle is also estimated to have $5 million in her bank account. So, without struggling hard for money, this little champ is fortunate enough to be a millionaire.

How did Ronan Anthony Villency become well-known?

Ronan Anthony Villency was never unknown, he was a born celebrity, about which everybody was talking, He was the son of the First lady of San Francisco and a well-known businessman.

What more fact do we need for his fame that we are searching for him on internet, while he is just 14 years old and has no social presence on the internet. Even though he is a millionaire in his middle school, it would be OK to say that he was a born millionaire.

Facts about Ronan Anthony Villency

There are many facts about Ronan Anthony Villency, you don’t know or have never heard them before. We have collected these and facts and listed them for you convince to read Without doing anymore any kind of delay or wait, let’s start

  • Ronan Anthony Villency is a pet enthusiast, he loves pets any time he sees one, he is very curious about that animal or bird.
  • The color of his choice is yellow, this beautiful color represents Optimism, holds the signature of happiness, the person who likes yellow is usually a creative individual. From this selection, we can analyze some of the traits he might possess, now or in near future.
  • His zodiac signs appear to be Libra as he was born on October 4th, 2006.
  • He does not use any social media, while we get news about him from his mother’s or Fathers’s Social Account.
  • Her mother has 770k Followers on Instagram ID where she Shares some of the details and pictures of Ronan Anthony Villency.
  • Ronan Anthony Villency’s Mother Kimberly Guilfoyle was the first lady of San Francisco during her period while she was not in the relationship of marriage with Eric, that means 2004-2006 by exact.
  • Now, Ms. Kimberly Guilfoyle the mother of this kid is an American Prosecutor.
  • His mother also serves as the current advisor to Mr. Donald Trump.
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle is also a FOX TV’s NEWS Celebrity as it is reported that she is the Owner of FOX NEWS which is a leading and internationally recognized media platform.
  • She has once hosted a program named Both Sides on-court TV, which was liked by many.
  • Later she joined Fox as An anchorperson who hosted a show, The Lineup which was a huge hit.
  • His Mother has Served as an American Attorney.
  • His Mother Kimberly Guilfoyle was born and raised in San Francisco in a mission district.
  • At the time of his birth, his mother was at NY, a famous tourist spot of USA.all
  • Ronan Anthony Villency is 14 years old by 2021.
  • He holds an American Nationality.
  • He has Grey Eyes.
  • He has very nice brown shaded hair.
  • He is a millionaire, as it is expected that Ronan Anthony Villency is having an estimated Net Worth of $5 million as his father and Mother are also declared millionaires.
  • This much money is sufficient for him to live his Luxurious life ahead.
  • Ronan Anthony Villency loves to celebrate his birthday with his family and loved ones.
  • His parents got divorced in June 2009, just after three years of their marriage.
  • Ronan Anthony Villency is co-parented efficiently as can be seen on his parents’ social media accounts.
  • Court has given an order of Joint custody for him to his parents, which means both his mother and father are taking care of him.
  • He is The Only child of this couple as there are no siblings of this young celebrity Ronan Anthony Villency.
  • Ronan is very active and has a very enthusiastic personality.
  • The father of his grand father owned a furniture company and they named it after their family’s Sir name, Maurice Villency.
  • Eric, his father was born in New York City, United States of America.
  • Ronan’s Father Eric Villency is the CEO of a company named Villency Style group, which has expertise in Interior and Product Design of Furniture.
  • The Mother of this young individual has started dating Mr. Donald Trump Jr.
  • He is a friend of Donald Trump Jr.’s Children, A very best friend of him Donald Trump 3, his brother Spencer Fredrick, his young brother Kai Madison, handsome Tristan Milos and the youngest one is Chloe Sophia.
  • He has s Mixed Heritage as he is of Irish & Puerto Rican Ancestry.

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