Shaun King Net Worth: Age, Height, Instagram and More

Shaun King Net Worth
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Shaun king’s real name is Jeffery Shaun king. He was brought into the world in 1979 September. His birthday is 17 September 1979. Shaun King is considered the strongest personality when talking about the rights of the Black People living in the world. Shaun ruler is a notable American essayist and social equality extremist. Shaun ruler is the genuine Coauthor of the genuine PAC equity legal executive. He is also the starter of the Black Lives Movement.

Shaun King was always and still is considered a genius when it comes to human rights. He was born in Kentucky. He completed his undergraduate education at the college of Morehouse in Atlanta, Georgia. During his days in Morehouse, he was always found studying in the library of the college. He also won and grabbed the title of president for the student association council.

A Quick Overview of Shaun King

Full name Jeffery Shaun King
Nickname Shaun
Date of birth September 17, 1979
Place of birth Kentucky, United States
Net Worth $3 million
Famous as American writer, civil rights activist and co-founder of Real Justice PAC
Education Undergraduate Degree from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Occupation Writer, Civil Rights Activist, Entrepreneur
Religion Christianity
Age 42 years (as of 2021)
Relationship status Married
Spouse Rai King (m. 2001)
Children Taeyonna King, Kendi King, Savannah King, Ezekiel King
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blackish Brown
Nationality American
Instagram @shaunking
Twitter @shaunking


About Shaun King

As stated, Shaun king’s real name was Jeffery Shaun King. He was viewed as a genuine influencer or a mainstay of the Black Lives Matter development. He made accurate use of social media to talk about the leading causes, especially the black lives movement. Today, we will talk about Shaun king’s net worth, his early life, educations, Shaun king kids, and all the information regarding the activist.

Early life and education

The principal life and training Shaun king was brought into the world in 1979 in Kentucky. Shaun king supposedly went to Huntertown Elementary School and later went to Woodford County High School.  According to his birth certificates, his father’s name is Jeffery Wayne king. But later, as he grew up, his mother Naomi told him that his biological father was a black man with a light skin colour tone. As he grew up, his mother became a single parent to him and his younger brother.

As he grows up, his mom turns into a solitary parent and a more youthful sibling. During his school years, he had encountered many severe and full of hatred, racist attacks, and encounters. He recalls his past and reported to the press that a truck full of youngsters was about to run over him, and this too happened on the school property. When he informed the higher administration, instead of punishing the youngsters supported them.

Another time he remembers that a bunch of rednecks beat him to death. He had severe spinal injuries, and because of that, he had to miss school for almost 2 years. The police and the authorities blamed Shaun king for the fight and portrayed it as a girl matter which it was not. He was beaten up because of racism.

However, in 2015 Shaun king’s close members, including his future wife and band school teacher, reported the press about the attacks and did their best to back up Shaun king.

Later as he grew up, Shaun king got enrolled in Morehouse College, where he completed his undergraduate studies. Morehouse was the only black college located in Atlanta, Georgia. Due to his ultimate hard work and passion for education, he grabbed the title of president for the Student Association. Due to his continuous hard work, he won the Oprah Winfrey Scholarship. This type of scholarship provides financial help and asks the student to complete the community service.

Shaun King was passionate about his services, and he taught the students in Franklin Lebby Stanton elementary school. After finishing at Morehouse, he became a research assistant to one of his history teachers in the same institute. Due to his love for studies, he started his master’s in 2018 at Arizona state university, one of the leading universities around the state. We should discuss the offspring of Shaun rulers, Shaun lord net worth, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Shaun king height and weight

Shaun King is considered a handsome and well-built man. He has a muscular body structure; though he never visited the gym, he seems healthy and pretty fit. The height of Shaun king is estimated to be 6 feet and 2 inches. This is a pretty good height. The weight estimated is 76kgs. Lord Shaun’s tallness is assessed to be 6 feet 2 inches. She has dull hair, dim eyes, and wears glasses. Overall, he is considered well handsome.

Shaun king wife and kids

Shaun King is indeed a family man, as reported by his near and dear ones. As such, no false relationships are reported. He married his lovely wife Rai king in 2001, and he’s been married till today. Shaun king’s kids are five in total. Out of five, three are his biological kids, while the other two are legally adopted and taken very good care of. As a decent influencer, you generally have exceptional contact with kids. He has reportedly adopted other kids and nieces, and nephews. He buckled down for a considerable length of time and aided many individuals who were languishing.


Once Shaun king graduated and completed his undergraduate studies, he became a high school civics teacher. He taught there for about a year, and after that, he got a job at the Juvenile justice system. After leaving the justice system, he had the desire to become a pastor. He decided to enter into the Total grace Christian church, and there he worked as a pastor. When he was beaten up to death and faced many spinal cord injuries, he was always visited by his father’s closest friend. He was also a pastor. Shaun always adored his company, and he wanted to be just like him. He wanted to be a pastor.

In 2008 he came across an abandoned church in the state of Georgia. He started running the church with love and passion. He worked there as a pastor. For four years, he worked hard and helped many people who were suffering. However, due to his stress-related issues, he 2012 decided to give up on the church and put forward his resignation. And left the pastor’s post.

His career life was simple yet great; we will discuss Shaun King’s net worth and Shaun king’s Instagram.


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Shaun King was biracial, and everyone knew about it. He started fighting for the black movement cause after the death or shooting of Michael Brown. He did his best to put forward all the evidence he had; he also fought and argued that Darren Wilson’s office was never in danger during the shooting of Michael Brown.

He was a truly influential man who was asking other individuals of colour to support their privileges. In Daily Kos, he was a well-recognized blogger as well. He focused mainly on civil rights. He also put forward the violence and shooting cases that occurred in Charleston, Missouri, and Ferguson. He stands up against the violence the brown community faces from the police officers. The torture given by the officers.

His continuous efforts led him towards being a justice writer for the New York Times. He highlighted the violent attacks encountered and suffered by the black community. His articles were published daily and gained a lot of attention as well. He was considered the sole representation of the black community.

However, on 2016 December 26, he was appointed as the political observer for The Young Tucks. He left the Daily News as well later in the year, or you can say in 2018. As a social media influencer, Shaun king’s Twitter and Shaun king’s Instagram pages are highly followed.

Shaun King was interested in creating great awareness among the people. He needed reality to be spoken all over. He wanted the world to see the injustice suffered by the black people. And due to this, he launched his website in The North and claimed he had the editor’s support. His website has all the videos and podcasts regarding the violence encountered by the black masses.

However, the Daily Beast proclaimed that not all podcasts and components are present over the website. Due to unwanted issues, the king left the North Star and received bashing from a famous editor in chief Keisha. She called the king the ultimate fraud and a liar and a great enemy. Also, the employees working with king never received the health benefits Shaun King promised them. But the king denies all the accusations and considers him as a truthful person.


Shaun King is a civil rights activist and a writer who did everything to unfold the ugly truth about the police brutality and racial attacks the black community has to face because of the injustice in the state. He was the leading influencer of the Black Lives Movement. Not only had this in 2015, but he also created a justice-based organization whose sole purpose was to put forward the brutality faced by the black people. Due to unknown causes, the organization was called off later in the year.

Same in the year, he started the injustice boycott during the winter season. In the year 2018, he launched and became the co-founder of PAC. PAC stands for political action committees.

Assault of DeAndre Harris

Another important role played by Shaun king was his persistent hard work that led to the arrest of three men who were involved in the assault of DeAndre Harris. Harris was beaten up by three whites during the unite rally. Due to the continuous hard work of Shaun king, Harris was given justice though an arrest warrant was presented that stated that he hit one of the men with a flashlight.

Sherita Dixon

Despite the king’s ultimate hard work and passion for fighting for his fellow, he was also constantly accused of unwanted things. He was blamed for things he had never done. One such example was the rape case of Sherita Dixon. She and her family were forced to blame Shaun king for raping her. That wasn’t the truth at all. Sherita was driving fast and was drunk. The troopers arrested and raped her. The troopers involved had Shaun king’s last name, which caused suspicion and raised many eyes. Later the troopers and Sherita’s family took away the false allegations.

Jazmine Barnes shooting

Another horrific incident that took place was the Jazmine shooting. She was 8 years old. The suspect opened fire and shot down both mom and daughter. The incident upset most of the people living around. King did his best to catch the accuser. He gathered information from the eyewitnesses and provided all information to the county sheriff.

The police credited the king for the arrest of the accuser. Shaun king promised to hand 25000 dollars to the person who arrested the killer. This was a major event that showed how compatible Shaun king is with the black community.


When king worked as a pastor in an abandoned church, he made several websites and plea the celebrities to help him raise money or charity for the church. Though he worked for some time there, his efforts were recognized till the end. He ended up making great money for the church. The next important fundraising task ever reported was his ability to create Hobmog, co with designer chad. And people participated well in this organization. Its sole purpose was to post a man’s life issues and ask the people to send charity until the issue is solved.

The next major contribution was to help in the Rice shooting. When two police officers shot down the rice, Shaun king realized that his dead body was not buried till five months, and his mother was moved into a shelter home. Deeply saddened by this incident, Shaun raised charity for his mother to provide her basic life means and bury her son peacefully.

People help him with his cause with full passion and determination. However, many issues were encountered, and his charity money was also seized. But due to great determination and the help of other fundraisers extra 25000 dollars were received to help the rice family till it was possible. His fundraising capabilities are well mentioned over Shaun king’s Instagram and Shaun king twitter accounts. One can also look into Shaun king’s net worth, as we will be discussing that too.

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The first controversy reported was the false accusation he received through the Sherita Dixon case. He was accused of raping her, but due to no evidence, it was proven that one of the troopers who arrested her raped her and had nothing to do with Shaun king. You can learn about the case through Shaun king’s Twitter account.

Secondly, it was believed that whatever amount of money fundraised by the king was never given to the people who deserved it. Such as the Tamir rice family case and the organizations he worked for, like the injustice program and the Haiti relief project. He was always passionate about raising money for the suffered ones, and he has denied all such controversies and explain that he has always helped his people. He believes that people who dislike him are after these accusations.

Even after leaving North Star, he stated he had provided all health benefits to the employee and till now, he denies all accusations.

All great details and his daily life posts are seen over Shaun king’s Instagram and Shaun king’s Twitter.

Shaun king net worth

The net worth of every celebrity varies everywhere. However, Shaun king in 2015 reportedly organized the group justice together whose main purpose was to help the black community.

At that point, Shaun king net worth was counted to be 3 to 5 million dollars.

What’s more, from 2020 to 2021, his absolute worth is assessed at 3 million dollars. Though it varies, every time but the exact known to be is 3 million dollars. Shaun King is still working hard as a great civil rights activist and somehow managed to help many around.

How he became rich?

Shaun King has worked all his active years for the cause of civil rights. Pretty much known. He initially started working as a teacher. After that, he moves forward to join the church to act as a pastor. He gained fame and received a lot of charity for his passion. Later with the Black lives matter movement, he gained more revenues, charity and, of course, fame. Shaun king’s kids are also following his steps. He also, due to better financial condition, was able to adopt two kids legally.

Facts about Shaun king

  • Shaun King is a famous civil rights writer and has worked hard on his projects.
  • Currently, he is a writer resident at Harvard University
  • He fundraised money for the black people who were in need and required help
  • Shaun King has three kids of his own, but he has legally adopted two more kids and is taking great care of them
  • Shaun King is pretty close to his family and visits them regularly
  • He was the main influencer of black lives matter
  • His net worth is 3 million dollars
  • Shaun king Instagram has more than 3.8 million followers, which is a great number.





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