Teenage Bodybuilding Guide: How To Workout & Grow

Teenage Bodybuilding Guide
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Do you want to build muscle? When you are a teenager, you probably do not have complete control over your daily eating habits. Many hurdles may arise, such as being underweight and weak, as well as a gain in height but not in muscle mass. You want to overcome these challenges, but you are not sure where to begin or what to change.

This often leads to confusion, which often results in following pieces of advice that aren’t really healthy. For example, some start to overconsume steroids with the hopes to get quick results. Steroids, of course, can help but only if you’re using them in a systematic way. There are many bodybuilders who use Sustanon 350 and other such steroids, but they do this after consulting with their trainers.

On this note, this teen bodybuilding guide will provide you with detailed information.

Equipment Needed

To grow muscle, you don’t need all of the gym’s equipment. In fact, with just a pair of dumbbells, bodyweight movements, and a bench, you can create a good amount of muscle mass. The importance of resistance exercise cannot be overstated. To create muscle, all you truly need is a sufficient amount of resistance. Even if you can not squat, bench press, or deadlift, there are lots of other exercises you can do to be in shape.

If you want to do training at home and do not have access to the weight bench, you can just perform Bench press and flye type movements on the floor. This is a very well-known method of training for strength athletes.

Recommended Exercises

The following are some of the most effective muscle-building exercises. Some of the activities included in this section will be found in most high-quality fitness plans.


Dumbbell bench press, incline dumbbell bench press, dumbbell flyes, chest bench press, incline bench press, and chest dips.


Military presses, sitting barbell presses, seated dumbbell presses, Arnold presses, side lateral raises, bent-over reverse dumbbell flyes, and upright rows.


Squats, leg press, lunges, hack squats, goblet squats, and front squats are all good exercises for the quads.


Close grip bench press, dips, bench dips, cable tricep extensions, skull crushers, overhead dumbbell extensions.


Chin-ups, barbell curls, dumbbell curls, hammer curls, preacher curls.

Ease Into Training

Rushing into training is one of the most common training errors. Many teenagers believe that more is better and that the harder they work out right away, the faster they will gain muscle. But this concept is completely wrong. The body goes through a phase of neuromuscular adaptation when you start a resistance training program. An increase in strength is the result of your central nervous system responding to the act of lifting weights.

This is not a technique that should be rushed. Motor units are the connections between the brain and muscular tissue. They have a finite amount of endurance. They will rapidly become fatigued once you begin working out. With time, these motor units become more durable.

Patience And Expectations

Muscle gain takes years not weeks. Progress can not be hurried. Many teenagers try to increase their gains by increasing their volume and training days but this is the wrong way. Instead, you should concentrate on getting better. Each week and month, try to grow a bit stronger. Muscle development might take three, four, or five years. Learn to love your workouts and have faith that results will be coming.

Track Your Progress

Keeping track of your muscle-building progress will take the uncertainty out of it. A tape measure and a piece of paper are all you’ll need to get started. Take three measurements at each site before beginning your first training day and average the results. Every month, you should take and record measurements. Minor differences are not important. Some seemingly strange short-term changes can be attributed to measurement inaccuracy. Measurements enable you to examine solid facts.

Wrap Up

When you start muscle building as a teenager you need to do lightweight exercises. These exercises are not enough, you must require some technical skills. So you should understand how to perform them properly from the start to avoid any damage. And if you wish to use steroids, start with the lighter ones. Also, get them from UGFreak. This is where you will find real steroids available at affordable rates. You can also buy HGH here but only use them after consulting with your trainer.

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