Top 10 best packaging companies in the USA

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Confused about which packaging company to choose? Here are the top 10 packaging companies in the USA

The packaging industry has seen a massive boom that has given rise to some great names in the industry. Manufacturing companies have more options than before when it comes to choosing a packaging partner. The competition in the packaging industry is ultimately good for the customers as they can get better quality packaging at the same or even lower costs. However, when it is all said and done, the high number of packaging companies can make it challenging to choose one. There are so many options available these days, and all of them claim similar benefits that manufacturers often get confused about which company to partner with for their packaging needs. However, if you do some basic research, you will realize that not all packaging companies are the same or offer the same value. Just like any other industry, some packaging companies in the USA are more reliable than others. So if you have been confused about the top 10 packaging companies in the USA, you aren’t alone. While it might be difficult for you to choose a packaging partner amongst the hundreds of thousands of options, narrowing it down to ten makes things a bit easier. So keep reading this article to know the ten best packaging companies in the USA.

Why is it important to choose the best product packaging companies?

Before we jump into the list of top 10 packaging companies in the USA, let’s quickly go through why it is essential to choose the best product packaging companies for your business.

Simply put, there are too many less than authentic packaging businesses that claim one thing and deliver something else. Not to mention, the quality of packaging matters a lot. While packaging companies in the USA follow specific standards when manufacturing and distributing boxes, low-quality packaging is always a risk. So the question is, how can you avoid these problems and ensure you are only working with the best packaging partner?

Simply put, the answer is by being smart and spending some time researching the best packaging company for your brand.

However, despite all the technical aspects, the primary reason why you should pick the best packaging company is simply that you want to get the best protection for your product. You have spent time, money, and effort into creating a state-of-the-art product. The last thing you would want to do is get lazy and choose a mediocre business that doesn’t meet your packaging needs. Packaging is not something you can compromise on because it is the most critical tool that protects and represents your product. So simply put, choosing the best packaging company is as essential as creating the best product to sell.

List of top 10 best custom packaging companies in the USA

Now that we know why it is crucial to choose the best packaging company for your business let’s get to the actual list of the top 10 best custom packaging companies in the USA.

The Legacy Printing:

If you are looking for 360-degree support for all your packaging needs, this company is it. The reason why The Legacy Printing is on top of the list is that they offer every packaging at a reasonable price. You can expect them to handle every aspect of the packaging and provide you with whatever design, style, or size you need. However, versatility is not everything, and we understand that, but then again, this company doesn’t just rely on its quality and versatility. They are a budget-friendly option that can help you meet your packaging needs while ensuring you don’t have to break the bank. This packaging manufacturer also has years of industry experience and provides packaging to reputed brands in the USA with all these perks. So you can rest assured that you can trust this company with your product’s safety and branding. With experience comes the knowledge about what the companies need. And due to vast experience, The Legacy Printing knows precisely what businesses are looking for when they get packaging made. So as a packaging company, this manufacturer checks all the boxes for being reliable, affordable, reputed, and innovative. Any packaging you have in your mind, you can work with their designers to develop one that best represents your brand. Another reason why we put this company at the top of our list because they utilize state-of-the-art designing, printing, and manufacturing practices. So every batch you order from them is going to be accurate and error-free.

Packaging republic:

Packaging republic is called the premium packaging brand for a good reason. They have a wide range of quality materials, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything budget-friendly to offer. Packaging Republic might be a luxury packaging brand, but they offer packaging materials in almost every price range. So there is something for everyone being offered by the Packaging Republic. Now similar to the previous company, they don’t have any restrictions on the type of design and shape for the product packaging that you can get made. So if you are trying to choose between The Legacy Printing and the Packaging Republic, you will have to choose based on specialties. While the Packaging Republic has a decent range of industries that they can provide packaging for, the The Legacy Printing wins, the large variety of packaging types offered to almost every industry out there.

With that said, this company won’t disappoint you in terms of quality, design language, support, and cost-effectiveness. So if you go with the Packaging Republic for your next packaging venture, you won’t be disappointed. This company seems to specialize in cardboard boxes; however, they also offer a variety of packaging materials, so you can rest assured that you will get everything you need under one roof as far as packaging is concerned.

Sonoco Products Company:

This company is based here in the USA, but it offers packaging outside the USA as well. They are primarily focused on sustainable packaging, and they also offer a variety of designs and packaging styles that help create your brand image. This company has its core focus on sustainable packaging, and they use state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing boxes. They also cover a wide range of industries; however, their primary focus is on producing packaging for food products to keep the food protected and useable for longer.

Of course, being a sustainable brand, this company offers cardboard as their primary material for packaging items. However, they also have other packaging material options for you to choose from. If you are a food business looking for sustainable and food-friendly packaging, you should consider this company. And the fact that they supply their packaging outside the USA speaks volumes for the quality of their packaging. This company has managed to build a loyal fan base during their time in the industry, and if you choose them, you won’t be disappointed. So if you are looking for eco-friendly packaging companies, give them a chance.

GBE Packaging:

While this company may not be as old as some of the other entries in this list, they sure have built a solid network of delivery channels. And they offer real-time delivery in Elgin, IL, Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, and Hazleton, PA, so if you are in this area, you may consider choosing this company. However, the packaging company is competitive, and companies such as our first entry in this list are offering free shipping all over the USA.

However, what they lack in terms of shipping network is nicely covered by the sheer number of options they offer. This company can get you everything and anything, no matter your industry.

For starters, this company supports more than 1000 packaging sizes, so you can rest assured that you will be able to find the right packaging size if you are working with them. This company claims to offer products for individuals in small quantities, which is an excellent option if you are a small business or a start-up looking for packaging to start your business with a small volume of packaging. Similarly, even if you need to sort out your garage supplies as a homeowner, you should order boxes from this company.

Carolina Retail Packaging:

As the name suggests, this company is based in Carolina, and they specialize in retail store packaging. If you manufacture a product that is meant to be sold in a retail setting, you can get in touch with this company for packaging support. They also take pride in their unique design language, and their designers can produce creative and unique packaging designs and graphics for your retail store product.

The key selling point of this company is that they don’t just offer to print when you order in bulk. Even if you need a few dozen boxes from them, they will be happy to custom print them for you. That comes in handy when you are a company that regularly faces spikes in demand and has to scramble for additional packaging. Instead of selling products in a blank box, you can order smaller quantities with custom printing by working with Carolina Retail Packaging. This company is based in Carolina, and it covers nearby areas for delivery. So they may not be able to deliver to your location if their delivery policy does not cover it. So before placing an order with them, keep in mind to ask them about their coverage.

Packaging Strategies Incorporated:

This company is another must-try packaging manufacturer; however, they are more suited for military and government packaging needs. They specialize in providing boxes for heavy-duty items such as military equipment and medical supplies. So if you are looking for specialized packaging for your heavy-duty items, this company is the ideal partner for you. They take packaging one step further as they offer testing facilities to test out the packaging you are getting before you buy it.

Not to mention their packaging is ideal for industrial products that have special protection and transport needs. No matter how complicated your product’s packaging might seem, this company can first make it simple. This company has experience working with both private and government sectors, so they have plenty of experience under their belt. However, if you need regular cardboard boxes and gift containers or other similar, less durable packaging, this company might not be a good fit for you. With that said, where this company really shines, is manufacturing packaging that comes with inserts. So if you manufacture heavy-duty equipment or tools such as drills, leaf blowers, or other similar items, you and Packaging Strategies Incorporated are a perfect match.

The Custom Box Packaging:

This company takes pride in its innovative and creative designs hence the name The Custom Box packaging. This company’s design and customization options seem to be endless, and there is a wide variety of industries that this company can supply packaging to. They have a design team that goes with their name to provide customized packaging for small to medium-sized products. As long as your product doesn’t require heavy-duty packaging and you can work with regular corrugated boxes, consider this company. They can breathe life into an otherwise blank box and give it a fighting chance to get recognized in the market.

They claim that their packaging is 100% customizable, so this company can turn it into a reality if you can imagine it. With all these customization options, you can position your product any way you want to in the market. So if you are looking for a company that can help you bring your unique packaging idea to life, this company can do it for you and more. Despite the heap of customizations offered by this company, their prices seemed to be lower than expected.

Deluxe Packaging:

Contrary to the name of this company, Deluxe Packaging is not a high-end packaging provider. Their main slogan is to offer low-cost packaging solutions. So if you are a company that is low on packaging budget and wants packaging that won’t stress your finances, then this company is it. They have been around since 1982, and while they may not be offering fancy packaging designs and mind-boggling customizations, they offer what matters. Their low-cost packaging with good quality and styling is enough to meet the needs of a small to medium-sized company. So if you are launching a product or looking for ways to bring down your product cost, then buying affordable packaging from this company is your ticket to low-cost manufacturing.


This company takes customization one step further by knowing the right box size for its packaging. It makes sense because when you are getting a box that is bigger than your product’s needs, it will take up more space, cost more to transport, and produce more waste. So by working with you in finding the correct sized box for your product, this company helps you save money and enables you to put the environment first.

The design process is also surprisingly easy, and working with their designers will feel like a walk in the park. They can help you get the size of your packaging right and make sure that your product’s packaging doesn’t look similar to competitors. So if you are worried that you might be paying too much in terms of packaging, get in touch with this company. And eliminate the additional charges you have been paying in the form of excess packaging.

Classic Packaging:

This company is not just a packaging manufacturer, but it also supplies packaging materials to other packaging companies. So you can rest assured that no matter what packaging material you are looking for, this company can source it for you. This company boasts its purchasing power and ability to source rare items.

That comes in handy when you get packaging made for a premium product that requires an exceptional packaging material to support it.

Now, of course, this company is a packaging material supplier, so they also specialize in standard wholesale boxes, and you can get blank boxes from them at a reasonable price.

Now that you know the top 10 packaging companies in the USA no need to look up packaging companies near me. Simply get in touch with the number one option and happy packaging.




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