Top 5 Movies on Netflix About Mental Illness | Must Watch

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In the US, millions of individuals in the world are affected by mental illness, and there is just no basis for stigma.

Although this is not the rule, Hollywood movies sometimes deal with the topic with the attention and precision it deserves.

Here are 10 of the best Netflix movies ever made regarding mental health.

Brain on Fire (2017)

Brain on Fire is a biographical drama film based on the Brain on Fire memoir of Susannah Cahalan. This film is based on Susannah Cahalan’s memoirs of the same name.

Chloë Grace Moretz finds her life out of control in this biographical film, and she don’t know what caused it. Moretz plays Susannah Cahalan in this film.

She is a 21-year-old emerging New York Post reporter. Moretz is close with her coworker Margo (Slate), and Richard (Perry) her fair boss sees her as a bullfighter star. In the meantime, she met a charming wannabe musician, Steven (Mann), and it all seems to be going well.

She has a breakdown, begins to experience exhaustion, insomnia, enthusiasm and memory loss, suddenly without a history of mental illness. Her estranged parents, Moss and Armitage, are understandably worried about her as several diagnoses are incomplete. Only neurologist Dr. Navid Negahban could reach the bottom of the circumstance of Moretz.

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

A Beautiful Mind is a biographical drama film based on John Nash’s life as an American mathematician. It’s an Oscar-winning film, which shows John Nash’s real-life fight with schizophrenia intimately.

John Nash is an American genius in mathematics as well as a game theory inventor. The early indications of Schizophrenia arose when he went to Princeton University to study mathematics.

John continues and leaves his medication that stops his delusions. He thinks his capacity to think and work on his study is impaired.

Still Alice (2015)

Still Alice is an American independent film centered on the life of a successful language professor who after her 50th birthday was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

This film is a fantastic film for everyone who wants to understand how to live with the Alzheimer’s illness.

Alice is not yet accessible on American Netflix, but you can now open it in the US. You may change your Netflix region into a country like Germany in a few simple steps, and start looking at German Netflix, including Still Alice.

Minimalism (2015)

Minimalism is Matt D’Avella’s documentary film which emphasizes a minimalist attitude, where less is more.

Minimalism: a documentary on important matters Examines many of the flavours of minimalism by bringing minimalist people from every aspect of their lives—families, architects, businesses, artists, scientists, journalists, and even a former.

Christine (2016)

Christine is a biographical drama film centered on a new reporter who suffers from melancholy, Christine Chubbuck. She suffers as her life stops personally, professionally and frustratingly

Her supervisor wanted her focus less on human rights and more on crime, which gives news ratings. She appears hopeful when her colleague, Co-worker George Ryan, pays attention to her. But things do not turn out as she thought. So, she met a doctor, and the doctor told her that she needed an ovary removed, which will result in a decrease of the possibility that she will have children. After then, everything in her life began to change.


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