Tracking, Tracing and recovering your stolen or lost iPhone

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If you have ever misplaced your iPhone and can’t find it for a long time, you know the panic that sets you in right away. You start to think about everything and start to worry as if your iPhone is lost forever.

You begin to think about the data you have stored in it, including the passwords, your financial accounts, your Facebook account and much more. You are beginning to think about the photos you treasure and would like to have taken them on your laptop before your phone is misplaced. Imagine what happens if you have lost or stolen your iPhone, rather than just being misplaced.

Don’t worry! Don’t worry! The world will not end. If you have lost your iPhone or if your iPhone is stolen, there is still hope for you. Yes, the world of cell phone ownership has changed, now that you can not only protect your phone, you can trace your iPhone’s lost or stolen from it.

Make sure your iPhone is lost or stolen first. To do so, simply call your iPhone and make sure that you cannot find it from any other mobile phone. Once you know your iPhone is stolen or lost, continue.

How to track and find your lost or stolen iPhone without installing applications:

To block your iPhone’s SIM, contact your mobile service provider first. Check the IMEI number of the iPhone and contact the nearest police station to report the lost iPhone with the IMEI number.

Use this police report to contact your mobile service. It will first block this iPhone so that the person who found or stole it will not use it. It won’t work even if the SIM is changed. They will then help you to track your iPhone with its IMEI number.

Trace, Track and Recover Your Lost iPhone Using Tracking Apps:

If one of the following iPhone tracing and tracking apps is installed on your iPhone, you won’t have to go through all this trouble. If you find your iPhone using the above procedure or buy a new iPhone, the first thing you can do is install one or more applications.

Find My iPhone: Suppose you have an iOS 5 on your iPhone and an Apple ID and already have your installed Find My iPhone, and allow it from ‘Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone’ ‘ Find My iPhone! Go to, and connect to your Apple ID. Click on My iPhone and if your iPhone is currently connected to the internet, the app will instantly trace your iPhone to its exact location on the Map.

if the iPhone is not connected to the internet, you can enable the option to email your location on the map as soon as it becomes online in Find My iPhone app.

Clicking on the location of the iPhone on the map will provide you with three options for the Find My iPhone app. You can play a sound on your iPhone or send an SMS message, wipe down all your personal information on your iPhone and lock your iPhone.

You should first send your message to your iPhone to ask the new owner to return your iPhone. If they send it back to you, you can also consider offering an award. After a while, you should lock the iPhone.

Even after a long time, if you receive no reply you may consider removing all of your data there and then trying to track it via GPS locations on the map.

Note that once you wipe data on your iPhone, factory defaults will be reset and the data will not be recovered on this iPhone even if you see it later.


If you have an iHound account and have their iPhone-tracking app installed, you will be notified by e-mail when someone else connects your iPhone to your computer.

You will also be provided with a report showing your iPhone when you log on to the iHound website.

This is an important app to install because anyone who stolen or found your lost iPhone can connect it to your computer and modify the iPhone for your own purpose.


This app uses GPS navigation, WiFi and mobile triangulation to the zone of the lost iPhone. This app is a newly added option for iPhone owners to send their iPhone a text message to help track it.


The new technology includes a message on the custom wallpaper “If you found this iPhone” that lets people know how to return their iPhone to you if they find it. If you are a member of this service, your own tracking identification will be provided and, if your phone is lost, all you need to do is call and make the service aware of adding your phone to your lost phone database. This service, however, depends on how nice people are to return your phone to you.

Mobile Spying Apps:

Mobile spying apps like Mobile Spy and Phone Sheriff can spy on any iPhone. These kinds of apps are generally used by parents to track their children’s actions, including messages and phone calls.

When you’re young, you can ask your parents if they have any iPhone spying apps on your iPhone, which can help you track the exact position of your iPhone on your map. I know that after this you’ll hate your parents, but hey, you got your lost iPhone back, at least.

As you may have realized, prevention is the best way to find your lost or stolen iPhone. It’s best to have security and protection apps installed and work actively on your iPhone if you lose it or if you misplace it. This way, when your iPhone is gone, you won’t receive a panic attack or hours and hours of worry. With security and protection applications such as the ones listed above, you can at least try and recover your iPhone if it’s lost or stolen.

Note that some of the iPhone apps listed above may require your iPhone to be jailed. Before jailbreaking your iPhone, please make sure you understand what you are doing. HackTrix will not be liable for any problems with your iPhone if you jailbreak to install the above apps.

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