Troy Dendekker Net Worth, Age, Height, Husband, Wiki and More
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Troy Dendekker Net Worth, Age, Height, Husband, Wiki and More

Oct 4, 2021

Who is Troy Dendekker?

Troy Dendekker, commonly known as Troy, was born into an American, Christian family on March 8, 1971, in Colombia, South Carolina, and United States of America. Her mother, Robin Newton, and her father, David Newton, brought her up well. She got her primary education in a local School in Colombia. There is not much data that could draw us to any conclusion that she had any siblings, as there is no data about them. Her Ethnicity is Corsican, white.

All her fame started when she got married to an American Celebrity, Late Bradley Nowell. He was a lead singer and guitarist of the famous band Sublime who produced an inspiring combination of genres, including reggae, rock, punk, ska, and hip hop. This band had produced many commercially and critically stressful albums.

Troy Dendekker and Bradley Nowell got married on May 18, 1996, at Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. Just a week after their marriage, Bradley Nowell died. That was a piece of shocking news for all families and fans. But fortunately, Jakob James Nowell was their sing their sign of love.

A Quick Overview of Troy Dendekker

Full name Troy Dendekker
Nickname Troy
Date of birth March 8, 1971.
Place of birth Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Net Worth $1 Million US Dollars
Famous as Film Actor / Wife of a famous singer Bradley Nowell
Primary Education A School in Columbia.
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Occupation Actor
Religion Christianity
Age 50 Years (as of 2021)
Height 5 feet 8 inches.

176 cm.

1.76 m.

Weight Kilograms: 62 Kg.

Pounds: 132 lbs.

Body Measurements 37-27-36 inches
Marital Status Married
Father David Newton
Mother Robin Newton
 Husband (Spouse) Bradley Nowell (m. 1996–1996)
Son Jakob James Nowell
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Nationality American
Hobbies Camping, Playing Chess & Advertising.
Favorite  Sports Rugby union, Tennis & Table tennis
Instagram @ mamatroypma
Working Time 11 AM to 2:30 PM
Workout time None.
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Their Breakfast Time is around 10 AM; Lunch Time is around 2 PM & Dinner Time is 9:30 PM.

Early Life:

Troy was born in Columbia, South Carolina, the United States of America, on March 8, 1971, as now, by 2021, she is in her 50’s. As she was born in early March, her zodiac sign appears to be Pisces. She is an American by nationality and has the ethnicity of Caucasian. Her parents  Robin Newton and David Newton brought her up as a Christian, and there is no news for the conversion in her religion.

There is no data available that shows she had any brother or sister. She went to Notre Dame High School and might have got a graduate degree from there. During a tour of the famous sublime band in an area where she was, she joined it as a band’s entourage. Later she felt that Bradley was the best choice for her husband; she married him in a Hawaiian-themed ceremony in Las Vegas, United States of America.

Bradley Nowell’s Life:

The super star Bradley was never the same as he is known these days; he was a young guy who went to Jamaica with his father, where he got exposure to dancehall, reggae, and other types of music. Then he started playing guitar and got expertise in rock music. He manipulated the market and greatly influenced the audience, as he was enrolled in California state university at long beach.

He had worked for several bands before establishing a band named Sublime with the help of his perks which include, Eric Wilson and Bud Gough. But it was not in his fate to work with them in the long term, as he died soon. With Sublime, he had worked on several projects and had many of them achieve success as their work was on commercials and some successful critical albums like 40oz to freedom and Robbin the Hood. Although he was leading a great life and had a bright future ahead, he was addicted to heroin, and this drug addiction led him to his death.

For the fact, the reason for his death was an overdose of the deadly drug heroin while he was in a hotel in San Francisco. Bradley is considered one of the most influential public figures in the late ’90s. Coming towards the band Sublime, they released their third album in his tribute. Moreover, their band released several such songs that Bradley wrote even after his death.

Life after Bradley died:

Later, she got married to a guy named Kiki Holmes in 2002. They arranged a private ceremony as she was famous enough after the death of her ex-husband Bradley Nowell, a super influential person in the 1990s. It is reported that when Bradley died from an overdose of heroin, she managed to overcome the shock soon. Soon the situation went well, and her son Jakob James Nowell also accepted Kiki as his father. Still, her dedication to Sublime was never disturbed, as she continued supporting the band even after her ex-husband’s dismissal.


She had a very versatile career as she was firstly in the Sublime band, later she got into the film industry, but her fame got different directions over time.

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Personal Life and Religion:

It is known that Troy was born into a Christian family and her parents raised her to practice the same religion. Moreover, there is no clue regarding her, which can be a subject of proof that she had changed her religion.

Relationship Status:

As described earlier, there are only two events known regarding troy that she had a relationship with, which are Bradley Nowell and Kiki Holmes. Other than that, there is no prove or rumor that she got involved in any relationship.  Even the affection with kiki holmes developed after the death of her celebrity husband, Bradley Nowell.

When her First husband Bradley was alive, she did not have any extramarital relationship with anyone. This situation was understandable to her son Jakob James Nowell, as it’s reported that he also accepted kiki holmes as his second father. After all this, they are leading a very satisfying life.

Body Measurements:

Troy is 50 years old, and she is maintaining her physique, as she has a very attractive body even when she is half a century older. Her figure, 37-27-36 inches, is ideal for many other women around the world.

She stands tall at 5 feet and 8 inches which is 176cm or 1.76 m. With a weight of just 62 kgs equal to 132 lbs., she makes a perfect combination of blue eyes and blonde hair color. She is an active lady with a lot of money in her bank; this makes her more stable in her finances. She meets all her requirements and wants with this whole sum of money.


She is beautiful both in terms of nature and in her physical appearance. Even though she is a very rich lady, she has a nice heart. Many people in this material world are beautiful but not good, but she is not one-off; she is kind-hearted and loves her life; this could be easily analyzed by seeing her Instagram ID.

Social Media:

Troy’s Instagram ID is @mamatroypma. She was not very active on social media, but soon she realized the effects of social media on her personal and social life, so she is into it now and using it effectively. It would be safe to analyze that her son Jakob James Nowell taught her about the psychomotor domain, which is important to rise on social media, as her son Jakob James Nowell was already very active in this regard.

Work Experience:

She had worked for the Band Sublime and also participated in Film Industry as a female actor; she is attractive, beautiful, courageous, and confident, making her a suitable match for all the domains related to the mainstream media. She has worked for the movie Sublime which got released before the Corona Virus Pandemic in 2019, and also for the Movie Sublime: Stories, Tales, Lies, Exaggerate, which got released in 1998.

Personal Interests:

Her hobbies include Camping, Playing Chess & Advertising, as mentioned above in the Quick Overview Table. She likes Sports too as she is very much interested in Rugby union, Tennis & Table tennis. All these sports are related to the ball, and the two between them are outdoor games, which shows her interest in Physical Activities.

Net Worth of Troy:

One of the most requested questions is Troy’s Net worth. After doing research, it is confirmed that it is a millionaire, but the exact figure is not available. A safe guess about Troy Dendekker is that she owns about $1 million. But some websites claim that she has a net worth between $1 million and $5 million, which is a huge sum of money for anybody to live a luxurious life.

How did Troy Dendekker become well-known?

Troy Dendekker became famous after her marriage to the famous guitarist and lead vocalist Bradley Nowell (m. 1996–1996). Their marriage was yet in the lime-light of NEWS and fans that a very tragic NEWS regarding the death of Bradley Nowell arrived. He was in a hotel in San Francisco but got overdosed by the heroine drug. He died, and His death became the fame of Troy. Before this event, Troy was part of his band, but not much famous as if she was in the sorrowful event afterward.

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Facts about Troy Dendekker:

There are many facts regarding Troy, and some of them are listed below.

  • Troy has many tattoos on her body, it seems like she is an enthusiast, which could be seen from her IG account as she has shown some T-Shirts that look cool to many.
  • She married another man named Kiki Holmes, after six years after the death of Bradley Nowell that is 2002 as Bradley died in 1996.
  • Bradley’s son from Troy Dendekker, Jacob James Nowell, writes and sings the same as his father. It’s a hope that Bradley’s legacy may continue with his talented Son Jacob.
  • Sublime was not a good band in terms of ethics as most band members were drug-addicted, and they used many words in their song that may sound expletive. Otherwise, if they did not have commitment issues, and there would have been no drug addiction in this band, this band might have performed well, either there was a huge chance that they could have been the best in the games of performance and ethics.
  • Bradley, her husband, had died out of over dosage of the heroine in a hotel in San Francisco, United States of America.
  • When Troy’s husband Bradley died, his ashes were scattered over the Surfside he liked the most.
  • He kicked his manager Leary before dying over his recommendation to leave drugs and not to take heroin ever again.
  • There Band Sublime released an album regarding a tribute to Bradley after 2 months of his death. In this Album, Bradley had also worked.
  • They did not get any record label any time soon as they were working in a lot of genres simultaneously, as they had sung in reggae, punk, ska, pop, and funk music at the same time. But they were fortunate enough that they got a chance to sign a record deal from Gasoline Alley, which is a subsidiary and is managed by
  • Troy is very against Drugs; she is the advocate for Drug-Free America as she is got directly suffers from the drugs as his loved on Bradley Bowell died out of it. She knows the pain to lose someone special in life just because of some stupid stimulations by the drugs, which have been proved unhealthy, unhygienic, and bad for health in all manners.


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