How to Turn Off Auto Capitalization Google Docs on Any Device

turn off auto capitalization google docs
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  • Go to the Preferences menu in Google Docs to disable the auto-capitalization feature.
  • The Google Docs mobile app is not affected by this preference.
  • Your phone’s auto-capitalization settings will determine how often Google Docs mobile app uses them.

Since typing isn’t always simple, apps like Google Docs contain some options to help you discreetly correct your mistakes. The most common tool automatically capitalizes phrases you haven’t begun with an uppercase letter.

Nonetheless, Google may be overestimating the usefulness of this function. Because of this, you can disable it in all Docs editions.

Tips for disabling Google Docs’ automatic capitalization

turn off auto capitalization google docs

You may disable auto-capitalization in Google Docs by going to the Preferences page.

  1. Start by visiting Google Docs and opening a document for editing.
  2. Select Tools from the menu bar and then Preferences.
  3. Deselect the first option, which is labelled. Automatically capitalize words.
  4. Select OK from the drop-down menu.

This option has been removed in future Docs revisions to avoid the possibility of random capitalization. Go to the Preferences tab and check the box next to the feature to enable it again.

The best way to disable Google Docs’ automatic capitalization

Unlike the desktop version of Docs, the Docs mobile app lacks a reliable option to toggle automatic capitalization. Instead, your phone’s capitalization settings will be responsible.

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Therefore, you must disable auto-capitalization on your whole device to disable it in the Google Docs mobile app.

Ipad And iPhone

  1. Both the iPhone and the iPad 1 are great. To access General, launch the Settings menu.
  2. Two, choose Keyboard from the selection that appears.
  3. Turn off Auto-Capitalization under the All Keyboards category.

turn off auto capitalization google docs


  1. To access System, launch the Settings app and scroll to the bottom of the list.
  2. Next, choose On-screen Keyboard under Languages & input.
  3. Third, choose the Android Keyboard you like to use. Gboard is the default if you don’t know which one you use.
  4. Once you’ve located Text correction, scroll down and turn off the Auto-capitalization switch.

turn off auto capitalization google docs


Does anybody know how to disable the automatic capitalization feature in Google Docs?

  • Google Docs’ automatic capitalization feature: how to disable it
  • Go to Google Docs and launch a document for editing.
  • You can adjust your preferences by selecting Tools from the menu bar and then clicking Preferences.
  • Firstly, deselect the box labelled Automatically capitalize words.
  • You may access OK at the very last option on the menu.

How do you accomplish that if you want to disable the mandatory capitalization feature?

  • Auto-capitalization: How to Disable It on Android
  • Select the settings cog on the Virtual Keyboard.
  • Go to “Text correction” in the Settings menu…
  • To enable “Auto-capitalization,” tap the “Text Correction” menu and swipe up to the top item.
  • Move the slider next to it if you want “Auto-capitalization” to be grey instead of blue.

How can I disable Word online’s automatic capitalization feature?

  • Change Microsoft Word’s AutoCapitalize Setting
  • Choose “Options” from Word’s “File” menu.
  • The “AutoCorrect Options…” option may be accessed by clicking “Proofing” after that.
  • Here you may choose which instances of capitalization Word should apply automatically for you
  • The last step is to click “OK” twice.
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