Unblock Netflix with VPN and Start Watching

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This article shows you how to unblock Netflix with a vpn if the streaming service is not accessible.

This article is not intended to give you a Netflix hack, but to show you how to access paid Netflix content you cannot access due to changes in location.

Are you struggling to stream interesting Netflix shows or videos that you love?

Do you receive error messages on Netflix while trying to stream?

Sometimes you have tried to watch or hear someone trying to watch a latest Netflix show without success.

This may be because Netflix sends error messages like the following:

“You appear to be using a proxy or unblocker. Please disable and try again any of these services.”

It could also be because you have changed your location, or because your streaming platform has exceeded the limits set.

It may also be because you are not eligible to view it or because your country does not have the program.

Because Netflix is not available to all, subscribers in many places around the world have access to various content libraries based on where they live.

Therefore, a recent film may not be made available in the US or Russian Netflix library on the Nigerian Netflix library.

In addition, you might not have subscribed to the service!

In the meantime, there are some shows that only in certain parts of the world can be found.

It could also be why you can’t stream.

You could hear your friends talk about the latest shows on the platform, to make it worse.

You can’t enjoy it yourself, however.

Imagine also that in Nigeria you watched a favorite show on Netflix about Igbo, Yoruba, or Hausa culture.

You have now travelled to the US and can’t stream the video any more.

Why? You found out that you don’t have the service while in the USA.

You’ll certainly be sad, but what if we say there’s a way out of the VPN?

This article will show you how you can continue streaming on Netflix if you face similar challenges that we mentioned above.

So let’s get there. Let’s get there. But there are few things you ought to know before that.

What you must know:

One thing you should know is that video streaming services are not the same worldwide.

Therefore, what you get from the streaming services in your country or region will certainly differ from those in others.

This is because streaming services enter into different agreements with media companies to show specific films and TV series in certain locations.

Netflix releases new feature enabling Android users to stream videos that have been partially downloaded:

For example, DStv Africa may only offer Nigerians or Africans in the continent certain programmes.

It may not show US or Canadian citizens in those countries such programmes.

So anyone, say a Nigerian, can experience a service off the streaming service if they travel outside the country.This means that in the country where you have created your account, you only get shows.

They also block certain hacks to enforce regional restrictions.

In particular, Netflix has blocked many VPNs, but has not done so entirely successfully.

Thus, despite blockages, people still use Netflix VPNs.

Therefore, you can also keep streaming with the correct VPN regardless of where you are.

What is VPN?

VPN means Virtual Network Private.

It creates a secure link between you and the internet.

It is a web tool that can help you easily build a private network so that you can connect to a less secure internet connection.

A VPN encrypts the traffic in the network and masks your IP address and location.

It sends your web traffic to a server controlled by the VPN Company via an encrypted tunnel.

Your traffic leaves from there to the public or other websites as usual.

Your true IP address is hidden behind the VPN server IP address.

The following is explained by BestVPN.org:

“When you connect to a VPN server, you connect to a distant server that transfers your request to a company server or service with which you are dealing. In the eyes of Netflix, the remote server appears to be you.

So, say you’re in France, for example, but you want to get access to the US Netflix library. You would use a VPN service to mask your French IP address and select a US server via the VPN. Once you do, you will then be able to log on to your Netflix account and from there access the TV and movie library of Netflix based in America.”

In the meantime, Netflix stepped up its VPN blocking drive earlier this year.

While Netflix blocks the use of VPN, VPN companies work hard to keep their customers connected to Netflix.

Steps To Unblock Netflix with VPN:

The first step is to select a VPN provider.

Many VPNs are available, but you have to choose from those with the best reviews.

We will give you three of Netflix’s best VPNs.

Note that our selection is based on public reviews, so they are not our opinion.


This is one of Netflix’s best VPNs to unlock. This is one of the highest classified VPNs available on the market.

Express VPN is simple and easy to use.

This VPN provides the fastest connection so that subscribers will not notice significant buffering or a reduction in quality when trying to stream TV shows and films.

It can also connect you easily at high speed. This VPN works well with iPhones, Windows and Mac as well.

Another quality of this VPN is that you can be on public and private networks simultaneously.

The company also has 160 servers in over 90 countries.


NordVPN is another popular VPN provider that can be used to bypass Netflix’s geo blocking.

It’s pretty quick.

It also has a very high rating and more than 8 million subscribers around the world.

The company can never legally be forced to disclose data, so NordVPN is a good choice for people with an interest in privacy.

The company adds new servers constantly to try to stay ahead of Netflix.

The service is still very good and NordVPN does not offer the same speed as Express VPN.

NordVPN allows you to watch Netflix on computers like Linux, Mac or Windows.

Do this on Android or iOS devices if you want to watch on go

It also works on smart TVs and TV devices in the meantime.

 VPN TorGuard:

This VPN is a good one for Netflix unblocking.

However, when subscribers register in the country of their choice they pay a surcharge for a dedicated streaming IP address.

Because the IP address is dedicated to a TorGuard account subscriber, it makes it very difficult for Netflix to recognize the address as a VPN service specifically used for Netflix content unblocking.

This VPN is also fast to supper.

When you choose a VPN, evaluate your options and take your budget into account.

Furthermore, look for a reliable VPN that delivers fast speeds and a great value.

After listing some VPNs to choose from, let us continue with the steps:

2: Once you have decided which VPN you want to use, download the VPN to your favourite device(s) and log into the service.

3: Step three is to connect to a VPN server: This is the main step to unblock Netflix and to access the content you are looking for. Once you install the VPN software, you can browse the available servers.

Also, just click on it to connect once you have selected a server.

4: Step Four is to start watching Netflix: Log on to your Netflix once you connect to the VPN server.

5: This time you log in to your Netflix, you’ll get your favorite shows or videos.

6: All you need to do now is relax. Choose and enjoy the video you want to watch!

7: In some cases your browser history and cache may be clear or the device may even be restarted to ensure the Netflix recognizes the new VPN server to which you are connected.

Implication For You:

Netflix is a paid programme and you can have free access to certain Netflix content using a VPN.

If you are in that category, you may have moral concerns.

Also, not all VPNs will unlock Netflix and even those which may soon be unable to unlock Netflix.

You can also change servers, locations and try it several times before you succeed.

Note, however, that if you decide to use a VPN to unlock Netflix, Techuncode or the writer of this article, any possible consequences will be clearly compensated for.

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