What are the Common Types of Sandles?

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Sandles are a casual or informal type of footwear that we typically put on during summer or when we’re on a tropical vacation. Unlike regular shoes, they provide great comfort that allows our feet to be ventilated and dry. Although sandles are relatively known as an informal wearable, it doesn’t mean that the piece won’t help you boost your style and overall attire. 

You have to take note that there are different types of sandles that can affect your attire in various ways. In this article, I will list the most common types of sandles and provide you with my insights on their proper use. So without any further delays, let’s get right into today’s discussion…

Slip-On Sandles

A slip-on is a classic casual pair of sandles. Although they’re not as aesthetically pleasing as one may though off, many prefer them over any type of sandles simply because they’re fun and easy to put on. Also, the design of the slip-ons is very flexible, which allows you to pair them with any casual dresses you have in mind.

In addition, they perfectly blend well with shorts, jeans, long skirts, or capris, just to name a few examples.

Gladiator Sandles

Even though hard-leather shoes or boots brings style and elegance, they are not practical in the peak of summer days. But never fret if you’re looking to upsize your overall get-up in summer and have that elegant vibe for the season. Gladiator sandles are just one perfect example of how you can gain the fashion statement you are trying to achieve.

Lace Sandles

A pair of lace sandle is probably the most versatile form of casual footwear. And this is the case because you can basically use them for either informal or formal events. You can wear them may it be in the office or if you’re shopping for groceries, they will still perfectly blend with your outfit.

Sculptural Mid-Heel Sandles

The sculptural midi-heel sandles emit that classical and modernistic aesthetic. The dorsal surface of the heels has similar features to a lace sandle. The only difference is that a sculptural sandle has higher heels which makes them more suitable for an event that’s semi-formal instead of a full-blown outdoor event.

Using them for longer use may cause your feet to be sore and unbearable as you wear them for extensive periods.

Stiletto Sandles

As the name suggests, it has much higher heels, and it may be uncomfortable to wear them for long periods due to pressure being laid upon against your heels. Thus, this pair of sandles is more for decorative purposes than for recreational events because of the stress it can produce on your lower torso.

Birkenstock-Style Sandles

A Birkenstock-style sandle has been a popular trend in footwear fashion. It is basically characterized by the pair’s leather or suede materials yet budget-friendly price. The good news, however, is that none of its materials are compromised, and they’re still comfortable to wear and very stylish, needless to say. 

Cotton-Sole Leather Sandles

It has a similar appearance to a Birkenstock-Style sandle, with the only exception of materials used in manufacturing the pair. The Cotton-Sole is not all leather, and some of the materials used in putting the sandles together are synthetic leathers. However, what makes the pair more desirable than a Birkenstock is that the soles are topped with cotton, which makes them extremely comfortable.


Last but not least are flip-flops. The pair is very comfortable with soft-gel plastic and reliable against slippery floors. However, the great disadvantage of flip-flops is that they are not meant to compliment any fashion, and they are more suitable for casual wear such as a quick visit to the market or indoor slippers.


I hope today’s topic provided you with the information you need about the different types of sandles and have widened your option in finding the best ones that suit your preferences. But no matter what it may be, the sandles will just depend on your specific purpose and unique taste for fashion.

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