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1000-lb sisters
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The lives of Amy and Tammy Slaton are chronicled in the reality television series 1000-LB Sisters. The show follows the sisters’ efforts to shed weight to participate in the procedure.

Major surgery can transform their lives and give their dreams a new lease of Life. There were six episodes in the first Season, ten episodes in the Second Season,, and 8 episodes in season 3.

Tammy had previously been seen to be dating Jerry Stokes in prior seasons. It’s safe to assume that everyone else in the cast will be returning.

Chris Combs, the brother of the Slaton sisters, is believed to appear in the upcoming season as well, according to reports.

Also, Amy’s husband, Michael Haltermann and son Gage could appear on the show.

The cast of 1000-lb Sisters:

  • Amy Slaton


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  • Amy Slaton plays as self in 1000-lb Sisters.
  • Amy Slaton is the top member of the cast and appears in 21 episodes.
  • Tammy Slaton

  • Tammy Slaton plays as self in 1000-lb Sisters.
  • Tammy Slaton is the other top cast member and appears in 21 episodes.
  • Michael Slaton

  • Charles Procter

Where you can watch 1000-lb Sisters:

  • FuboTV
  • Discovery+
  • VUDU
  • Google Play
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • I Tunes

Who are Amy and Tammy Slaton?

In the United States, two sisters named Amy and Tammy Slaton hail from Dixton, Kentucky. A Scorpio, Amy was born on October 28, 1987; a Leo, her sister Tammy, was born on July 27, 1986, known for their roles in the TLC reality series “1000-lb Sisters,” they are well-known faces in the world of reality TV. As a side note, they are renowned for their YouTube comedic productions. Both Amy and her sister Tammy have amassed large followings on YouTube after posting tips on making their makeup look their best.


Over $500,000 has been earned by the Slaton sisters through their successful involvement in the entertainment industry as of early 2021. As a result, they’re making more money from sponsorships, advertising, and monetization on YouTube.

Early Life, Family, Nationality, and Education:

Amy and Tammy Slaton were raised by their single mother, Darlene Slato’, in their homeland of Kentucky.

Their father’s identity is unknown. Besides Chris, they also have a sister who has not been named. The sisters are both American citizens and of Caucasian descent. They went to Union County High School in Morganfield, Kentucky, for their secondary schooling.

Gain Weight and Health Issues

Their grandma took care of the children while their mother worked many part-time jobs to help the family make ends meet each week.

After their grandmother’s death, Amy and Tammy gained weight because their mother was too busy to cook healthy meals, so they ate a lot of packaged or junk food. As time went on, the sisters continued to put on weight, which resulted in numerous health difficulties, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Tammy could not walk without using a walker and attempted suicide on more than one occasion. 

YouTube Comedy Content Creators

It was on YouTube that the Slaton sisters rose to fame.

In 2011, Amy began a channel called ‘Slaton Sisters,’ originally intended to collaborate with two sisters. Three years later, in January 2014, they posted their first video under “New Slaton sister vlog.” Amy and Tammy’s “Chubby bunny challenge” video went viral later that year, launching their careers to new heights. Since then, they’ve made a lot more amusing films and challenges, which has resulted in an ever-growing following.

Due to Amy’s primary role in running the channel, she soon broadened the range of content and began doing DIY and makeup tutorials. “The power of cosmetics,” “Try new makeup,” and “Bake with me” are the most popular videos on the channel.

As well as appearing in her sister’s videos, Tammy started her own YouTube channel in March 2018 and posted her first video, “I’m baking a cake,” two months later. Her most popular videos include “Day one of my diet,” “Talking about my weight,” and “Where have I been,” to mention a few.

Reality TV Stars and “1000-lb Sisters.”

First Season of 1000-Lb sisters:

The TLC reality weight-loss show “1000-lb Sisters,” which aired on January 1, 2020, catapulted Amy and Tammy Slaton’s careers. The show’s name derives from the pair’s total weight of over 1000 pounds (454 kilograms) since Amy weighed roughly 406 pounds (185 kilograms) and Tammy 605 pounds (274 kilograms) before the commencement of the show. The overweight sisters’ struggles to reduce weight and pursue a healthy lifestyle throughout the series are documented.

Second Season of 1000-Lb sisters:

The Second Season of TLC’s blockbuster show 1000-Lb Sisters has been confirmed after a turbulent first season. TLC was quick to renew the show after the first Season witnessed a dramatic increase in viewers. A new season of the show has been in high demand since 2020.

Third Season of 1000-Lb sisters:

1000-Lb sisters will return for a third season on TLC. After a tumultuous second season, Sisters has been officially confirmed. After the first season saw a massive rise in viewers, TLC quickly renewed the show.

The first episode will be aired on November 15.

Fourth Season of 1000-Lb sisters:

There have been no rumors of a fourth season of “1000-Lb Sisters”, perhaps because the third Season is presently showing on TLC. As a result of Amy Slaton’s success in reaching several of her weight loss targets, many fans have begun to wonder if the show’s third season will be its last, given that Tammy Slaton has struggled to fulfil any goals at all. Tammy has only gained weight since the show’s first season was filmed in 2019, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, who has struggled with serious health issues throughout the series, even being placed on life support after doctors discovered a blood clot in her lungs, according to Screen Rant.

Tammy’s Relationship with Phillip

Television viewers are well aware that Tammy’s poor taste in men is a persistent issue for her. The hope that Tammy had learnt her lesson from her disastrous relationship with Jerry, Amy, Chris, and 1000-lb Sisters admirers encouraged her. Tammy’s lack of discernment in her love pursuits was disappointing. BBWKing, the TikTok celebrity she meets in season 3, is the love interest of Tammy’s third Season. Check out his social media accounts to get a good idea of Phillip’s sexual preferences. Their argument stemmed from the family’s fear that Philip might impede Tammy’s weight loss. He didn’t want her to lose weight, but Tammy was enraged because he had gotten engaged in their growing romance. Season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters will undoubtedly bring even more hilarity for Tammy and her siblings to deal with.

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Personal Lives of the Slaton Sisters

After meeting her future spouse Michael Halterman during her freshman year of high school, Amy now has a husband to call her own. Shamrock Technologies employs him as a mill operator. The two were together in marriage on March 15, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee, after dating for several years. They are currently pregnant with their first kid, a baby boy, and are looking forward to meeting him.

How does 1000-lb sisters look now in 2021?

Only my 1000-lb sister’s Life chronicles remarkable transformations in a way that few other reality shows can claim to. Since its debut in 2012, Dr Younan Nowzaradan has saved the lives of dozens of men and women. Nowzaradan, a weight loss surgeon based in Houston, Texas, treats people who are in a hurry to get healthier and happier before it’s too late. Because even if these folks have to go through a difficult journey to regain their lives and achieve their dreams, it’s well worth it.

As a result of their exposure on reality television, several of these brave souls have become social media stars. As a result, we have more insight into their lives and track their progress long after their subsequent portions have aired. In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know about some of my 1000-lb sisters Lives’ most popular stars. Today, they look like something out of a movie!






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