Who is Wes Watson, Instagram and YouTube Personality?

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Wes Watson is a popular individual who is now pursuing his career as a YouTuber and personal fitness trainer. Everyone was startled by Wes Watson’s narrative, especially those who discovered him through youtube and were the source of his celebrity.
Penitentiary Life can be seen on his YouTube account. Wes Watson, he manages a good fan following on his channel which is over 398K. Previously, Wes Watson served ten years in prison before turning to bodybuilding and pursuing a career as a personal trainer.
In addition, he founded and served as CEO of Watson Fit, and this isn’t only about Wes Watson; he also enjoys giving talks and inspiring others. He offers guidance on how to deal with life’s challenges.
His account of jail life, in which he discusses crime and the ways in which individuals deal with it, is also highly interesting. His narrative piqued the curiosity of people all around the world, and he quickly established a sizable fan base on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

You’re trippin’ if you don’t know who Wes Watson is if you’re interested in success, mentality training, making money, or physical culture.

As of 2018, Wes was a household name. After appearing on Big Herc’s Fresh Out YouTube channel.

What is the full tale of his life?

His parents were compassionate, hard-working people; his father worked as a plasterer, and he regularly talked about how well his parents looked after him and his brothers.

Wes began selling marijuana to his older brother’s mates when he was 11 years old.

By the time he was 16, he was a fully-fledged cannabis dealer, slinging pounds of BC hydro. He talks about how successful his company was at the time. He scooped up 400 lbs and made $200 per lb with only two dealers under him, pulling in $80k in operating income every 7-10 days. That’s not awful!

When he was 16, he could walk onto the lot, pay cash, and drive away in an Escalade.

He competed around the country as a professional snowboarder and skateboarder while still in his teens.

Wes Watson was a baller who lived in a downtown San Diego condo in the Harbor Club. A $40k Breitling watch and a fleet of big trucks with killer rims were part of his pre-crisis bling.

When did he first start getting into trouble?

First and foremost, he was charged with marijuana possession after allegedly being captured with 12 pounds of marijuana in his trunk. A five-year sentence with credit for time served was imposed by the Orange County court system.

Following that, a US marshal with an AR15 detained him for an alleged attack that occurred eight months before. According to the account, one of his two top lieutenants fronted a pack to some jerk who refused to pay. You can easily imagine what occurred next…

After that dreadful day, he didn’t see the light of day for another decade! On July 28, he was convicted guilty of robbery, burglary, assault, and battery in San Diego County Superior Court.

Wes began using an illicit prison phone to publish pictures and videos on Instagram around 2015. Many people like him because he’s straight shooter who tells it like it is. He’s also has a lot of great quotes to back up his point.

Wes Watson’s height

Wes stands 6 feet tall, weighs around 240 pounds, and has a low body fat percentage. Your first question might be, “How is it possible for someone with no weight and poor nourishment to have such an amazing physique in prison?” Please mind that his WARM-UP consisted of 30 sets of 10 burpees or ten sets of 30. That’s right, you heard correctly. Warm-up with 300 burpees before hitting the bars for dips and chins.

Following his release from prison

He moved back in with his family and began constructing his coaching business after being released from jail in 2018 after serving the complete ten-year sentence – I guess no early release for good behaviour applied in this case.

Soon after, he began to blow up and was earning six figures every month. He paid off his grandmother’s $14k credit card bill before renting an apartment and acquiring a car. He had around $350k in liquid net worth at the moment.

Wes began acquiring assets after learning to write off assets against his corporation. He purchased a Lamborghini Urus, a Rolls-Royce Wraith, a Mercedes S-class, and a G-wagon. It’s all in cash. He has millions of dollars invested in stocks and cryptocurrency and a major position in the Blackstone real estate corporation.

Wes Watson net worth

Wes Watson is making very well from his Fitness training and also he has a Youtube following of 398K so we can see his prospective profits. According to estimation Wes Watson net worth is roughly $30K monthly, and his annual earnings are $360K.

He’s writing a book, and a supplement company may be in the works.

@watson fit is his Instagram handle, and he has 162k followers.

According to the Wes Watson wiki, he stands at a height of roughly 4’6″ (1.37 m), however no precise measurements of his height or weight are available. This could be a rough estimate.
People strongly like his motivation because even after going to prison he did not lose hope and he built his body for good. After all his hard work, he has now become somewhat of a social media celebrity.

However, Wes’ most comprehensive streams of earnings come from his Watson Fit mindset and fitness coaching organisation. From $47 a month for community members to $299 a month for a mentality and conditioning programme, all the way up to $7,500 for his top business coaching plan, his coaching programmes range in price from him.

Right now, Wes Watson is worth $5 million.

If you’re interested in learning more about his coaching curriculum, click here. We are not associated with Wes, however we are tremendous fans of his work and highly suggest him.

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Is Wes Watson on steroids?

Wes Watson has spent a lengthy spell in prison where he got a chance to polish himself; he does not have any steroids. Instead, he puts in long hours at the gym and follows a strict diet. As a result of his rigorous exercise regimen, he remains in greater physical condition than before. However; we might not want to mix supplements with steroids.
Most serious bodybuilders rely on a variety of dietary and pharmaceutical aids, and he is no exception. But increasing muscles with drugs without an exercise is something else that he does not follow. And additionally he is a superb fitness trainer.

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