What is xresolver ? (+5 Best Alternatives)

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xResolver is a web-based database that stores online gamers’ IP addresses. xResolver uses the players’ usernames to determine their IP addresses. The letter X in the name of this online database stands for the Xbox console. However, it is still compatible with other gaming consoles. As a result, it is also known as PlayStation resolver and Xbox resolver.

Online console games are as popular as those played on other platforms. It’s a great way to meet and chat with new people as you play games. Further, it facilitates the development of healthy rivalries. The majority of players join a game using a Gamertag or an alias.

Though, you might have wondered who your foe or ally was. In this regard, xResolver is the most well-liked online utility. This guide will explain what xResolver is and its alternatives.

What exactly is xResolver?

xResolver is an online service that records Xbox, Playstation, and PC players’ Gamertags and IP addresses. xResolver was explicitly created to protect the username and Gamertag from online hackers. The primary purpose of xResolver is to convert Gamertags and usernames into IP addresses.

To carry out these functions, xResolver employs an Xbox resolver that scrapes data using bots. This information includes the Xbox player’s username, ISP address, and IP address.

What is the purpose of xResolver?

As previously stated, it is in charge of storing publicly available data about IP addresses and their associations with Gamertags. Notably, this type of information or data is widely available. It means that, technically, sharing it on a public website is not illegal.

However, the person attempting to match the IP address with your profile may not have good intentions. A hacker may look for your PS4, PC, or Xbox profile and associated IP address.

xResolver gives you access to your private information to those who are interested. This confidential information connects your physical network connection to your online identity. And once you have access to your personal information, it can target you in various ways. This could include denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks.

5 Best xResolver Alternatives


Lanc PCPS Remastered

Lanc Remastered PCPS is a free PSN/Xbox resolver that also functions as a Gamertag IP puller. It sniffs IP addresses from PSN and Xbox Live gaming sessions and extracts them. It also allows you to quickly resolve your opponents’ Gamertag to IP addresses.

That’s a simple and fast resolver that doesn’t cost anything. Lanc Remastered PCPS works with Xbox, PC, PlayStation, and any video game. It takes the form of an application you can install on your computer. Its database is available online. It is one of the best xResolver alternatives.


OctoSniff is a network protocol sniffer that allows you to optimize your gaming connection. It includes many exciting features, such as simple installation, a plethora of tutorials, and 24/7 support. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to learn how to use it. This resolver is entirely malware-free.

OctoSniff identifies packets automatically. You can tell which packages are from game servers and Xbox chats. This is the only tool that offers PS4 Username AI support. This feature allows you to associate packets with their respective owners.



Xboxresolver is another free web tool that can extract IP addresses from an Xbox Live Gamertag. After entering their Gamertag, you’ll see a player’s online information, such as IP address, location, username, and ISP data.

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However, some users have complained about this site’s slow loading times. Try refreshing the page or clearing your browser’s cache if this happens.

Console Sniffer

Console Sniffer

Console Sniffer is a network research and monitoring tool compatible with all consoles. It displays the IP address and username of the players with whom you compete in the game. This does not necessitate a jailbreak. It operates via a Wifi or wireless connection.

Console Sniffer is easy to use and does not require any cables. VPNs can be used with it. You can immediately download and begin using it after purchasing it. It only works on Windows-based computers, not gaming consoles.



Cakes provide an Xbox XUID grabber that allows you to extract the XUID using your opponent’s Gamertag. There are no XUIDs or Gamertags stored by this resolver.

With this, you simply enter the player’s Gamertag. Choose a format from the two options: Hexadecimal or decimal. When you click the Resolve button, it will display the XUID associated with the Gamertag.

xResolver’s Features

xResolver includes a plethora of exciting features. As such, let’s examine a few of them.

Geolocation Identification

The location of your opponent can be ascertained with the help of xResolver. The IP lookup service allows for this functionality. When determining the player’s IP address, this is crucial data. Because of this, it’s the most fascinating aspect of the whole thing.

IP Tracker

You can create customized links with xResolver. By sending these links to people, you can obtain their IP addresses. These customized links aid in getting information about the browser and location. The IP logger extends the functionality of xResolver and aids in detecting the Incognito mode.

PSN username and Gamertag Resolver

xResolver has fantastic features and functionality for both Xbox and PlayStation users. Accessing information associated with IP addresses is now simplified by the tools at your disposal. You don’t need to look for bots on the internet to explore Gamertags and usernames. It incorporates artificial intelligence, which makes things much easier and more convenient.

User-Friendly Interface and Operation

xResolver’s operation is straightforward. You can quickly determine your opponent’s IP address. Finding your Gamertag is also very simple.

Personal IP Address Blocklisting

One of the essential features available for purchase separately with xResolver is blocklisting. This feature allows you to conceal your opponents’ personal information and IP address. Regardless of their technological prowess, they cannot locate your personal information.



Is it legal to use xResolver?

xResolver’s data is freely accessible to the public, so using it is not against any local, state, or federal regulations.

Do you have to pay to use xResolver, or is it free?

Although xResolver has no cost for basic functionality, there are fees for more complex operations like blacklisting and sniffing. There are also paid add-ons available for the software.

Guide to xResolver for the Xbox 360.

When you visit the xResolver website, you can easily convert your Xbox Gamertag into a static IP address. The IP address and location of other players can be determined using their Gamertags.

How to use xResolver for PlayStation?

PlayStation Resolver, available from xResolver, allows users to switch between using their username and IP address.


Most Xbox and PS4 players use IP grabbers such as xResolver by default. While getting to know your fellow players via these network monitoring apps and sites is enjoyable, you can also put yourself in danger by exposing your own online information.

So, these are some xResolver alternatives to consider. However, before using them, it is critical to carefully examine their security level. Precautions can help you avoid the darker aspects of these resolvers.

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