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Shanna Riley
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Who is Shanna Riley?

Shanna Riley, an American Millionaire, a Sports journalist who reported about the racing cars, tracks, and a lot of stuff similar to it and had a dedicated show on television on the weekend and a woman who got huge anticipation of internet and became a sensation overnight in the online world, she is commonly known to be the ex-wife of a YouTube Star Roman Atwood who runs 2 Channels, one for he’s comedy acts, pranks and stuff like that and another channel for his daily vlogging in which he shares his personal activities.

This twist in her life just happened when she got into the eyes of social media enthusiasts. The rumor’s started circulating all around about her personal life, as she betrayed her Celebrity Husband. He was gone on a vacation to enjoy his life because she was caught engaged in an extramarital affair with a person in Roman’s production Crew and was a common friend of this couple. (According to reports, we got through several sources on the internet).

Apart from these issues, there are lots of facts and an attractive life history waiting for a reader’s attention. So, hold tight, and let’s get into the biography, life history, career, and take a sneak peek into her personal life as a versatile personality of Ms Shanna Riley seems interesting to curious individuals.

A Quick Overview of Shanna Riley

Full name Shanna Shiley Janette / Shanna Riley
Nickname Shanna
Date of birth February 21, 1983.
Place of birth Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Net Worth $2 million
Famous as The ex-Wife of YouTube Celebrity
Education High School
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Occupation American Internet Personality / Sports Journalist
Religion Christianity
Age 38 Years (as of 2021)
Height approximately 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight approximately 55 Kg (121 lbs.)
Relationship status Single
Spouse Roman Atwood (2001-2008) (a Youtuber with 2 Channels)
Son Noah Vaughn Atwood (a YouTuber)
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Golden Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality American
Instagram @shannadreilly
Twitter @shannadreilly

Early Life

Shanna was born into a white American family on February 21, 1983, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, which means she is a Pisces by Zodiac Sign. There is no proper information about her parents and siblings, and she also does not like to share her private details. She got her Primary and Secondary education from her hometown, Utah, and later got into a Secondary School where she met Roman Atwood; they started dating each other in 1999.

Soon when they realized that they were a perfect couple and could tie the knot of marriage, they married at Licking County, Ohio, USA, on November 17, 2001.As a result, Shanna moved to Ohio with her husband. After 3 years of successful marital life, they were blessed with a baby boy on October 18, 2004, and they named him Noah Vaughn. A few days later, Shanna was caught doing an act of Adultery with the crew member of Romans Production teams; it is reported that the same person pooped on the driving seat of the car Roman possessed.

Later, Roman filed a divorce case and demanded the custody of his Son Noah Vaughn Atwood, as he was a kid at that time, and Roman wanted to be his caretaker. When she realized her ex-husband’s intention, she countered him in court. She later came across a demand to not feature Noah in Roman’s YouTube Vlogs. This happened for a while, but ultimately Roman Atwood got his son’s custody and was soon allowed to feature him in this vlog. However, Shanna is only allowed to meet Noah on Christmas’s Holidays every year until a certain age, and even then, it will be Noah choice as he will be independent.

Both of them are managing to give Noah some attention as, can be seen in Vlogs by Roman Atwood, but in these vlogs, Shanna never gets featured now and might never attain this position in which she might be seen his ex- husband’s Vlogs ever again. This was a breakthrough in her life which affected both her personal and financial circle as the net worth of Roman Atwood is approx. $14.5 Million in 2020. Roman Atwood was a rich man at that time as well; she got a huge sum of the money after the divorce, which was enough for her to live a good life and move on.


Shanna was in the eyes of the news, but regarding her personal life, she never opened in any of the social media platforms as it is felt that she was reluctant for her fame as it was gained with a negative manner, in her personal preference, she likes to be private in the social media as it can be seen on Shanna’s Instagram.

Her Instagram handle is @shannadreilly, and she occasionally posts there. There is a Twitter account she operates by herself. She uses the same handle name there, as her Twitter handle is @shannadreilly. Even there, she tries to only post causally and is not so frequent user of social media. And this anonymity just started after the Divorce took place. But now, in 2021, she has started posting several Stories on her IG account.

This means that there is a chance for her to overcome the defame she had faced over time. All her media prominence got a boom when her ex-husband Roman Atwood made a video on her in which he told about her wife cheating on him. Later he deleted this video, but it was too late; many people had seen it and cropped the scene’s out of it. At that time, she became famous overnight, and her image was dazzled in the eyes of his audience with roman’s tweet in which he wrote ‘bitch’ referring to Shanna.

Personal Life Religion

Shanna was born into a Christian family, and there are no clues that she had converted into any other religion, for now, so we can say that she retained her religion and is a Christian by faith. Moreover, it is believed that her Ethnicity is Caucasian.

Relationship Status

It’s clear that she is not engaged in any relationship like there is no boyfriend or anyone else in her life, Even the person involved in ditching her husband left her. And maybe after the Divorce, she hasn’t found anyone more worthy for her.

Body Measurements

Shanna Reilly has a nice and attractive body; she stands almost 5 feet and 5 inches tall, which is approximately equal to 1.65 m and is considered a good height. She has maintained herself at 55 kg, which is equal to 121 lbs. and even she is not quite young as she has passed more than 37 and a half years. Shaana has a decent body shape, which is considered to be 36-28-40 inches approximately. Her shoe size is 6.5, which perfectly complements her body dimensions.


She has attractive Gray coloured eyes with spectacularly Lovely Golden-Brown hair, which complements with height and Figure. She is not young enough, but she looks as if she is between the age of 20-25 years. Moreover, she is a wealthy and single lady, so she knows how to stay fit and can take care of herself.

Social Media

She likes to be anonymous on social media but posts and Stories occasionally. Her Instagram account is @shannadreilly which is being active for a long while, and now, after several years, she has started posting on her social media, yet she likes to keep her personal life private. She is also active a bit on Twitter as well where Shanna’s Twitter handle is @shannadreilly. She currently resides in a well-known state of Texas located in the southern part of the region in the United States Of America.

Work Experience

Shanna Reilly is a well-known Sports Journalist; in her career, she has been a correspondent of NFL games on the sidelines which were held in 2015. Before, She was famous for hosting a Sports Event on Every Saturday’s Night.

Shanna also had an experience of work at Sirius XM, which is A radio broadcasting company where she reported about the racing of Cars and Contests. She has Also worked with D&D and Delano Little on the weekends on their Sunday Morning Show Moreover; she has been seen on other shows as well.

Personal Interests

It can be seen on her Instagram and Twitter account that she is fond of Travelling, Landscape Photography, Food, and gardening. She travels a lot and has managed to live a life of her own will as she is has achieved financial and now, she Travels between the USA and other states, eats what she likes, and has a love for plants too.

She loves to grow plants from the seeds, and that means a lot because it’s not an easy task to grow them. The seed must pass through several processes before becoming a plant. This process, from seed into the plant, can be seen on her IG Stories which she has pinned on the top. Moreover, she has a love for Photography of landscapes; most of her Instagram Profile is filled up with beautiful pictures containing Sea, Oceans, Plants, Buildings, foods, and other yummy eatable items.

From her Instagram profile, it does not seems that she’s a very social woman because there are very rare pictures of people and other items or clues, which lead us, in conclusion, she still wants to keep her life private from the internet.

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Net Worth

Shanna owns a lot of money as, according to reports, Shanna Reilly’s Net Worth is Around $2 million. While her Ex-husband, Roman Atwood, Is making a lot of money from his YouTube Channels which have around 15 million Subscribers with 5 billion views approx. This information helps us to guess a figure for Roman Atwood’s net worth, which is calculated at about $14.5 million by 2020.By the time Noah Atwood grew, he also started a channel on YouTube and has a nice following on other social media platforms.

How did Shanna Riley become well-known?

Shanna Riley became well-known after she was caught cheating on her YouTube Celebrity Husband Roman Atwood, with whom she married at the age of 18 after dating him in her high school. As Roman was out on vacation, Shanna was caught with a person from her husband, Roman’s production team, which created troubles in their marriage. Soon after which they decided to move on by getting a divorce.

Being a YouTuber, Roman Atwood had a lot of fans following on social media and when he posted a video in which he told the betrayal story of her wife. Shanna became famous in a negative manner. But ultimately, she became well known for this act. Their son Noah was the one who has suffered from all these events although has not committed any mistake. He is now only allowed to meet his mom on charismas holidays.

Otherwise, he stays with his father, and he has his own YouTube channel in which he has already posted several videos of himself doing vlogs and stuff like that, but these videos are several years old now.

Facts about Shanna Riley

  • Shanna married at the very early age of 18 years the well-known YouTuber Roman Atwood to whom she dated in High School.
  • Her Fame is because of her disloyalty to her husband.
  • Her Husband uploaded a video on YouTube with the very weird title “My Wife Cheated on me” and, after some time, made it private or deleted it from his channel. But this caused huge damage to her social life.
  • She can meet Noah, her son, only on Christmas Holidays.
  • She used to lead as an Anonymous person on the internet. But now the situation is changed as she is a little active on Instagram now.
  • She is fond of travelling
  • She loves gardening, and her work can be seen on her IG’s pinned Stories.
  • She loves to take Photographs of Sceneries.
  • She is Single with no boyfriend or anyone else in a relationship.


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