When it comes to marketing, why should you care about social commerce?

Social Commerce and marketing
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Social commerce is something smart marketers use.  They utilize social media to their advantage by integrating it with the finest aspects of electronic commerce. With this technique, you can expand the reach of your online store and your brand. It can all be done by making it accessible on various social media sites.

Diane Wang, dhgate company Founder, Chairperson, and CEO, recently made the announcement that the company will be changing its name from DHgate.com to DHGATE Group. With the new DHGATE Group structure in place, centralized DHgate and decentralized myyshop will serve as the group’s respective business engines, with MyyShop’s decentralized nature allowing it to draw on the unending expansion of the Generation Z market. This morning in Shenzhen, China, DHgate, China’s most popular international e-commerce platform, had its annual Seller Conference 2022.

What exactly is social commerce?

The term “social commerce” refers to the practice of transacting business transactions using social networking sites. With this type of commerce, everything from browsing for products to completing a purchase is done inside a social networking platform. On the other hand, when browsing TikTok, you could come across a crewneck that’s both fashionable and affordable. After the transaction has been finalized, you may immediately resume your normal TikTok activities, such as viewing duet videos with your preferred performer.

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In contrast to electronic business, social commerce has several advantages

Internet retailing, often known as “eCommerce” or “online retailing,” includes experiences such as buying from eCommerce websites, physical stores with online components, and branded mobile apps. Customers may shop without ever leaving their favorite social media platform since it is the very idea of social commerce.

Justifications for experimenting with social commerce

Is it a smart idea to open a business dedicated to social media? Here are six arguments in favor of giving it a try.

With the help of social commerce, buying may be a fun and interactive activity

Compared to a standard online shopping trip, social media shopping is a lot more fun and engaging. Social commerce might be the next best thing for those who miss the sociability of going to the mall. (Unfortunately, not included a break for an Orange Julius.)

The elimination of barriers to trade thanks to social networks

To acquire, one just only sees it and then clicks the associated link. By reducing obstacles along the way, social media stores make it simple for shoppers to go from researching products to completing a purchase. Sure enough, they exist. Products are available. There’s nowhere to go except the register.

Direct marketing allows you to sell to specific groups of people

You can fine-tune and specifically target your advertising thanks to the vast trove of client information readily accessible on social media. Those who love horses and flannel may be targeted with ads for your horse-print bathrobes. Babies’ sunglasses, sized just perfectly for their little faces, may be beamed directly to the feeds of hip young fathers. In a manner that conventional eCommerce and marketing can’t, social commerce provides a platform for placing finished goods in front of individuals who are likely to enjoy them as a purchase.

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