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The Google News is a reliable source of daily news related to various industries. We cover everything from the latest trends in technology, politics or finance to what’s trending on social media today with Arts & Entertainment and Gadgets. If you think you’re up for it and can write, you’re in the place. Showcase your ideas on our site and get the chance to be seen by thousands of people. We are always looking for new writers so don’t hesitate to reach out with your pitch.

What are the benefits of being a contributor? For starters, you can be seen by thousands and get your work noticed. Plus, there is an opportunity for learning in this process to help further develop yourself as an individual or company/business!

Contributing on our blog not only gives us amazing content but it also provides opportunities that many would never dream possible. Contributors have been given valuable feedback from peers at different levels within their industry- showing them how they could better themselves going forward through all stages of development with exposure to new experiences outside one’s comfort zone with no cost involved (other than time investment).

How to Submit your work

One of the simplest and most important tasks you can complete is submitting your written content. But for many people, this task doesn’t seem to be as easy or straightforward as it should be. Thankfully, we have a two-step process that will make the submission simple and stress free. Publish your written content and make it go viral. Just kidding, these are not the real steps.

Here’s the real steps:

  1. Read the whole thing for what to do and what not to
  2. If you think that your blog has what it takes, pitch us or send over a draft of the post for review at TGN105@gmail.com

Important guidelines for writers

  1. All submissions need to be in word format, not PDF. When you attach a complete article with attachments make sure it is submitted as one file.
  2. The blog is made to cater directly to the readers, and we make sure that nothing gets in our way. Quality content with authenticity and credibility are what matter most for us, make sure your content has got it all.
  3. We look for a voice that’s bold, interesting and human. We work hard to write in an engaging tone so it syncs with the content flow well.
  4. Well-crafted hyperlinks are the best way to acknowledge credible sources on a website. From links, we know where your work is coming from and with this knowledge comes credibility.
  5. Your blog section is as varied and interesting as you are. You have a space to share your thoughts on anything from parenting trends or the latest news in politics, but we really want well-thought-out posts with strong arguments that will get people talking. Blog Posts should be between 800 – 1000 words while “Feature Articles” should not fall below 1200 total word count.

Up Next – After Submission

It is a good idea to go through your submission with our editor and make any changes before sending it back. This will help us ensure that you comply with the requirements we have for articles on this site, as well as give feedback so that everyone in the team can provide their thoughts about what was submitted.

After responding to the comments from all of our editors and making edits accordingly, send your revised draft back again.

Our editor may need additional time if they are providing extensive revisions or corrections; please be patient while waiting for an answer about whether or not we want to publish your article here at The Google News.

We will do our best to ensure that your article is accepted and ready for publication as soon as possible. Once all revisions are done, an editor from the publishing team will work closely with you on style, organization and argumentation until it’s perfect.

We can’t give a specific date because there may be unforeseen delays in production or other factors which would slow down this process, however we’ll contact you about scheduling once everything has been finalized.

Know this before Submitting

Before you get started on your article, ask yourself the following questions. You should answer these to help clarify what it is you hope to achieve and how you plan on achieving them. The purpose is to offer guidance for those who need some inspiration when creating content that will be published online.

1. Who is your Audience?

We publish content for professionals and entrepreneurs to guys and gals looking what’s happening in Cardi B’s life. Your article or post should address directly to one or more of these audiences. We publish content that allows people to feel connected with the latest trends and news in their industry, whether they are looking for creative ideas or just want more information.

2. What will readers get from your content?

We’re the wellspring of professional knowledge and inspiration. We publish content that is useful, innovative or inspiring for creative professionals. If your article doesn’t educate or inspire them with creativity then it’s not the right place for you to publish

3. Why should they spend time reading your content?

This part is similar to the second one above, but should also provide context for what your content teaches. So, if you’re writing “Why you should Invest in Crypto,” your “why” could be “because it has become popular in recent years and it’s going to be even more in the years to come.”

Note that a great idea or suggestion can be a great incentive, so if you have any ideas on “how you can make $50 a day by investing in Crypto,” you should definitely include it.

4. How will the readers act?

How will readers be able to put your tips into practice? Some people might not have time for this and others may need encouragement from you on how it’s done. Regardless of what they are looking for out of reading your blog post, there are some general guidelines that apply across all cases. Be specific in their actions – “talk with” instead of just say hello; “ask before proceeding” etc. Set goals so both parties know what needs to happen or change over x number of weeks/months, give them clear instructions on where to go next if needed.

What not to do when writing for us

The blog is made to cater directly to the readers, and we make sure that nothing gets in our way. Quality content with authenticity and credibility are what matter most for us, make sure your content has got it all.

You should not be making any promotions or endorsing brands within your content.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for racism, social discrimination and hate speech. We take this very seriously because it is not OK to treat anyone, individual or a community differently based on their background or beliefs.

If you have any inquiries or questions that were left out here, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help. TGN105@gmail.com